#CropOverChronicles Barbados

A blog post series by Skip to Malou

This packing list is one of two that I have created for both Trinidad Carnival (+J'ouvert) and Barbados Kadooment (+ J'ouvert). The major difference between the two is that there are two days of Carnival in Trinidad, whereas there is only one day of Carnival in Barbados (called Kadooment Day).

Do you have anything you’d like to add to this list? Shoot me a message or comment below to let me know!

Packing List


Hair & Make-Up


Waterproof mascara

I personally don’t wear much makeup for J’ouvert as you will be covered in paint and mud within an hour.

Vaseline or thickkkkk moisturiser

It helps protect your skin against the paint.


In Trinidad, the girls protect and cover their hair using brightly coloured (cheap) wigs, which is a lot of fun! If you're fair haired like me, a shower cap/swim cap underneath the wig will add a second layer of protection against paint, mud and cocoa.

Conditioner for hair

Tip: Drench your hair in conditioner and braid it for J’ouvert, to protect your hair & colour from paint and mud. This is especially useful for blondes!



Old shorts/Exercise shorts

You can wear these at J’ouvert

Bikini top/exercise top

To be worn under J’ouvert t-shirt

J’ouvert T-shirt

I usually get a large shirt so that I can rip it up and do some fun DIY.

Plimsolls/running shoes

Any old, comfortable shoes that can be thrown out after J'ouvert

Pair of old socks

Cheap pair of sunglasses

For when the sun comes up and everyone looks like blinded gargoyles.



Waterproof pouch

For your phone, etc.

Emergency Contact Card

You can slip this in your boot/pouch in case of emergencies.

I suggest including the following info:

  • Your Name
  • A Contact number for someone local in Barbados
  • Local address written on it
  • Your blood type/any allergies

Make sure it’s taped up, so that it's waterproof.

Note: This has actually helped a friend of mine in an emergency!


I prefer to bring my good ol’ waterproof Olympus for J’ouvert, it’s survived about 7! GoPros are another option but be careful with the mud!

Vex Money

‘Vex’ Money is crucial! Just in case you get mad/’vex’ or something happens and need to leave somewhere on your own. Make sure you have enough for a cab ride back home.


Hair & Make-Up


Fake Lashes

I suggest strips as opposed to single lashes.

Clear Eyelash glue

Enough for gems as well. Try to get CLEAR glue, not black. Recommended brand: DUO


Not necessarily for hair, great for holding makeup in place all day!

Glitter (fine)

Makeup Primer

Gems for face (flat beads)

To match Crop Over outfit

Fake tanner

Or have spray tan done before Crop Over weekend! Recommended fake tan brand: St.Tropez

Hair pins

Flash tattoos



Hair dryer

Razors/Hair removal apparatus/cream

Baby powder

Waterproof Sunblock

SPF30 or higher! Recommended brand: Sun Bum



I suggest the fabric, heavy duty ones



Skin coloured tights

This is one of those things that you either love or hate: wearing tights on Kadooment Day seems ludicrous to some and obvious to others! I have always worn tights and love them because they make me feel a bit more secure. Others think they’re to hot! The choice is yours :) Recommended brand: Micels from Trinidad

Fake suede boots, high tops, Chelsea boots, any kind of boots or comfortable shoe!

This really depends on what you’re going for and regular running shoes work as well.

Long(er) Socks

To tuck stuff in under your boots

Dr.Scholl's Padded insoles for boots


A cheap pair for Kadooment

Extra Costume Bits


Glue gun

To make any last minute changes

Glue sticks

Extra feathers/beads & bits

Fabric to match your outfit

In case you need to alter anything. Half a yard is more than enough.

Safety Pins

Bra Padding

Sticky tape

For nips & other bits!



Waterproof pouch

I usually stuff everything inside one of my boot legs so I don’t bring a pouch

‘Bling’ Cup

You will receive a cup when you buy your costume, but we like to bedazzle them for the road!

Waterproof phone case

Glucose tablets/Small bottle of Red Bull

For an extra boost of energy if you need it!

Granola bar

In case you get hungry on the road...you can pop it into your boot :)

Emergency Contact Card

Daily Checklist

For on the day itself when you’re rushing to get ready & feel like a headless chicken :)

J’ouvert Checklist

Emergency Contact Card

Vex Money




Pair of old socks


Covered Cup/Cup with a screw lid


Waterproof phone case

Glucose tablets/Red Bull

Granola bar

Kadooment Outfit Checklist





Long Socks

Dr.Scholl's Padded insoles for boots/shoes


Bling Cup



Granola Bar

Vex money

Emergency Contact Card

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