Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Making her first appearance in Diablo I, Adria, back in those days, was simply an odd witch living on the outskirts of Tristram. She was immensely helpful, selling books, scrolls, and potions. Though, according to Cain, appearing almost overnight following the desecration of the Cathedral, no one could have guessed what she would have in store.

Come the fall of Tyrael, Adria reemerged. She sought to help Leah control her powers and aid the Nephalem in their quest to trap all evil souls within the Black Soulstone. Unfortunately, there would be no peace. Revealing herself to be the mother of Leah and lover of Diablo-possessed Aidan, Adria finally admitted her true purpose - the resurrection of the Lord of Terror. Though she managed to get away the first time, subsequent adventures brought her back into the path of the Nephalem once more where a final battle ensued.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Power of my Blood...”

"The power of my blood sings to me."

Adria is a powerful wizard who believes that the Angels will never be able to accept the fact that humans can choose their own path… she would rather side with the Demons who she believes are not so “rigid” in their beliefs. I am building a full transformed Adria, after she has completely given her body and soul to the side of the burning hells. In this build she will be a tank with a massive health pool- all enemies that do damage to Adria will take damage from her blood passively. The damage that is received will be based on the attackers health pool- the more health the more damage they will passively take for each attack that they land on Adria.

Mount- Demonic Levitation

Q- “Chains of Pain”

Adria selects a target in range and a purple spirit chain links them to her. While chained the target in levitated in the air and is unable to move for a short amount of time. While chained Adria will not be able to move or cast abilities, she also needs to draw from her health pool to keep the chain going and will lose health during the channeling of this ability.

W- “Blood Rain Oozes”

When activated Adria will summon 3 Blood Rain oozes to the battlefield that will fixate on the closest hero in range. These oozes will target the hero and attack them, but when they are destroyed by the enemy they will leave a small leach pool on the ground that will drain health of all enemies and return a portion of it back to Adria as health.

E- “Depths”

Adira burrows into the ground and instantly emerges at a target location. When she re appears she spins her huge legs and stuns all heroes in the area for a short amount of time. This burrow takes a second to cast but her emersion location is not visible to the enemy- only to the friendly team.

Heroic 1- “Inverted Pentagram”

“The five-pointed star when inverted is associated with 'black' witchcraft and satanism. It symbolizes the goat's head which represents satan (as on the cover of the satanic bible) The two points up signify the horns of baphomet and the three points down represent the Trinity. It is also a reverse of the pentagram above as it signifies contempt for traditional spiritual and occult values.”

Adria places an inverted pentagram on the battlefield and all friendly heroes that are in the area will be placed in a status- when the status is completed they will emerge as a demonic version of their hero and will have a large attack power buff for a short amount of time. When in the status if the hero is attacked they will be vulnerable to enemy attacks and will need to be taken out by the enemy team before the demon takes over.

Heroic 2- “Church of Diablo”

Adria lets out a bloodcurdling scream that redirects all damage to heroes in the area to her for a short amount of time. With her trait and a good healer this could be a powerful heroic that could decimate the enemy team.

Specialty Skin: Edge of Tomorrow “Mimics” Skin


Adir-DUH! Highschool school girl that is a SUPER FAN and follower of a the Boy Band “Bad Boys” Not sure on the silhouette on this one… ideas?

Dance: Tap Dancing Demon Legs

Kristen’s Choices

Bloody Brilliant!






Master Manipulator

Skilled in getting others to do her bidding through deception, Adria can choose to take up her human form or demon form at any point. Human form gives her more range and more spell damage while demon form turns her into a melee hero with stronger basic attacks.



When on the move, Adria can choose to run using her wings if in demon form.


Blood Ball

With 3 charges, Adria casts a moving blood ball on the ground that travels in a set direction, eventually popping and leaving a pool of corrosive blood on the ground. This terrain deals damage.



Using this ability, Adria can teleport to one of the corrosive pools, bursting upward out of it and dealing splash damage.


Deadly Spin

When activated, Adria spins quickly and violently, dealing damage in an area around her while sucking enemies in toward her.


Blood Rain

This is a summoned ability that calls down a rain of blood balls that hit the ground, move and explode. It is very close quarters and will deal massive damage to any enemy that doesn’t get out of its range.


My Child

Adria targets an enemy Hero, studying them and taking in part of their life force. After a certain percentage of the enemy Hero’s health has been drained away, Adria is able to release a heroic abomination of that Hero’s and her power. This is a summoned unit chooses its target based on Adria’s bidding. As long as it lives, it continues to drain the life of the chosen enemy, gaining a larger health pool and strength the longer it goes. If the enemy Hero dies due to this, the abomination explodes into a model of Diablo and gets to continue its rampage for a while longer.


        Blackarachnia - Beast Wars

Able to transform from spider to Predacon, it’s a perfect match.



Though human Adria struggles to get her legs up as high as she once could during her stage days, demon Adria has so many that she forms her own chorus line - one that rivals even the Rockettes.