A #BangaloreIsBurning photography exhibit presented by Jhatkaa.org

Jhatkaa.org is hosting a photo exhibit showcasing stories of how people from all across Bangalore, at all levels of society, are affected by open garbage burning.

Garbage burning is so common in Bangalore that most people don’t even know that it is illegal and extremely toxic. Jhatkaa.org’s #BangaloreIsBurning campaign was launched last month in order to put a spotlight on the issue of open garbage burning and urge the BBMP to end this dangerous practice. The online petition can be found at https://jhatkaa.org/bangaloreisburning/.

Our aim with this exhibit is to jolt the public with powerful images of garbage burning. This toxic and illegal practice is devastating our city. By sharing these stories, we want to motivate people to not only join our campaign but take action in their daily lives” says Divya Narayanan, campaigner at Jhatkaa.org.

Hari Adivarekar, a seasoned photojournalist came on board to help document these stories. “The garbage crisis is a complex issue but I see it in different levels. More directly this is an issue of Garbage burning and its parent solid waste mismanagement. On a more subtle level are the foot soldiers that always get blamed. Street sweepers (pourakarmikas) and garbage collectors are always blamed for the actual burning of garbage even though they are just following the instructions and exploitation of the specific contractor or corporator.” says Hari.

“Once I had visually engaged with the issue of garbage burning in all corners of the city, with people who were engaged, apathetic or just ignorant the natural progression was to share these images and interviews with as many Bangaloreans as possible. A truly democratic space like the MG Road Promenade will allow access to any citizen irrespective of their background or accessibility. I hope that this images will really hit people in the gut and make them take a cold, hard look at their own engagement with the issue.” he adds.

The photos will be displayed from 8 - 10 July, 2016 at the Chhaya Gallery, Rangoli Metro Arts Centre. For the most up-to-date information, please check out the Facebook event: http://bit.ly/292XbLN 

On 9 July, Jhatkaa.org will be hosting a special event at the venue. Jhatkaa campaigners and volunteers will be present, sharing stories and statistics, engaging with the public and available for interview onsite. We'll also be projecting images from our crowdsourcing campaign onto the exhibit walls. Residents from across Bangalore have been sending us images of garbage burning in their neighborhoods and from their daily commutes. We'll be telling their stories as well.” adds Divya.

“These photos portray the sheer normalcy of having open piles of burning garbage in our city. It also clearly shows the contribution of garbage burning towards urban air pollution and how it puts Bangalore residents at risk, from families and children to young adults and the elderly. This is a societal crisis that we must come together and solve.” says Divya

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