Getting Your ORBneXt Up and Running


We are excited that you have received your ORBneXt and we know you are too!  We want to get you up and running as soon as possible so that you can start enjoying your ORBneXt right away.

Retrofit users refer to the Retrofit Video and proceed as outlined below.  Take care not to overtighten the base plate screw which can crack the base plate.

To get started you will need your ORBneXt, USB cable and power supply (included in the box).  If anything is missing from the box use the Contact Us tab on with your contact information and details.  You will need your wifi password.  iPhone users will need to download and install the app from the Apple App Store and Android Users will need to go to Google Play and download and install  Ignitor and the apps.


512 APPLe.png

On the App Store search for

 Go to the App Store -



On Google Play search for Ignitor

Go to Google Play - Ignitor



On Google Play search for

Go to Google Play -



Take the ORBneXt out of the box and plug the USB connector into the device.  Plug in the power  supply and plug the USB connector into the power supply.  Turn your ORBneXt over resting on its top so that you will be looking at the clear base bottom and ORBneXt logo to prepare to connect the ORBneXt to your wifi network.  This is called the blinkup process.



iPhone Users:

Follow the onscreen instructions in the app for Adding a Device. Upon success press Menu and View Devices.

Android Users:

Android Users follow the onscreen instructions in the Ignitor app to Connect your ORBneXt.  Upon successful blinkup press the button launching the app then Add a Device giving the device a name, pasting in the Device Code and selecting the Device type.

Congratulations, your ORBneXt is now connected to your wifi network!  

If you are unsuccessful in blinking up follow the onscreen instructions and start the process over again.  Make sure that you have your wifi network password correctly entered.  This is the most common reason for a failed connection. Also ensure the status light is flashing prior to blinking up.

For more detailed troubleshooting visit: BlinkUp Troubleshooting Guide.


 Using your ORBneXt

Menu Options

There are seven prebuilt menu options to play with.  Your ORBneXt processes information live.  In your app you will need to refresh your screens to see the most current information.  If you are away from your ORBneXt you can click refresh to see the current state of the ORBneXt.  Once you are blinked up an alternative to the iPhone and Android Apps is the web version: Online




Dow tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Average LIVE from 9:30am EST until 4:00pm EST.  Green signifies that the Dow is up, Red signifies that the Dow is down.



Track a stock of your choosing LIVE on any of the stock exchanges.  If the stock is up the color will be Green, if the stock is down the color will be Red, if it is unchanged the color will be White. 




Tracks the current temperature at your location.  Temperature is updated every 15 minutes.  The ORBneXt will change colors reflecting the temperature outside.  For example, Orange would be temperatures in the 90s F (30s C) and a Blue would be temperatures in the 20s F (-3 C)  Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures will be displayed.



Tracks the current UV (ultraviolet) index for your location.  For example, a UV index of 7 (high) would be Orange.  Colors range from low (Grey) to extreme (Violet).  




Continuously cycles through all the ranges of colors that your ORBneXt can display.



Select a color for your ORBneXt to display.



Turn your ORBneXt into a lamp choosing one of nine different colors.  You can also turn the lamp off.  

Create Your Own



Follow the onscreen instructions on your phone.  Basically you need an IFTTT (If This Then That) account and your phone nearby your computer logged into IFTTT. Once you have an account the sky is the limit!  You can do amazing things with your ORBneXt.  There are prebuilt recipes to use or create your own.  For example, if you want the ORBneXt to flash red when your UPS package is delivered you can create a recipe for that to happen. 

How to multitask your ORBnext

If you want to track your stock but you also want to track your UPS package being delivered select the option to track your stock, create your recipe in IFTTT.  When the package is delivered your ORBneXT will flash the color you select. To go back to tracking your stock click the stock option and it will automatically go back to tracking your stock.

If you are having issues with your recipes on IFTTT refer to the recipe log by clicking on your IFTTT username and selecting “Recipe Log”.  

Questions?  Click the Contact Us Tab on or email