Formating Tools in Google Docs

Student devices are not set to allow printing.

Undo the last thing.

Key Command:


Redo the last thing.

Key Command:


Highlight formatted text.

Press the Paint format tool

Highlight the words that you want to have the same formatting.

Zoom in or out on the document.

Drop down to see different font (type) styles.  


to add more styles to your collection.

Size of font.

Small numbers are small type. Large numbers are bigger.

Size 8

Size 18

Size 30


(Makes regular fonts darker)

Good for emphasizing certain words.

Key Command



(Slants regular fonts)

Good for titles of books or making words appear different for meaning.

Key Command



(Underlines regular fonts)

Good for emphasising certain words.

Key Command


Text Color

(Changes the color of the letters or highlights the background)

(highlight changes the background selected)

Left - Center - Right - Justify


Highlight words - press this tool - paste website or search for site to link

Example: SG Symabloo


Highlight a word or words - press this tool - type in a note - Press comment.  Words will be highlighted in yellow.

Alignment tools

This tool determines where the cursor will appear on the document.

Use Center to verify that the words or title will be formatted properly to the middle of the page or cell.

 ex: Left alignment is standard

ex: Right Alignment

Line Spacing

Decrease/Increase Indent

This tool allows the user to set the line spacing in a paragraph.  The default setting is single.  

Single, 1.15 1.5, Double

This tool allows lists/lines to be numbered.

This tools allows lists/lines to use bullet points

This tool changes the indent level in a list.


  • Main Point
  • Increase

Highlight the formatted words - press this tool - all formatting will be removed and the font/style/alignment will return to the default

(Arial, 11, left align)

with tool used

Arial, 11, left align

Background Color

Border Color

Border Width

Border Dash

More - shows more tools

This tool will change the background of a cell in a table

This tool will change the border of a shape or table

This tool will change the thickness of a border on a table  or shape.

This tool will change the line style on a cell table or shape.

Editing Menu - Used when Sharing a document with others.

Editing - Allows direct editing of the document.

Suggesting - All changes are marked and will need to be approved.  Changes are marked on the side of the document.  Press the check to approve.

Viewing - Prevents typing/editing of document

Insert Menu - Important tools

Image: Will link to various sources to add a picture.  Most often select search.  NOTE: Will not cite image.  Use Tools - Research to search for image to cite.

Special characters: Will add additional character (math, symbols, emoji, etc)

Header and Footer will be added to each page at the very top and bottom.