You will develop an infomercial about a new or existing product of your choice.  The infomercial should not exceed 4 minutes and should include all aspects of an infomercial to earn full marks.  We will film your infomercial in class and edit it so that it looks professional.  Once completed, the video will be uploaded to Youtube or saved as a viewable video file.


Student Infomercial Checklist

Use the following checklist to be sure that your infomercial is complete.  This sheet must be handed in BEFORE you start filming.


1)        The product that I will sell is called

2)        The company you have created for this assignment is called:

3)        My product performs the following function(s)

4)        I open with these questions / promises:

5)        Underline what you’ve used to prove your product’s superiority:

Statistics              video             photos            demonstration           testimonials           other

6)        My sneaky pricing scheme is

7)        The bonus items I will offer are

8) To acquire my product customers can call

1-800-_ _ _ - _ _ _ _

My product’s imaginary website is


9) Payment Details:            

Cheque                Credit Card                 Money Order              Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)

Shipping (Processing) & Handling: $____________                

Company Address: