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I wear my school uniform correctly.

I consider other people’s space, opinions and feelings.

When I have a problem with others I use calming strategies, ‘NEAL the SEAL’ or other positive strategies.

I keep myself and other people safe.

I keep the school clean.

I take care of my own things, others’ and school property.

l am prepared, and do my best

I follow directions the first time I am asked.

I arrive at school on time.


I use an ‘inside’ voice.

I line up quietly, ready to learn.

I ask before using other people’s things.

I pack up and leave the area ready for others to use.

I look after all equipment.

I ask a teacher if I need help to concentrate or to do the work.

I listen, watch, share and learn.

I do my best.


I only touch and eat my own food.

I sit down when I eat.

I wash my hands before I eat.

I make healthy choices.


I respect people’s privacy.

I understand that toilets are not play areas.

I use water carefully.

I wash my hands.

I keep the toilets clean, and flush the toilet after use.


I play fairly.

I follow teachers’ instructions.

I share the space in a co-operative manner.

I use respectful language.

I play with balls away from fences, roofs and windows.

I wear my hat in term 1 and 4

I make an effort to play games fairly and to the best of my ability.

I make sensible decisions about who I play with.

I know where I am allowed to play.


I use my talking voice when I am ordering.

I use my manners when

speaking to the canteen staff.

I quietly wait in line for my turn.

I wait for my friends in an appropriate place.

My money is for me and I buy for myself.

I know which line I have to line up in and do not mind spots in line.

I have my money ready, and check my change.


I line up sensibly outside the multi-purpose hall for assembly.

I follow teacher directions.

I keep my hands and feet to myself.

I am respectful when I am singing the national anthem.

I listen and participate attentively.

I acknowledge others’ achievements.


I always treat our animals with care.

I wash my hands when I have been with the animals.