Portfolio Review


 Enloe Magnet High School Visual Arts Dept.      


In order to exempt Intro to Studio Art and proceed directly to Advanced Art 1 Magnet Honors class.

Not for the faint of heart, if you pass you will be placed in a challenging honors class, much will be expected of you.  GOOD LUCK!

 students can email digital portfolios to

Students with last name A-L                                            Students with last name M-Z

William Puckett wpuckett@wcpss.net             Trish Klenow tklenow@wcpss.net 

                                                  by April 12th 2019 

Students will be notified via email by April 30th

Digital portfolios can be in website form or as a link to google drive or google presentation (be sure to change settings to share). We do not have space to accept jpgs via email.

If you prefer an in person review you may make an appointment starting in February 2019 with sign up genius here  portfolio review signup

Please include the following in your e-mail;

  1. Subject line; Portfolio Review
  2. Your full name as it appears in powerschools,
  3. Your student identification # and
  4. A link to your 10 works (minimum).  

The following page is the rubric we use for review.

Portfolio Review RUBRIC                

  • 10 works recommended                  Please bring a wide variety of media, subject, and techniques
  • Media use, variety evident        

Student shows mastery of several different media

  • Basic life drawing techniques        Strong proportion and realism present in work
  • Elements & Principles of Design Student shows mastery of value, color, texture, etc.
  •  Composition        

Student understands rule of the thirds and applies balance to works

  • ___________

  •  __________

  •  __________

  • __________

  • ___________

Portfolio ranked on a scale of 1-10  

  • Score of 40 required in order to exempt Intro to Studio Art

  • Upon successful passing of a portfolio review Enloe counselors will be notified and incoming 9th grade students will be recommended for Advanced Art 1 Magnet Honors

  •  artists notified by 4/30/19


Questions? Email us William Puckett wpuckett@wcpss.net or

Trish Klenow tklenow@wcpss.net