WWII Historical Monuments

A WebQuest for 10th Grade World History

Designed by

Ashley Lewis (lewis100@cougars.csusm.edu)

Kyle Wilkinson (wilki033@cougars.csusm.edu)

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For this WebQuest, you will be making a flyer to advertise a historical monument or place for WWII. The goal of your flyer will be to entice tourists to come visit the location of your choosing. Be both creative and informative in your flyer!


The Task

Choose any Historical WWII Site (it can be a monument, exhibit or physical site/town/battlefield/concentration camp etc.) make a simple flyer for a tour of the site.

Your flyer will include:

To make your flyer you will use Google Draw or Google Docs.

The Process

  1. This will be an individual assignment
  2. You will choose a WWII Historical location to make your tour flyer
  1. Here are some resources that might help you choose a site
  2. 15 Must See WWII Sites
  3. Anne Frank House
  4. Pearl Harbor

  1. Once you have chosen your site, you will gather the information using google needed to complete all listed aspects of your flyer.
  2. For Google Drawing, you will log into your Google Drive, press the blue new button on the left, go down to more and you will find Google Drawing.
  3. For Google Docs you will go to your Google Drive and Find Google Docs where the commonly used apps are located, on the right hand side next to your name.
  4. You will create the flyer in whatever layout you choose. Be creative and use images! Remember you want your flyer to sell people on coming to tour the site you selected.
  5. You will post the flyer in the comment section of this assignment on either Ashley Lewis’s Ashley's Blog or Kyle's Blog 


Describe to the learners how their performance will be evaluated. Specify whether there will be a common grade for group work vs. individual grades.










Assignment is designed as a flyer for a tour of a WWII site


The project is not designed as a flyer. Very unaesthetically pleasing, and does not follow instructions.

The project is a very plain basic flyer of a WWII site. One would know it is a flyer but it does not fully follow instruction.

The project uses some images and covers most aspects of the task.

The project is an excellently designed flyer. It is creative and includes all aspects of the assignment.



Picking a site that is of historical value for WWII.



The individual did not select a historical site from WWII.

The location or the name of the site is incorrect or misspelled.

The site and location of the site is accurate and clear on the flyer, but the dates of significance are not included,

The site, location of the site and dates are all clearly listed. Any tourist would know exactly what the flyer is for.



Content about the Site



Information is inaccurate or missing. There are several grammatical errors

Very minimal content is on the flyer. There are several mistakes on information and grammar.

All points required are met. The information is accurate and well defined. There are few grammatical errors.

All points are thoroughly covered. There are very few to no grammatical errors.


Overall Aesthetic appeal of the flyer

Very plain and dull. Clear that little effort was put into the flyer. No images were used.

There was some effort, but numerous errors and missing information.

The flyer meets basic design elements of an event flyer. Uses some images, colors and fonts.

Exceptional depiction of a flyer. Uses pictures and creativity. Is a convincing design of a flyer.




By the end of this assignment you should have gained extensive knowledge about a real WWII historical site or monument. Seeing places where significant historical events have occurred can be very eye opening, and can truly expand one’s understanding of history. I hope this activity has made you think about the events of WWII in a new way and has made you think about which historical sites you would like to see in the future!Teacher Page

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