Mth323 SBG RESUBMISSION Cover Sheet        Name:            Date:        

Directions: This form should accompany each piece of RE-submitted evidence. The narrative for a resubmission has a different focus than the original submission. See the checklist at the bottom of this sheet.

Here are some sentence scaffolds you might use to frame your narrative:

Narrative for My Revised Evidence:

Resubmission Checklist:

[  ] Did you include the complete wording of the relevant learning targets in your new narrative (below)?

[  ] Would it be clear to a third-party what you have changed about your work?

[  ] Is it clear which revisions go with which learning targets?

[  ] Did you attach your original work and coversheet?

[  ] Do your narratives address: (1) how the original work was lacking, (2) how you have grown, (3) how your growth is visible in the resubmission, and (4) why the resubmission reflects your own understanding.

Mth323 (W14) Hasenbank