EPICS Version 4 Telecon, 15-Mar-2016

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  1. Status and AIs
  2. Next release:
  1. contents
  2. id (is it “major” since small change in protocol?)
  3. schedule


Present: AJ, DH, GW, KK, MK, MD

Scribe: AJ

Chair: GW

Status and AIs

See below.

Next release

GW: Dave, comments for what the next release (pre-Lund) should be?

DH: We’ve moved all the examples into exampleCPP; main reason for the Lund release was for the training at Lund, so the release come from the master branches. Recent patch releases both had fixes cherry-picked from the master branches. There may be value on doing with the Diamond fixes too, but for Lund we want the exampleCPP changes and RPC in pvDatabases, some changes in pvAccess.

MK: The new examples are now ready in exampleCPP, not quite ready with Java.

DH: Did you see my pvDatabaseCPP pull request?

MK: Yes, will pull soon. You added an RPC example, does that need moving over?

DH: No, it’s in the right place.

MK: OK, will merge this week.

DH: 6 weeks for our release process, so 3 weeks from now we would do feature freeze. Can we shorten this?

AJ: Our full process (pre1, rc1 and final) do take 6 weeks.

MD: I want to relocate the monitor-related APIs (classes monitor and monitorRequester) from pvData to pvAccess. Plan to do this is 2 stages, aliases in both places initially.

MK: Do it soon, if something breaks we can fix it.

KK: Change API in cpp or also Java?

MD: Don’t know how to do aliases for Java, not sure if it’s technically possible without duplicating a lot of code.

AJ: suggests change is made for C++ using aliasing as C++ supports, but for Java no change for this release. Documentation would warn of impending change coming in next release for Java.

MK: Can’t the code coexist in both Java package namespaces?

MD: Depends how much code we’re duplicating, I haven’t tried.

DH: Anything consuming those interfaces will also have to have duplicates.

GW: Kay will you be implementing the necessary change in CSS?

KK: Yes, for one of the clients (not pvManager).

GW: So a single flag-day would be OK. Who would make the change for Java?

MD: I can copy the files, there are no test cases that I know of at the moment. C++ code is ready.

AI on MD: Issue pull requests for the monitor changes within 3 weeks, for both C++ and Java (no duplicate APIs on Java). Sooner if possible.

RESOLUTION: In  the coming release, the API changes will not be duplicated in both pvAccess and pvData. They will simply be moved from pvData to pvAccess.

MK: I’m willing to take on the trivial changes to Java. Put C++ in and then deal with Java.

Meeting ended 8:46 PST

MS (1h too late): Hi! :)

Active Action Items

Note: Completed AIs are shown once in the list of the meeting in which they are recognized as completed. They are removed in the minutes of the following meeting.




Target Date



See who can fund dbGroup




Write the one license file (using the MIT license in most cases)




Update your module to include copy of that one LICENSE. Update your headers to contain the header text.


wait on 5


On your module pages, remove the current/previous links; replace “Working Draft” with version number of module, which has its own numbering scheme, like 5.0.2 for pvDataCPP. Eg “Version 5.0.2 18/Nov/2015”

AJ check status, ALL MODULE OWNERS




Simplify Literature page and home page to help users find novice oriented documentation.




Commit changes to all modules, other than exampleCPP and pvDatabaseCPP, which set the shared library versions



AJ: 2 AIs on me, I will work on them for next week, sorry!

[0] http://epics-pvdata.sourceforge.net/home.html#usefulinfo