Below are classes we offer throughout the year. Registration for each class will be available in the adjacent form a few weeks before the class begins.

SEEK    | 

An invitation to a changed life.  Invite a friend and join us for dinner.  Seek is an 10-week course on Christianity, which is perfect for skeptics, new believers, and for those looking for a renewal in their faith.  You’ll enjoy dinner each week and meet good friends, too.


ROOTS  (Vineyard Membership Class)    |   Sunday, Sept. 24th at 4pm OR Sunday, Oct. 1st at 10:15am

Join the mission.  We like to say that the Vineyard is a place to belong and a place to believe.  Roots is a great opportunity to find your role in our church family so that you can have a fulfilled life of faith and friendship. Join us for a casual, yet very meaningful time together.  Experience the Vineyard “behind the scenes”; as a variety of leaders will share their own stories and experiences as we talk about the vision, values, and mission we believe God has brought us together for. You will make great friends as we laugh, learn, pray, and share with each other.  Just say “Yes!” and join the mission.



A Biblical approach to healing and discipleship.  Gospel of Wholeness is a simple, biblical way to begin to develop a healthy and intimate relationship with God. By applying eight biblical truths to our lives, our broken relationship with God and others can be mended. This is for people who want to grow in their quest to be more like Jesus. You will also be trained to help others overcome sin and become free in Christ.

The weekend will be a series of teachings followed by prayer times. Everyone welcome.

SHAPE  (Spiritual Gifts Class)    |

Live with purpose!  You were designed by the Master Creator for a wonderful plan and purpose in His kingdom.  In these four classes, we will explore spiritual and natural gifts, abilities,  personalities, heart passions and life experiences and how all these come together to be used in the Kingdom.  It is very interactive and includes personal assessments, reflections, and sharing.  We will end it by praying for each other to have a greater release of His presence through our lives. Cost is $20 and includes a book. The books are in the Welcome Center and should be bought in advance so you can read the first chapter prior to the first night we meet. All in all, it is a rewarding time spent together with friends, centered around God’s Word.




Continuing His work.  Seven words that can change someone’s life: “Can I pray for you right now?” This workshop covers the basics on how to pray for people, including a basic healing prayer model based on the foundation illustrated in Jesus’ ministry.




Sharing the hope that is within us.  We invite you to a conversation in which we'll consider good news and the ways it's heard, told, and all-around experienced.  It will be interactive, and remember: we're all students!

The Good News: What is it?

Hearing Others: That's Good News!

Sharing with Others: What's the Good News Up To?

Childcare is provided upon request

EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY SPIRITUALITY    |  Wednesday, September 27th at 6:30pm

Growing up, before growing old.  This 8-week class helps walk you through healthy emotional and spiritual growth as you follow Christ.  Excellent material, small group discussion and prayer.



THE ULTIMATE JOURNEY    |   In Session Now...

Christ Life Solutions Discipleship Group.  Have you ever made a decision to change some behavior in your life, and worked really hard at it, only to fail?  Real transformation that results in a lasting change, takes place when we change our thinking patterns.  The Ultimate Journey focuses on the biblical model of bringing about real change by changing our thinking patterns. There are three phases to attend, each lasting 13-weeks. Join us and experience the freedom God has for you!  



Living in peace and freedom. More info coming soon...



The Marriage Preparation Course is a series of five sessions designed to help you develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage, covering:


Vineyard Discipleship    |   Wednesday, September 27th at 6:30pm

The Vineyard Discipleship Guides are to help you get started practicing Hebrew  10:24-25. Consider them a travel guide in your journey. We will start with Experience and Worship God: Engage consistently with God, intentionally deepening your relationship and allowing your experience of his presence to fuel your life in the Kingdom.