#88 - Into the Nexus: “Title”

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Live Balance Update

Heroic Impact

Developer Comments: We are looking for opportunities to increase the impact that some Heroic Abilities have at the moment they are cast. When it makes sense, we are also looking to increase the cooldown in order to keep the big moments more impactful. This is our first pass at doing this and you can expect to see more changes like these as we move forward with this initiative.


Sgt. Hammer






Developer Comments: Overall, we have been excited to see Greymane find his niche in certain team compositions while also watching his win rate slowly climb. We have made a couple of changes to help a few of his weaker talents. At the same time, we have lowered some cooldowns in order to make him a bit more active to play, while also increasing his Health Scaling to help him survive team fights in the later stages of the game.



Developer Comments: The mini-stun that accompanies Muradin’s Basic Attack during Avatar has a lot of hidden power that can be extremely frustrating to play against for some Heroes, especially those with Heroics that require channeling. The main design focus of this Ability was to bolster Muradin’s survivability, so we have removed the Basic Attack mini-stun and increased his Health gain when Avatar is activated. While we realize that this is a nerf to a beloved Heroic Ability, we believe it is necessary in order to promote increased Hero diversity.


PTR Patch Notes

Only the juicy stuff. We’ll do the full buff, nerf , rework thing next week.


Lunar Festival and Skins

Starts Feb 2nd

Catch the Monkey Elder

Each day during this year’s Lunar Festival event, you’ll receive a Special Event quest to catch the Monkey Elder. This curious creature will have a 50% chance to spawn at the start of your games if any players on your team have not yet finished this quest for the day, but when the Monkey Elder does appear, he’ll lead you on quite a chase! You must work together with your teammates to slow and eventually catch the Monkey Elder, who will drop a Red Envelope that awards 100 gold to each ally with an active Monkey Elder Special Event quest.

New Bundle

Lunar Festival 2016 Bundle

  • Illidan
  • Jaina
  • Lunar Illidan skin
  • Lunar Jaina skin
  • Lunar Dragon Mount – Bundle only

Returning Bundle

  • Lunar Festival 2015 Bundle
  • Chen
  • Li Li
  • Lunar Chen skin
  • Lunar Li Li skin

New Skins

  • Lunar Jaina
  • Lunar Illidan
  • New Mount


Heroes of the Dorm 2016

The collegiate tournament Heroes of the Dorm is coming back this year and will once again be broadcast on ESPN2. The prize pool is over $500,000 in tuition for the competing teams. According to the official press release “When the Grand Finals conclude and the 2016 Heroes of the Dorm champion is crowned, each player on the winning team will walk away with up to $75,000 in tuition for their college career.”

Expanding upon last year’s coverage on ESPN, early rounds of Heroes of the Dorm will be covered on ESPN3 and the Heroic Four and Grand Finals will return to ESPN2.

Viewers can tune into ESPN2 to catch the action live as well as fill out the Bracket Challenge for chance to win $10,000!

Eligible students can create or join a team today by heading to www.heroesofthedorm.com. Registration is open now through February 18

Heroes/esports has been updated.


Right Spawn wins 0.1% more

Meat of the story goes here.


Dustin Browder Tweets!

Rolling Seasons, Grandmaster’s League and Bans are months away.

Bans will come first.

Heroes, Skins and Feature Designers are all different people.

Some heroes might lose their stuns

Bigger Kael’thas Changes Incoming

Arcane Barrier Might be on the chop block

Dustin Doesn’t Like Bolt of the Storm

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Joonas Häll

Heya lads!

Question one:

I ended up playing HotS completely by accident at a LAN-party. I fell for it and I fell hard.

How about you two?

I know that at least Kyle was into MOBA's before and that you two have been fooling around with Blizzard games quite a bit. Was it just checking out Blizzard's latest game, a drunken night with some video game experimentation that led into a serious gaming habit, a dare one of your mates made or what?

Question two:

When getting new people to play the game, what sort of comps would you suggest?

I don't mind throwing them a 20 euro Blizzard Voucher (even if it is made ridiculously difficult by Blizzard, bloody hell, just let me spend more money on you and my mates!) so they can buy the character they like and maybe a skin as well, if that means I get to spend time with them, I'm jsut not entirely sure who to suggest.

This of course depends on how seasoned they are but if we're talking of an average player here.

I've played HotS since last summer and am okay. Ish.

I'm rank 18 but I've got a serious Imposter Syndrome about the whole situation (because the placement matches threw me there and I've since climbed one rank) but I do realise that I'm not rubbish and I would be playing with a mate who's average.

My most played heroes are Johanna, Rexxar (you seem to be the only one who understands how good ol' Rexxy can be Kyle, everyone gives me heaps of abuse for playing him, even Garrett and his dislike for our furry little friend and its mutt of a master cuts deep), Thrall and Murky.

I feel like playing a tanky sort of a warrior would be good for "babysitting", especially if they want to go in the way of an assassin but this seems like, well, maybe a tad dull of an approach.

What would be a good and a fun combo in which to march into the Nexus and wreak havoc?

Cheers for a solid show, it is by far the best HotS-podcast out there.

An absolute joy.

I can even give you the unofficial recommendation of my wife, as yours is the only podcast she agrees on listening to, because you two have such smooth voices.

All the best


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