You can quickly send emails to instructors and classmates within Blackboard. One of the benefits of sending email through Blackboard is that you can easily send messages to users without knowing or having to search for their email addresses.  To send an email through Blackboard:

  1. Click the Tools or Course Tools button on the course menu.

  2. Click the Send Email link.

  3. Select the type of recipient for the email message.  Some of the more commonly used options include:
  • All Users:  Sends an email to all instructors and students in the course.
  • All Student Users:  Sends an email to all students in the course, but not the instructor.
  • All Instructor Users:  Sends an email to all instructors in the course, but not students.
  • Select Users:  Select one or more specific people to receive the email message.

  1. To send an email to a specific person you select manually, click Select Users.

  1. Select the name of the email recipient.  The selected user takes on a blue highlight.  Select multiple users, if desired.
  2. Click the right arrow to add the users to the “Selected” column on the right.

  3. Enter the email subject and message.
  4. Click Submit.  Your message has been sent to the selected users’ UM-Flint email addresses.

    Note:  You must log in to your UM-Flint email address to access and read any replies to your message.