2017 Men’s Lake of Dreams Retreats

Men’s Fall Retreat Dates Sept 22- 24,Oct 6-8 & Oct 20-22, 2017

Retreat Theme - “Participation and Action”

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Celebrate 12 Step recovery, fellowship, food and fun in a serene setting.

Arrive between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm Friday; depart Sunday Morning.

         Sept 22 - 24 - Chair - Bob S. 314-852-9900 rfshoptaw@gmail.com 

Co-chair - Skip E 314-368-4719 skipeder@gmail.com

          Oct 6 - 8 - Chair - Brian Mac 314-799-7727 bmac6221@aol.com 

                 Co-chair - Bruce R 217-827-2344 bruce.reinheimer@yahoo.com

          Oct 20 - 22 - Chair - Tim P 314-359-1783 tim_pounds@hotmail.com

Co-chair - Paul S 314-306-6795 sturmanator@hotmail.com

Location: Lake of Dreams is located at 24167 Lodi Road, Jerseyville, Illinois 62052

 Only 45 minutes from St.Louis Airport, pickup upon request.

Cost: $45.00 includes room & board. Fees refundable if cancellation up to four weeks from retreat.

● Five meetings - after each meal: Fri. Dinner - AA, Sat. Breakfast – Al-Anon, Sat. Lunch - AA, Sat. Dinner Al-Anon, Sun. Breakfast – AA.  Also Optional Morning Meditation & Midnight Meetings.

● Please do not register unless you are able to attend the entire retreat, beginning to end.

● Attendees are encouraged to volunteer for service, such as cooking and cleaning up.

● Space is limited to the first 25 registrants from whom funds are received, alternates can list.

● Hotel accommodations are available nearby at participant’s additional expense.

● Scholarships available.

                                           Register at: www.lakeofdreams.org

A. Name, Email, Phone Number

B. Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number

C. Retreat Dates

D. Saturday Night Dinner Choice: Steak/Salmon or Both

E. Medical Conditions, Special Needs, Dietary Needs

F. There are fewer beds than attendees. Please indicate a selection:

■ I need a bed due to medical condition.

■ I request a bed, and would like to be in the lottery for one.

■ I don’t care, anywhere is fine.

G. Service Opportunities

Payment: PayPal send money request for $45 to lewbech@gmail.com

Questions? Contact the retreat chairperson or

John Whanger - 314-954-1730 johnwhanger@yahoo.com

Skip Eder - 314-368-4719 skipeder@gmail.com