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Colony Presentation IWZ
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Colony Living                                        Group: ____________________________

Presentation and Content

__________ Create a commercial to help with your pitch. 1 ½ - 2  minutes in length. All voices should be heard. (10)

__________ Information is accurate (5)

__________ Pictures, illustrations and diagrams are clear and appropriate. At least 2 images need to be created on your own.  Other images need to be creative commons (as explained by Ms. Wassmann).  (15)

__________ No errors in spelling/grammar (to include what is said) (5)

__________ Storyboard is completed and turned in (5)

__________  Working in a group (15)

Required Topics

__________ Provide and explain at least 3 benefits to living in your colony (15)

__________  Tell at least one aspect that might not be favorable about  your colony but turn it into a positive (5)

__________ Map showing where the colony is located (5)

__________Opportunities that would be available for jobs (5)

__________ Provide information about the climate and the land (5)

__________ Religious community/trends (5)

__________ Information about daily life (5)

Total: _______________/ 100 points