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Action Research Outline

Research Overview & Outline

Research Outline by Stages of Action Research

Below is a detailed view of the stages of Action Research as detailed in the 2017 book by Craig A. Mertler; Action Research: Improving Schools and Empowering Educators; Fifth Edition:


  1. Identify and limit a topic for research. Topics are:

  1. Gather information related to the situation and topic

  1. Research related literature in support of the topic
  1. PD and Teacher behavior:
  1. Effects of technology PD on teacher behavior
  2. Change in teaching strategies/techniques
  1. Effects of tech PD as seen through student evidence
  2. Obstacles to effective technology integration PD
  3. Factors that motivation teachers to integrate technology into teaching (and motivation to use technology in general)
  4. The role of the environment (culture) in integrating technology
  1. Student led teacher development
  2. Teacher readiness to use technology in teaching

  1. Develop a research plan

Define the research questions:

  1. Quantitative: How many teachers attended google sessions, had prior knowledge of Google tools, integrated Google tools in the classroom following PD
  2. Quantitative: How many students used Google tools in school prior to 2016-2017 school year
  3. Qualitative: Did teachers integrate Google tools into their teaching during the 2016-2017 school year after receiving PD?
  4. Qualitative: Did students use Google tools outside of those classes?

  1. Conduct personal interviews with middle school teachers who participated in Google Tools PD
  2. Conduct interviews with students in the middle school
  3. Create surveys through Google forms to collect specific data from those same teachers and all students
  4. Record personal observations
  5. Assess feedback through past responses from teachers during week 5 of the PD workshop


5. Implementing the plan and collecting data

6. Analyzing the data


7. Developing an action plan


8. Sharing and communicating the results


9. Reflecting on the process


Mertler, Craig A. (2017), Action Research: improving Schools and Empowering Educators, Fifth Edition. [Nook version]. Retrieved from Barnes&