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2) Information for all BMS students

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Why shake hands the correct way?

3) Logon Links

1) Logon here to get to your Gmail

1) ...and use: @student.bisdtx.org

2) Logon here to check your grades

3) Logon here to get to your Prezi Account

---- How to create a Prezi account and logon to it

4) Examples & Grading

*Google Classroom*

*103 Fall 2017 Activities Demo Folder*

--- This folder contains examples of all assignments

*Help Videos Folder* (in Gdocs)

--- This folder contains screencasts & 'how-to' videos

---Grading Outline---

Generally, each week you will receive grades in the following areas:

1) Warmups

2) Reflections

3) Notebooks (collections of activities which are weighted much more heavily than the other grades)

5) General Forms

1) Hall Pass (also Restroom Form)

2) Questions or Comments Form - FAQs

3) Unblock Website Request Form - results list

4) Share Websites Form - results list

5) Share Something You Know Form

6) Student Submitted Links Form (3-links)

6) Classroom Rules

Try this 'THINK before you Speak' method to prevent problems!

        T  - is it true?

        H - is it helpful?

        I   - is it inspiring?

        N - is it necessary?

        K - is it kind?

Rules for: phones, music, games, hall passes and questions

- PMGP? poster

1) As a class, we will help each other to learn! (Working together we will learn much more than we can as individuals!)

2) Please stay in your seat unless you have permission to leave it! (This rule is to help protect your personal space and materials!)

3) Please be polite!

(If you have any doubts, it isn't polite! Being polite is the quickest and easiest way to improve your relationships with just about anyone)

aaaaaaaaaThank You!!!

7) Bell Schedules

Updated for 2017-18

-Bell Schedule: Regular & Pep Rally

8) New Student Information

-Browser Setup Links

-Course Overview Prezi (Fall 2016 update)

-Course overview video (Fall 2015 version)

9) Student Submitted Links

Results Webpage View

--for your College Glogs--

US Universities by State (thanks Austin!)

Index of American Universities (thanks Esai!)


Project NXT (thanks Justin!)

Legos Building Ideas

Make Online: Lego Building Archives


Studyblue Online Flashcards (thanks Ryan!)

Word List Maker (thanks Gatlin!)

10) About Computers

BISD RUP (Responsible Use Policy)