Freelance Service Agreement

I ask that you please read the following terms of engagement which will allow all expectations to be understood and to also ensure that I can provide the very best Motion Design, Compositing and Editing service.

Please accept this contract as a legally binding letter of engagement between yourself and myself Steve Millington for any commissioned work undertaken under your instruction. This includes any current projects and future commissions.

You agree that work is undertaken on a non‐disclosure agreement between us on a freelance basis on my current day rate.


Please enquire about my ‘info pack’ for details on my current rate.


*(A full day of work equals 8 hours with a 1 hour break for lunch between 1PM-2PM)

My hourly rate equals my day rate divided by 8.

Note that I have a higher rate for Producer and Creative Direction. This rate is for when you wish for me to work directly with your client, the extra responsibility is reflected in this increased rate. Unlike my usual rate, time spent on communication with your client is chargeable, this includes any meetings, phone calls or extensive emails. Please note that in the event that during a project I become involved in client liaison I will notify you that I will have to change the booking to my Producer and Creative Director rate.

Please note, I do NOT under any circumstances work to any agreed fixed rate terms, neither am I responsible for liaison with your client or any project management. I am NOT responsible for your budget so please be aware of the time you have booked me and the time I have worked. I bill for my time that has been booked and for work that has been done, this is at my day or hourly rate. Travel and accommodation costs may be included under certain circumstances. See my booking page on website for details on this.

Billing and Payment

Invoices are usually sent out on the 5th and the 20th of each month. If you wish to have a separate invoice for each job or need to supply me with a PO number then please do so before it is time for me to send you the invoice.

You agree to pay the bill in full and I kindly request that all payments are made within 14 days unless I have been informed of and agree to any other payment policies. Payments can be made via my online invoice service, via PayPal or if you wish to make direct payment then please see details on invoice or in my information pack.

Booking My Time

Please only book my time that is advertised as available. I am often very busy and bookings are based on a first come first serve basis. I will always do my best to accommodate your project however please contact me to discuss the project and allow me to make a good estimate to see if I can do it for you.

Please note, I do operate a 48 hour cancellation policy in which if any time that is cancelled within 48 hours of commencing work, 50% of any lost earnings will still be charged to your bill. This excludes time at weekends, for example, still applies if cancellation of a booking for Monday morning is made last thing on a Friday.

Also please be aware that if you choose to book my time for a job without allowing me the chance to give you an estimate on the time I believe it will take me in my expert opinion, then I can not be made accountable any additional time if it has been impossible for me to meet the brief in full. Some things that appear simple can sometimes take longer and some things that seem complicated might be quicker than you think. This said however, I always do what I can to meet any given deadline to the best of my ability whilst remaining realistic.


In order for me to produce the very best product, please consider that the more accurate and thorough your brief or any pre-production is, the more accurate the final results of my work will be. In supplying me as much assets and pre-production can ensure a quality result. If you are unsure on what is required to brief me accurately then please contact me to discuss.

Workflow Considerations and Feedback

Please do not assume that any comments provided via email or Wipster will automatically be actioned and returned as soon as possible. Amendments will likely be on my hourly rate but any time must be booked in my schedule, please contact me to discuss my availability for this.

I do not charge for rendering overnight but I do for any necessary during booked time.

Contacting Me

Phone: 07807397240



Please be aware that during work hours I may be away from my desk or busy in meetings and will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can. Any contact out of work hours may not be returned until the next morning.

After Project Delivery

Once the project is finally completed and signed off. If requested I can provide any project build files however please note that I can not supply any third party software or plugins that may be required to open the project. I can however advise on what is needed to do this. The project files will be delivered in the current software version that I use.

I will bill you in good time, you agree that and please note any worked time is non-refundable.

It is important to me that I can provide evidence of my work and in doing so I may ask for permission that work can be used in my showreel and portfolio. I understand that the final product is your belonging so I shall be willing to discuss formal permissions for any work to be included in my portfolio.

Reputation is also very important to me and in order to secure further work then I may kindly request a recommendation, this is greatly appreciated and may be through LinkedIn. I aim to provide the very best service and build strong loyal working relationship. I very much look forward to working with you and producing work to the best of my abilities.