Full-time employee to Full-time employee

Any full-time employee may donate any portion of his/her accumulated personal leave to another full-time employee who is incurring any (paid or unpaid) loss of work due to a FMLA covered event.  The donated leave will be placed in a ‘donated sick’ leave category to be used by the recipient when his/her individual sick leave benefits have expired.

Part-time employee to Part-time employee

Any part-time employee may donate any portion of his/her accumulated leave to another part-time employee.  

Ineligible Donations

Employees who are covered under an active FMLA event or who have utilized all their catastrophic leave (see Catastrophic Leave Coverage for non-FMLA Employees) are ineligible as donors.

Donations may not be made to individuals experiencing a loss of work due to disciplinary action or a loss of FMLA coverage.

Retroactive donations are not allowed.

Limits on Solicitation

Under no circumstances may the Library Director or any directly supervising employee solicit leave donations for themselves or for another employee.  Such activity will be subject to disciplinary action.

Donation Process

In order to donate leave, the providing employee must submit to the Library Director an original and fully completed Leave Donation Form.  The Director will notify the donor if invalid forms are received.

The Director will notify the donor in writing or via email when a completed donation form has been received.

Donation requests can not be revoked by the donor once a completed donation form has been filed with the Director.

The Director will notify the donor in writing or via email once the donation has been approved (or not).  

The effective date of an approved donation is set to the date that the Director receives a completed donation form.

Donor Privacy

The Library will under no circumstances disclose the name of the donor to the recipient.

Recipient Acceptance

The recipient retains the right to reject all leave donations.  In the process of approving leave donations, the Director will contact the designated recipient in writing or e-mail to inform the employee about the donation details.  The designated recipient must accept or reject the donation in writing or via e-mail before the donation can be approved.

When encountering situations where  illness or injury prevents the donor recipient from providing written feedback to the Director, verbal communication may be substituted for written documentation.  Where verbal communication is not feasible, the Library will assume that the donation is acceptable to the recipient.

Potential Conflicts with Payroll Processes

The application of leave donations may conflict with payroll processing activities.  If this occurs, applicable leave payments will be processed during the following regularly schedule payroll process.  Payroll processing activities will not be held or retracted to accommodate the leave application.

Limits on Accumulated Donated Leave

Unused Donated Leave, when combined with individual sick leave benefits, are subject to the same accumulation limits set forth in the Library’s Sick Leave policy.

Unused Donated Leave at Retirement/Termination

The Mississippi Public Entity Retirement System (PERS) Regulation 51 advises that:

“Leave donated or transferred from one employee to another employee may

not be certified to PERS as unused leave of the recipient employee. The

accumulation of leave is personal to the individual employee. Only

qualifying leave which has actually been accumulated by and which

remains unused by the individual employee at termination of employment

may be certified to PERS for service credit.”

excerpt obtained from http://www.pers.ms.gov/Content/Documents/Regulations/Reg51.pdf