iPad Guidelines for Students


iPads are not to be left unattended unless locked in a classroom.

iPads are not allowed in restrooms or locker rooms.

The only photos or videos allowed on the iPad are for school purposes.

The iPad must be carried with two hands while being used and in the bag when not in use.

Water bottles must be stored in a designated place in the classroom away from the iPads.


The iPad must be carried in the supplied bag and over the shoulder while switching classes, moving in the hallway, or transporting home.


iPads are not to be transported or stored in backpacks for any reason

iPads are not to be left loose on the floor for any reason.

Track and Cross country students will deposit their iPads in room 110 before going to practice and will pick their iPad up after practice from the same room.


Any students using the upstairs gym for practice will bring their iPad into the gym while practicing. During game days, iPads will be locked in the conference room.


Students are not allowed to put any decorations on the case, bag, or iPad for any reason.


Students can organize their apps into folders how they see fit.


iPads must go home every night and weekend. The charger will stay home to be used each night.


If an iPad is left at home or does not come to school charged, students will face a consequence determined by the grade level teachers.


If something is damaged, not working, or a student needs an extra iPad please send the student to the office as soon as the problem is discovered.

Techniques for checking on-task behavior

Our teachers will use these techniques in the classroom, but they are also relevant for the home: