Mission Statement of the School Library

The ISB School Library strives to provide its students with a range of materials of appropriate levels of difficulty that will encourage growth in knowledge, establish a life-long love of reading, and foster literacy.


The goals of the school library are:

  1. To provide materials appropriate to the curriculum of the school.
  2. To provide age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate resources in all formats to meet the information needs of all users.
  3. To promote information literacy.
  4. To implement the use of the library resources into the curriculum through

collaboration among all members of the school community—teachers, students, parents, and administrators.

  1. To start developing a library program in the 2014/2015 school year.
  2. To manage a welcoming and inspirational environment.

School Library Hours of Operation

The School Library is accessible to students under the supervision of their teachers

every school day from 8:30a.m. until 3:00p.m.

Staff members are welcome to browse materials in person anytime.

Student Conduct

Students must follow the established rules of behavior listed below. Failure to comply will result in consequences stated in the behaviour management of every classroom.

Library Rules

1. Students can visit the library only with a teacher.

2. Books checked out with teachers only.

3. Only two books at a time.

4. Loan period is 2 weeks.

5. Teachers help return books to shelves.

6. Keep the library clean.

7. No food or drinks.
8. Use a quiet voice.
9. Use shelf markers.


Teachers are encouraged to schedule time for activities/lessons in the library to enhance learning. Each class must have a weekly fixed time to visit the library for the minimum of 15 minutes.

Management and Circulation Policies

Students are not required to present a library card to check out materials as the teacher will identify them by sight. The loan period for students is two weeks. In case a student would like to renew a book, it is possible to be done once by checking the book in with the teacher. All students may check out the maximum of two books at a time.

The loan period for teachers and other staff members is two months. There is no limit in number of items one teacher may borrow.

Organization of the Library

The library books are split into three zones, each of them having a different color of library shelves.  

Beige Zone: Early Years and Primary Books (right side)

Black Zone: Secondary Books (left side)

Red Zone: Adults Books (left side by the window)

Fictions books are alphabetized and shelved according to the first three letters of the author´s surname. Non-fiction books are arranged based on the Dewey Classification


000 Generalities

100 Philosophy and Psychology

200 Religion

300 Social Sciences

400 Languages

500 Natural Sciences and Mathematics

600 Technology (Applied Sciences)

700 The Arts

800 Literature and Rhetoric

900 Geography and History


To help students learn to be responsible, no new loans will be permitted until overdue materials are returned. Overdue notices will be emailed to families shortly after a book is due.

Lost and Damaged Books

If a book is lost or damaged, the book must be paid for by the student/parents/staff member who checks it out before additional books can be checked out. The replacement cost of a book will be charged based on the current price of a book (regardless of the price of the damaged/lost original). The student/parents/staff member will also be asked to pay shipping cost along with cost of the book. The replacement price needs to be paid to the school secretary who will then order a new book. Payment for a lost book is not reimbursed should the book be found. Any items checked out at the time a student withdraws from school must be returned and paid for upon withdrawal.

Selection of Books and Resources

The needs of the School Library are based on knowledge of the curriculum and of the existing collection. The following criteria followed as a guide to selecting the best resources for the library:

• Literary and artistic excellence

• Lasting importance or significance to a field of knowledge

• Support of the curriculum and educational goals of the school

• Favorable reviews found in standard selection sources

• Favorable recommendations by educational professionals

• Reputation and significance of the author, illustrator, or publisher

• Timeliness of the material

• Contribution to the diversity of the collection

Donated Materials Policy

The School library welcomes gifts to our resource collection. All donations will be acknowledged. All donations will be subject to the same selection criteria as purchased resources. If any donation is not selected for inclusion in the resource collection,

the gift material will be passed on to a more appropriate recipient.

Staff Members Roles in the Library

The primary coordinator:

- initiates and maintains contacts with the principal and teachers to evaluate library

program, facilities, materials, equipment, and personnel;

- prepares financial plans for the library;

- develops and maintains a written long-range plan for library;

- participates in the recruiting, hiring, and training of library staff and volunteers.

The primary coordinator is by default a member of the Library Committee.

Library Committee Members (selected ISB teachers):

- communicate the philosophy, system, rules and goals of the school library to the students, faculty, administration, and community;

- order materials;

- organize displays;

- organize repairs of books;

- prepare and send overdue emails;

- stamp ownership marks on materials for circulation;

- check that materials are alphabetized and put in the correct order;

- apply stickers and barcodes;

- inform teachers of new materials;

- design and prepare bulletin boards and library displays;

- participate in storytelling and read-aloud activities;

- assist with the annual inventory;

- assist with book fairs and other special activities.

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