3dsMax MegaRender Plugin v3.0.0 (08.2016)

Installing the plugin

  1. Before starting the installation, close all open applications 3dsMax.
  2. Start the plug-in installer as administrator.


  1. Specify which version of 3dsMax plugin must be installed by selecting the appropriate directory.


Using the plugin

  1. Before starting the plug-in is necessary to merge all Xref-scenes in the main scene.
  2. To export the scene select «Export for MegaRender» menu «Rendering».

C:\Users\khazhiev\Desktop\Manual\Sturtup_menu_item — копия.png

  1. The plugin will display all the files used in the scene and the corresponding notes (marked with icons C:\Users\khazhiev\Downloads\icon(1).png, C:\Users\khazhiev\Downloads\exclamation(1).png) that need to be fixed.


Used graphic symbols



Your actions


All the «Ok»

Not required


The file in the specified path does not exist

а) Press «pick» and specify the path to the file;

б) Press «skip», if the file is not used in the scene;

в) Press «Skip All Missings» to ignore all non-existent files.


The file is corrupted and can not be opened in 3ds Max

а) Press «pick» and specify the path to the correct file;

б) Press «skip», if the scene image is used.


Lost texture replaced the empty file stub.png

Not required

4. Once all the icons will take the form of "tick", press «Save and Zip». Select the directory to save and enter a name for your Zip-archive and click «Save».


5. Formed Zip-file upload to the render farm MegaRender in your account by clicking the button "Add Scene".

ATTENTION! Archives larger than 2GB download the alternative methods listed below.

If you have any problems downloading through the site, use the alternative boot methods: