A Congregational Teacher’s Handbook

My opinions on teaching and raising up teachers

This is a compilation of writings based on my experience as a teacher in the church for a number of years. The purpose of this writing is to encourage the use of gifted teachers that can be found in any church, in the strengthening and equipping of disciples in their service to God. It is based on nearly fifteen years of working with and developing teachers.

I am in the process of writing out the text for various chapters. Some of the chapters are not fully formed, others not started at all, still others still in note form as they were taught in various workshops. Still, there is value in what is there and hopefully, this will contribute to a better understanding of the work of teachers in the congregations.

Forward: My Opinions on Teaching in the New Covenant Church

My Opinions on The Purpose of Teaching (Note format)

My Opinions on What is Teaching (** Barely started)

My Opinions on Reverence for Scripture As a Teacher (Note Format)

My Opinions on Who is a Teacher (Am I a Teacher?)

My Opinions on The Teacher Group 

My Opinions on Preparing to Teach

My Opinions on Preparing a Lesson

My Opinions on Presenting a Lesson Effectively

                             Sample Lesson Notes

My Opinions on My Hermeneutic

Hands and Feet - An allegory about Gifts in the church for our time

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