Classroom Happenings and Homework:

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Week of 5/30: We will continue with our mini-unit on Biology in order to best prepare the students for high school. We will focus on how matter cycles through the atmosphere, items like water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and phosphorus.

HW (DUE Thursday, June 1st): Write on a pieces of paper.  What high school are you attending next year?  What are you most looking forward to?  What are you most anxious or nervous about?

Week of 5/9/17: The students who did not attend Costa Rica will be working on a project on a specific biome.  They will learn the characteristics of that biome and then present next week to their fellow classmates.

PROJECT (in Costa Rica)-Due May 22nd

Find characteristics of the biome that they will be in while in Costa Rica. The presentation must include:

-Plant life

-animal life



1. Plants (botanist) - plants are illustrated in the presentation with detail and include at least one picture of a plant and information related to that plant's value to the area, harmful or dangerous plants can also be used.

__4 pts __3pts ___2pts ___1pt ___0 pt

2. Animals (zoologist) - animals are discussed in the presentation with regard to the type of animals you would see on a vacation to the biome. At least one picture of an animal is included, with details of the animals habitat and lifestyle.

__4 pts __3pts ___2pts ___1pt ___0 pt

3. Weather (meterology) - the biome's weather patterns are discussed, seasonal changes are mentioned and audience have an idea of what kinds of clothes to bring to this vacation spot. __4 pts __3pts ___2pts ___1pt ___0 pt

4. Geographer - a map is included in the presentation with a list of "sites to see" while at the biome or location. Either many sites are briefly mentioned or one site is showcased in great detail. __4 pts __3pts ___2pts ___1pt ___0 pt

Week of 4/10/17: We are working on our math and science skills this week through scatter plot creation and interpretation.

Homework/Test Grade: Complete all the lessons remaining in the Measuring Up book. This will be a test grade and is due May 3rd after the science PSSA.

Week of 3/27/17: We will continue to work out of the Measuring Up and continue to build in “Biological Science” section.

HW (Due April 3rd): Measuring Up Book-Lessons 15, 16, 3

Week of 3/20/17: We will continue to work out of the Measuring Up and continue to build in “Earth and Space Science” section.

HW (Due 3/27): Measuring Up Book-Lessons 12, 13, and 14

Week of 3/13/17: We will continue with our work out of the Measuring Up book in order to best prepare for the PSSA given the short amount of time.  Students will continue on building their skills in the “Earth and Space Science” section of the PSSA.

HW (Due 3/20): Measuring Up book-Lesson 39, Lesson 10, Lesson 11

Week of 3/6/17: Students will learn about Earth Science in preparation for the Science PSSA. Students will learn the different types of rock and the rock cycle, as well as processes that change the Earth’s surfaces. 

HW( Due 3/13/17): MEASURING UP BOOK- Lesson 32 (pg 195-198), Lesson 33 pg(199-204), Lesson’s 1 and 2 (pg 1-12)

Week of 2/27/17: Students will learn how elements bond together by three different types of bonds.  Then students will learn about nuclear reactions by fission or fusion. Students will also be taking an assessment called the CDT in order to determine which area to focus the remaining weeks of test prep.

Article for class: 

HW (Due 3/6): Chemical Bonding Worksheet- 

Project (Due 3/6/17): Properties of a Group Research and Display (released 2/23) 

Week of 2/21/17: Students will learn about the structure of the atom and the subatomic particles that make it up. Students will also learn about the periodic table and why groups have similar properties.

HW (DUE 2/27/17): pg 167 #1-10 in Matter and Energy Book 

Project (Due 3/6/17): Properties of a Group Research and Display (released 2/23) 

Week of 2/13/17: Students will test their knowledge about the matter unit.  At the beginning of the week they will take a unit test on matter, classification of matter, and physical and chemical properties and changes.  In the second part of the week, students will learn about atoms and the development of the atomic theory.

HW (Due 2/21); Make a simple timeline of the history of the atomic theory.  Include the year, the name of the scientist, and a drawing or sketch of the model.

Week of 2/6/17: We will be closing out our unit this week by finishing up learning more about mixtures.  In the beginning of the week students will be learning the different types of mixtures.  In the later part, they will complete a lab to be able to determine the different types of mixtures through a series of tests.  We will also review for our unit test next week.

HW (DUE 2/13): pgs 91-96 #6, 9-13, 15-17, 20-21 

UNIT TEST: Monday February 13th and Tuesday February 14th

Week of 1/30/17: We will continue our unit on matter by taking a quiz on the objectives thus far.  It will include: volume, mass, density, physical and chemical properties and changes. In the 2nd part of the week we will explore that matter is made up of atoms, and then atoms combine to molecules, and explore the difference between pure substances and mixtures.

HW (Due 2/6): Matter and Energy pg 62 #18-21/pg 63 #5-10 

QUIZ!!! Monday/Tuesday (1/30-1/31)

Parents, come to Common Core Night on February 2nd!: (flyer with more details)

Week of 1/23/17: We will be continuing our work with physical and chemical properties and changes this week.  Students will complete a lab where they can identify an unknown substance!

HW (Due 1/30): pg 32 #22-26/ pg 33 #1-9 

Week of 1/17/17: We are starting our new unit on matter! Students will review matter, mass, weight, volume, and density while completing stations. Students will learn physical and chemical properties of a substance in the latter half.

HW(Due 1/23): Mass vs. Weight:

Week of 1/9/17: We are going to conclude our unit on states of matter and energy this week!  Students will complete a lab activity comparing the three ways to transfer heat-conduction, radiation, and convection.  Students will take an exam on Wednesday and Thursday to demonstrate what they know.

HW (Due 1/17): complete question in book pg 132 #18-22 -pg 133 (#6-9) 

-REVIEW for TEST-JANUARY 11th and 12th

Week of 1/3/17: Happy New Year!  I hope you had a lovely winter break!  I received MANY emails with the changes of state HW over break.  We are going to continue with our unit on the states of matter and energy by learning about conductors and insulators.

HW (due 1/9/17): pg 118 #11-12 and 119 #3-7:

UNIT TEST (States of Matter and Energy): January 11th and 12th

Week of 12/19/2016: Right before our winter break we are starting a VERY short unit. We still have a lot of content to get through in order to be prepared for the science PSSA.  students will review the 3 states of matter and explore how energy is related to temperature and the changes between states. Students will do this through a lab and a mini lab.

HW (due 1/2/16): Students will create a presentation (prezi, powerpoint, etc.) on the changes of state.

-freezing, melting, evaporation, deposition, condensation, sublimation

Each slide:

§Name of Change of state (1 point)

§State Change (is it going from liquid to gas, etc.) (2 points)

§What is happening with the energy?  (2 points)

§What is happening to the temperature/pressure? (4 points)

§Picture related to state change (1 points)

Week of 12/12/2016: Students will demonstrate their knowledge in the work, energy, and machines unit through a unit test on Monday/Tuesday and a project presentation and testing on Wednesday/Thursday.

PROJECT (due 12/14): pg 100 #1-7-design prototype of simple machine to lift a mass against gravity. (will explain in class)

Outline and Questions for project:

Page 1; 

Page 2: 

Week of 12/4/16: We will focus on simple machines and how to calculate mechnical advantage in the first half of the week.  We will then practice and review for the unit test next week on Wednesday and Thursday.

PROJECT (due 12/14): pg 100 #1-7-design prototype of simple machine to lift a mass against gravity. (will explain in class)

Outline and Questions for project:

Page 1; 

Page 2: 

Week of 11/28/16: This week we will learn about energy transformations at the beginning of the week, and then test our knowledge about the unit thus far.  After the quiz, we will start to explore simple machines in our everyday life!

HW: Study for Quiz (Wed/Thursday)

PROJECT: pg 100 #1-7-design prototype of simple machine to lift a mass against gravity. (will explain in class)

Outline and Questions for project:

Page 1; 

Page 2: 

Week of 11/21/16: We will continue our new unit which is a very short one!  We will learn about mechanical energy which is the combination of potential and kinetic energy.  Students will complete a lab where they bounce a ball from different height and practice their measurement skills as well.

HW (due 11/28): Students will find 8 to 10 examples of potential and kinetic energy in everyday life.  Students will describe how it is potential or kinetic and how it may be transferred.

Week of 11/14/16: Students will complete their EDLV drop on Monday/Tuesday for a project grade.  They will finalize their forces and motions unit at the beginning of the week.  In the later part of the week, students will start their new unit on work, power, and energy. 

HW (due 11/21): Page 87 #3-9- 

Week of 11/7/16: Students will take the unit exam on motion which is what they have been learning for the past 2 months of school.  During the half days (Tuesday/Wednesday) students will get their materials in order to build their EDLV.  Any recyclables would be greatly appreciated!

Project (due 11/14): Completed EDLV project: the vehicle is build and you have completed the paragraph on the back of the outline sheet.  The drop will happen during the week of 11/14.

Week of 10/31: Students will finalize the unit on motion through receiving instructions and creating a design plan for their Egg Descent Landing Vehicle.  They will also review all of the objectives from the unit in preparation for the exam next week. 

HW/Project (due 11/7): Egg Design Landing Vehicle Design Plan (received in class)

Test Review Power point: 

Post Trip Reflections (Quiz Grade): Due 11.7/11.8

Week of 10/24/16: Students will take a quiz on forces at the beginning of the week, then proceed to learning about fluid and buoyancy.

HW (due 10/31):  Write a 3 to 5 paragraph essay that explains how pressure poses a hazard in either mountain climbing or in SCUBA diving.  This will count as a project grade for marking period 1. Students will be graded on:

_____ 10-Connection to how fluid exerts pressure

_____ 3- Provides how the hazards can be minimized

_____ 5- Accurate and cited information

_____ 2-Neat and organized

Week of 10/17/16: Students will learn all about how gravity affects matter.  Students will focus on downward motion on Monday/Tuesday, and orbital motion on Wednesday and Thursday.  Throughout the week students will complete demonstrations that will help them explore gravity.

HW (due 10/24): pg 51 #1-10: 

Week of 10/11/16: Students will take a quick on speed, velocity, and acceleration and then complete the Newton’s Law Stations from last week.  Students will focus on test prep on the physic content they are learning in the latter half of the week. 

HW:  Write a 3  to 5 paragraph essay summarizing the 3 newton’s laws.  Students will have to:

describe each of the laws, provide examples from the stations of each of the laws, provide examples from everyday life in the laws.

Week of 10/3/16: We will focus on the different types of forces and Newton’s Laws this week.  Students will be completing a friction lab in the beginning of the week, and working in stations to learn about the 3 Newton’s laws.  

HW: pg 40 #23-25 and pg 41 #4-9- 

Week of 9/26/16: We are learning about acceleration all week.  Students will make accelerometers in the beginning of the week and explore how direction and speed affect acceleration.  In the later part of the week students will learn the formula for acceleration and practice utilizing it through problems.

HW: In Forces and Motion book page 27 #5-9 and #11-13. 

Week of 9/19/16: We are starting our new unit on forces and motion!  The focus of this week will be speed.  Students will learn how to calculate speed and complete a lab on how quickly they can chew bubble gum!  Students will also learn how to differentiate between speed and velocity.

HW: Complete the following worksheet using the equations provided, and your notes: 

Week of 9/13/16: We are moving onto the reviewing the summer assignment by practicing more data analysis and conclusions. The latter half of the week we will focus on test prep!

HW: Given the set of data (pg R32 in science text book) Create a graph, analyze and make conclusions (pg R33-R34 as references): 

Week of 9/6/16: We are getting ourselves re-acquainted with the expectations, and procedures in the classroom. Students also took the Math and ELA benchmarks in their homeroom. It is great to see how everyone has matured over the summer is prepared for 8th grade!

HW: Students and parents will review and sign the family letter and contract.  Due Tuesday/Wednesday week of 9/12.



Summer Project: