Chadwick School -- Monthly Journal

Below is the monthly journal for our IBAP program at Chadwick. We started doing detailed synopses in May of 2016. The summaries are organized based on what people of various positions did.

MAY 2016:

Nigeria Communications Chair:

This month, I became situated to my new position. I had a conference call with Marshall to discuss my responsibilities. I have had two conference calls with Temi to discuss her life in Nigeria as well as the hair salon and yogurt business. I spoke with Ellie about the first solution. I also wrote introductions for Temi to translate for the hair salon and yogurt business. I scheduled a call between my team and the hair salon and between my team and the yogurt shop. The calls are back to back. I had another call with Marshall about the calls in general and inquiring about Carter. I sent Carter an email about the Halloween fundraiser last year. We had our two group calls and I was happy with how they went.

Fundraising Chair:

I was introduced to the program this month and have gotten straight to work. I have had 3 calls with Marshall for the past three weeks, and have another planned for the following week to review my fundraising ideas and finalize all of that. I have decided to hold a fundraiser during the first day of finals (Monday, June 13) selling different types of snack bags to boost everyone’s mood and make sure people have time to snack while staying healthy and energized. I am trying to find a time to have a one-on-one call with Temi to talk about what we are raising money for and go over my ideas. I have also finished the calendar for the 2016 year, which two ideas for a fundraiser in either late September or October/November.

Special Projects Chair:

Being on the team for three years, I converted my position from the media chair to the special projects chair. Hopefully, I continue to talk to Christine and teach her what she needs for her new role on the team. I called Temi and confirmed Maria’s liking of the business cards and flyers. While contacting Marshall, I continue to work on the other two solutions: the finance book and catalog of services. After the skype with the business partner, I now know to focus on the catalog because the organization of salon styles is the most pressing problem.

Media Chair:

I just joined this program, and I have already had my beginning calls with Marshall and I have another scheduled talk to him about questions I have and so we can talk about my next steps.  I am talking with Stacey to make sure I have all the resources I need from her (since she was the Media Chair last year).  I have also begun to make sure the team website is updated and we have all of the info for the new members (allie and me) on that page.  My main focus from this month was to make sure I understood my job and to start doing what I can to help the group.  

College Assistance Chair and Project Leader:

This month, I really focused on trying to get everything in place. We have two new leaders in the group that I am incredibly excited about. I am working to make sure Christine and Allie are acclimating well, but they are both taking initiative already. From a Project Leader standpoint, we had our first meeting as the new team of five girls last week. I stressed the importance of maintaining our status as a cohesive unit. In addition, I asked for feedback with regard to how the group could better function, and we are going to start to implement these changes. We will be sending weekly emails to Maria so as to keep her updated, and I will make sure there is enhanced communication among the chair holders so that we can increase transparency within the group. I have to reschedule my college call with Marshall and make sure I take further steps to make sure Stacey and Andi are caught up on what their new responsibilities look like. Speaking to the business on May 30 was absolutely wonderful, and I am so excited that each and every team member can feel the incredible feeling of connection with our business partner.