1. First, open up the Moodle Course that has the assignment.  Click on the assignment.

2. For this assignment, my teacher wants me to create a Google Doc reflection and submit it here.  To do that, I need to first create the Google Doc, and then paste the link to that doc here.  So first, I need to go to Google Drive and create my document.

3.  Go to your Google Drive and open up your class folder.

4. Once you have your class folder open, click create to create your document.  (Your teacher may have sent you a document to complete.  If so, you will find that document in your class folder and can complete it and submit this same way)

5. After you have completed your assignment, copy the link to the document.

6. After you have copied the link, go to the assignment in Moodle.  Open the assignment and click on Add Submission

7. In the text box, paste the link to your Google doc (Control + V).  Finally, click save changes.  Your assignment is submitted!

8.  Your teacher may need you to upload a file as your assignment submission.  To do this, open the assignment and click on Add submission.  

9. In the file submissions box, click on the paper with the plus sign

10. You can now browse your device for your file.  This may be a powerpoint file, PDF, video, or any file that your teacher needs you to submit for the assignment.  Once you find it and upload it, simply click Save changes and your assignment is submitted!