The Fallout Wasteland Stories Lore.

        Welcome to Fallout Wasteland Stories, whether you have joined this thread or rather just reading the lore I hope you will find the best role playing experience possible in this thread. The purpose of this sheet is to give a better understanding of the Wasteland Stories history that caused the world to be in the way it is. With that said let’s get started!


Before the frontier there was a war called the Alicorn revolution. At the time ponies felt that the princesses were no longer useful and began to resent their rule. The most productive business leaders saw this as a means to increase their power, and so they supplied the revolutionists with weapons and such until the Alicorns saw that they would not win and fled to the Astral Plane leaving the business leaders in charge. The economy and technology increased at a rapidly rising rate until finally the Robotics Riots started. Companies began to replace workers with robots so that they could increase their profit margins to the point where a large percentage of ponies were out of the job. This caused unrest in society and eventually started the riots. The Communion had no other choice but to illegalize robots in the workplace. The event caused a revelation in the Communion. They saw that if the citizens could easily overthrow them if they worked together like how they overthrew the Alicorns. They devised a plan that would create a single world government that would secretly work behind the scenes, the only problem was that they needed the cooperation of the Gryphons. They made contact with the Gryphon leaders and told them that they would host a war so that citizens of both sides would focus on patriotism and the conflicts rather than the government, thus making them more controllable. The Gryphons refused the proposal and the ponies eventually invaded their country starting a real war. The Gryphons fought back tenaciously and it soon entered a stalemate for a few years. During the years both sides built up their nuclear armament but never fired so that they wouldn’t encourage the other side to do the same. Eventually most of the members of the Communion died off of disease or old age, leaving behind a sole leader who is only known as the Representative. With advances in technology he sacrificed his own body and put his mind into a computer and had control over nearly every aspect of Equestrian life the a screen. He soon grew impatient and started the construction of stables, deep underground bunkers with the purpose to hold out against nuclear war. The Gryphons saw this and did the same as they saw what was to come in the not too distant future. Then one day in the Skyline the Gryphons saw what some first believed was a migration of phoenixes doing a nose dive, but their fears were suddenly realised as the Representative fired the X15 nuke from orbit. Ponies and Gryphons were soon herded into their stables and bunkers as the world was thrusted into destruction. Cities were destroyed, lives lost and all of it would seem for nothing considering how prosperous they were before. Life seemed to no longer existent, the war torn land was a quiet empty skeleton of what it was.