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The Art of Suicide


Life on planet Earth is hard



I have nothing to write

Instructions for the presenters

What now?

When you have a great loss it is almost impossible to continue

I wish I could’ve just … lived

Facebook have disabled my account

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The world is in pain

Instructions for participating in the free dating game


This kid, imitating Bruce Lee, got 79,982,830 Views on Facebook

Real ... estate?

Sex and the City, best parts

The Big Bang Theory, favorite episodes

What is … sex?

Why are guys ONLY after sex?

Fix what that’s not broken


The sucking energy game between people

Why quitting substances is as worse math as continuing using or increasing doses

Mommy hits her kid

The love equation

The money equation

 You may say I’m a dreamer: By now I might be the only one

The 10 Different Types Of BOYFRIENDS! on YouTube got 3,097,854 views: WHY?

Always look on the bright side of life

I’m very positive



Reading/recording guidelines + agreement and payment details, for participating in the videoing of the texts

WHAT … is this … world?

 I'm not working on a human level anymore

The next generation of Quantum Mechanics

Science for brilliant idiots

The twilight zone between friendship and being lovers

September 11 was an inside job. Everybody knows that … But did you know that … ?

Was the Merovingian right, about the free choice crap?

The chosen people: Why do you get fucked so badly for holy shit?

Fuck buddies: The most complex math equation since the beginning of time

Walmart’s Family Mobile: The best fuck buddy you would ever find

The horror math of dating

When Cinderella AND the Prince get fucked

The equation of everything

The most important saying you would ever find about humans' lives

Conversations about fucking

The importance of being an idiot

How does it feel, dating a 50 million dollar/hr guy?

Quick bugs upgrade

10 ‘copy paste’ text messages to ones which want to keep their soul

Go fuck yourself

A cheap trick to save 70% of your McDonald’s bills


Smart joke: Mathematicians


The best joke ever: Duck in hell

Funny shirts: When funny is so ... smart

10 cents per music track download--all legally, over 5 million tracks

A pretty girl, alone at home, bored

What would u do if u thought u met your potential soul mate ?

$1000/line money saving advices

A bitch is fighting back!

Virtual foreplay

Weight loss

Questions to keep you awake at night

Why do evolved females get addicted to masturbation, and how that leads to a rapid ass expansion?

The difference between Optimists and Pessimists

When single moms damage their kids with giving up their intimate part of life

Can you read a text in which all the letters are mixed up?

Why drinking no-calorie sodas eventually makes you fat, not just sick?

Oh, my evolution, or, language updates

Is Mark Zuckerberg homosexual?

A test: Try to guess how many spoons of sugar you have in each Coca-Cola can

When someone is ahead

How come do idiots still pay for their landline phone?

Biblical jokes


A major change in the schooling system

Fuck … another pretty girl … another one … another one …

Before, you were after the American Dream; now, you are trying to keep yourself out of the


Zen and the art of blind-date

If this shit is too much for you

Why the economy has gone bad and why it is just going to be worse

The top 10 annoying things ever

Looks or inner?

“No no” dating sites’ girls

As Seinfeld said: Ugly people are sad people

What’s up …? and other idiotic expressions

10 cents per music track download--all legally


Common dating sites profiles mistakes

You being miserable doesn’t mean someone owes you shit

Mind expansion

Why God made it so you have to pick up our dog’s and baby’s crap

I’m positive about my negativity

A magic key for writer’s block

Given insufficient amount of time, what would you look at, the ass or the tits?

Who needs to sell drugs when you can sell McCormick spices to morons?

Jesus, the camel, the rich person, and the cheek

Andy Warhol’s update

The porn stars are forming a union

Men are from Mars my ass, Women are from Venus, the same

God’s dirty secrets

The Occupy Wall Street charade

You will not find jokes like these anywhere

I asked a cop how much time you can look a pretty girl

When your President would not be the idiot he is, he would come with THAT way to cover the national health bill

A test: Give an idiot in a bar 10 million dollars and test the time gap between him being there and in a hotel with a prostitute

Is Rihanna going to be the next Whitney Houston?

Why are women so negative?

God is put on a trial; we are waiting for his defense

Why assholes disappear

Funny statistics

Therapy: transforming your hysterical misery into common unhappiness

WHY is money so … important?

Amazing! You must check that out

10 cents per music track download--all legally, over 5 million tracks

Why do idiots date local women, when they can get supermodels imported from Ukraine?

Answering bitches

Surprise, surprise

No need to read this link

What Comes After the Sex AND the City:  The male version

The winner as the best joke of all times

A million bucks if you do not piss in your pants reading this shit

Military jokes that will get you on the floor

How to overcome tiredness… hilarious!

The perfect moves in a bar

The most funny description of the human history that you will ever hear

We are tired of stupid romantic movies!

Dating chats texts--might come handy

God, the devil, Christ and Buddha meet in a bar

Gambling tips that work like miracle


Why motherfuckers succeed while poor good bastards eat shit

A 3 minute computer course

What is the secret behind music?

The right way to filter dating candidates

The meaning of life… Duh!

The heels height sluttiness parameter and its connection to your bank account

Is Michael Jackson in hell?

How evil people become as they are

The funniest video you will find on YouTube… ever

Old lady fights back—hilarious!

Girls; purchasing or leasing / each case must be evaluated carefully…

That piece of shit has got 161,626,832 views on YouTube

I DON’T get you

God, morality and all that bullshit

10 cents per music track download--all legally, over 5 million tracks

More considerations to have before every time you use makeup

Why you hate and love the Sopranos so much

We want a male version to Sex and the City!

Funny pictures

Life is kind of… boring

Emotional shit

Sometimes you wonder about stuff that is really way beyond brilliant

When creativity leads you to the Source

Your probabilities to survive in this fucking world—statistics

Beauty is temporal. But so fucking what?

The peak moments in life; an amazing music track

All is moving so fast, and you need to run so fast just to be in the same line as the others

The next thing

A cheap trick to save 75% on your Ghirardelli chocolate

Solomon and his 1000 wives

Poor celebs


Why God created the devil

Angels, spirits, ghosts and all that bullshit

Lesbian jokes

Gay, prostitution, drugs, rock’ n ’roll statistics

What the difference is between Bach, Mozart, Bartok and Stockhausen

The most annoying thing is to get stuck on a track not knowing if you enjoy it or suffer

How to improve your language in 5 minutes—so funny you want to cry

How idiots lose the BEST value guys on the dating site

Actually there is no… time

Sometimes you just… want… a fucking… break

Magic tricks

What to do when the loneliness kicks in hard

War sucks

When the numbers do not work

A picture of a politician torturing a kid

197,560,739 views on YouTube; and still counting

How to make sure you stay an idiot in order to be able to handle the boredom of life

Intelligent people are subject to much bigger suffering not drinking enough water

English language mistakes that makes you sound extremely idiotic when making

The importance in being ernest

Determinism, free choice—is your life predetermined, accidental, predictable?

Old age shit

Time to get rid of this marriage crap institute

The pain of living—the do's and don't's handing it


Life is funny

IBM was involved in the Nazi killing machine

Fox 5 worth crap

Why girls hate blonds?

What is the best girl ever?

Why virtual beats the real

You cannot relate to any current event without understanding the involvement of the U.S. government in the 11/9 events

That is the fuckin’ vibe you would’ve had, if my students were as that one, which I have no desire neither to fuck, nor to love

How to overcome your addiction to coffee

How to fuck the cable and phone companies

The big and small screen

Joke: Labor pains

The funny thing about democracy

Democrats, Republican, left, right, and all that bullshit

Cutting global poverty in half would cost $20 billion, less than 4% of the U.S. military budget

TV shows lies

Environmental crap

Peak Oil, or, the right way to fight terrorism

Debt: Now we are slaves …

Why do you really--need to spend 57 hours a year on your tax returns

A 5 minute effective nutrition lesson

The power of Virtualand


Hard decisions

Your upgraded version

How to add 24 hours to every day of your life

Let me get you a nice cup of tea

Virtual life

Green: energy, money, nature, food

The road to heaven—literally

Why do we love movies and TV shows so much?

Additional 5 billion rapes are added every year

Selling God

Escape from Realife

Heroes in the movies

Eventually what wins is the routine daily stuff

The human race has never been in a more dangerous position

Growing up online

Science VS. religion

Jokes about heaven and hell

New ways to absorb information and knowledge

Some words about the Islamic religion

History as a mathematical proof of the fact it is impossible to escape crap

What to do when it is just too damn hard

Single mommies’ biggest mistake, which costs so much to their children

Dating sites losers filtering

Big decisions, small decisions

Dating sites’ chats SUCKS!

The risk in getting stuck in your own mind

Microwave cooking is Killing People

cave world people

Thank God I’m beautiful

Walmart’s health plan

Why health food sucks?

Hypocrisy, terrorism, war crimes, being a bully on worldly scale

Who gets more?

Mrs. Robinson going after hot, high value grownups

The right way to reduce your fuckin’ health insurance bill

Globalization: the bad, and the bad

By the year 2030, two thirds of the world will be lacking access to clean drinking water

An about to become whores homeless girls rescue kit

The real story about God, Adam, and the snake

We, as citizens, demand--our basic rights

Some tips about what not--to do when you try to pick up a girl

Why is it stupid to avoid ‘copy paste’ messages?

The books' covers

The books covers (on our google + profile's photos

The story about the 135.2 million customers chain, which would save a total of 350 dollar per month to each, using one or more of 25,800 branches, and would come to a 560 billion dollar a year total saving

Before leaving the site

What is the assurance about  having 135.2 million customers in less than 3 years?

The free video dating service

Keep it light, my ass

Being condescending prick is kind of a must, when it comes to hot girls on dating sites


Idiots use hotels

Holy marriage my ass

When idiots rule it is YOUR fault, not theirs

The art of suicide

Crazy me

The war is over