MSHS Digital Media Academy Boot Camp

In this activity you will learn about our various online systems and workflows we will use throughout the semester. Take the time to read the directions, watch the tutorials and ask questions if you don’t understand.

Google Classroom

Once you have logged onto Google Chrome go to: 

Activity: On the Home page, click Add Add. In the box, enter the code for your class and click Join.

Per 4 Intro DMA - z5o5td

Per 5 Intro DMA - o2prnx


Login to Chrome with - I can reset your password

Login Tutorial (2:30) Bookmark Tutorial (1:50)

Activity: Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.05.32 AM.png > Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks Bar. Then add the following sites | Skyward | | Music site (not Youtube!)



 - Email: Your account has an email account that allows you to communicate

Corporate Email Etiquette: Please review this document immediately!

Gmail Signature: I will expect you to watch this and set this up on your school account.

Activity: Use your school Gmail account to send me an email that includes the info to the right>>>

Subject: Boot Camp Email

Greeting: “Mr. Dockery,”

Body: Short introduction

Signature: Your name

Skills Survey

Please take a couple minutes to fill out this quick survey.


Adobe Spark

Log on to Adobe Spark using your school Google account. Create an Instagram sized “Post” that represents you and then make it your Google Classroom profile picture.


Extra Time

If you have extra time:

  • Help others around you that might need a little support
  • Design more Adobe Spark Post’s or create an Adobe Spark “Page” portfolio
  • Explore Canva using your school Google account.
  • Explore Wunderlist. This is a great checklist app for the mobile phone and online