Our flagship program is SuperQuest. In existence for 30 years, it is a highly collaborative series of technology training workshops designed specifically for K–12 educators and volunteers.


SuperQuest trains, prepares and empowers educators with the skills and classroom tools  necessary to implement hands-on technology learning directly into their classrooms or after school programs.


SuperQuest is affordable and available year round throughout many locations in Oregon. In 2017, workshops will be offered at 12 state-wide sites for a cumulative total of 30 days of professional development opportunities.

Summer SuperQuest classes are 3 Day deep dive classes taught by your colleagues who are successful and have outstanding programs.  Have you ever wanted to join a master teacher's class when they are teaching?  SuperQuest in the summer is your chance to do that.  Our goal is to prepare you to teach the curriculum for the first 2-4 or more weeks in your own classroom.  We include discussions on pedagogy, grading, classroom management, curriculum knowledge, etc.

Our Spring and Fall Conferences are 1 Day events which cover a breadth of computer science and technology topics.  Educators can choose to attend up to four different 75-minute or one of several all-day deeper dive workshops.  

These events are currently free and lunch is provided thanks to industry sponsorships and a grant from the Oregon Department of Education