RE:  Rainbow Family of Living Light and the Lakota Nation, Black Hills SD


June 22, 2015

WE, as unofficial representatives of the Rainbow general consensus that has been protesting this gathering, since its proposal, both online and on land, beginning at spring counsel, believe that (while We cannot speak for an organization which by tradition and consensus has no ⏳leaders) there is⌛️⌛️mm stillupskkzm  a need to be clear about who we are in an effort to promote peace and unity both online and offline regarding this 2015 ⏳National Gathering and the current situation in the ezmiez

  • MvnMzwmzwiemBlack Hills of South Dakota⌛️ as well as the need to support First Nations Peoples as they fight to secure their land and their culture and indigenous people everywhere. It is our sincere hope that in speaking out as individuals who are also Rainbow Family that we can restore lost honor to the Rainbow Family of Living Light. We publicly offer this apologykmz for this breaches of protocol and trespass and the lack of respect that has been shown to the Lakota Nation. As individuals who are also Rainbows we believe:

  1. In a state of war and genocide across the globe, the Rainbow Family of Living Light must make a stand against all and any governments or individuals that advocate violence of any kind including war, genocide, and corruption. We, the true Rainbows are peacemakers. We advocate walking lightly on the earth, respecting all cultures and beings that share this planet.

  1. We, as peaceful beings, must take a stand against violence of any kind. We also respect that 97 Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island and Abya Yala met in 1974 at the first International Indian Treaty Council on the Lakota Standing Rock Reservation and agreed amongst themselves to support all actions deemed necessary by Indigenous nations to defend their lands and cultures.

  1. We, as Rainbow family, have always honored our elders, our mothers and our children. In this, we can find common ground with our Lakota brothers and sisters who have worked tirelessly to defend their culture and Earth, while preserving it for their children and their children’s children.  We are concerned that the situation in the Black Hills of South Dakota and specifically the disrespectful actions of a few members of the Rainbow family who have self sanctioned this gathering and who have ignored the wishes of the majority of Rainbows and violated our consensus procedures in order to further their own, personal agendas and motives. We can see that this situation is creating an environment in South Dakota that is dangerous for our children, young adults and elders.

  1. We, as the Rainbow Family of Living Light have a procedure and a long tradition of working together without an organized leadership. We do not stand with those who have appointed themselves as the decision makers for a global Rainbow family which has spoken out in unison both online and on the land against ignoring the wishes of the traditional and spiritual Lakota elders.

  1. We, as the Rainbow Family of Living Light, are a diverse group of people worldwide and are speaking in accord, to condemn the actions of any and all who would seek to discredit an organization that is actively protesting corporate interests and the Federal Government in the Black Hills of South Dakota. In an effort to protect their own self interest, some individuals who fly the Rainbow family flag, are inadvertently aiding in the take down of traditional Lakota counsels, individuals, groups and long-standing efforts. These are the same actions our Federal Government has taken by censoring, spying on and arresting activists everywhere. We cannot ignore that in seeking to undo these Lakota councils, groups and individuals- the decision to announce consensus for a National Gathering in South Dakota, puts us in collusion with, and in alliance with, a government that has persecuted, killed, attempted to bribe and impose a corrupt system upon them and which embezzles, steals and helps to decimate First Nations peoples over all. By gathering in the Black Hills, under the banner of Rainbow, we are assisting at undermining ongoing efforts to prevent corporations and politicians from seizing the Black Hills away from the Lakota Nation and using this sacred ancestral Native land for their own profitable endeavors, such as the Keystone XL Pipeline and the harmful Uranium mining battle. These councils are fighting a suicide epidemic, malnutrition, food insecurity, lack of healthcare and addiction issues. We, as the Rainbow Family of Living Light not only support the Lakota people in their efforts but we strongly oppose any forces that seek to undermine those efforts.

  1. Additionally, because we the Rainbow family have also been harried, harassed, persecuted and infiltrated, as well as jailed and threatened physically by this same system that seeks to control the destinies of billions of Indigenous peoples and in fact 7 Billion people worldwide, we will not associate with any individual or organization that seeks to take away freedom. We as Rainbows must not allow ourselves to be used as agents of a capitalist corporate government and/or to ally ourselves with a genocidal BIA Tribal Government System.

  1. We, as a Rainbow family of mixed, races, creeds, cultures, classes, beliefs and ideals are deeply grieved that some individuals have not only distracted First Nations people from their sacred purpose, but that some Rainbow family members, acting on their own personal desires and with the trusted moniker of “Rainbow scouts” or, “self proclaimed sanctioned scouts” as one of our own respected, founding elders has called them, have also added to a situation that was already ravaging the Lakota community. We are deeply appreciative of those in the Lakota Nation who have invested time this week educating and working with us for a peaceful solution. We regret the actions of all who have worked to commit atrocities and who have offended a culture that we, in this Rainbow Family, have studied and revered since we were founded in 1972. We are shocked and grieved that we have ignored a holocaust and genocide right here in the United States of America. Additionally, we recognize that Lakota and other at risk youth have been used and that in addition our own youth may have been recruited to foment discord and misconceptions. We are concerned and alarmed that our elders have let them go astray and detract from the original and continuing Rainbow vision.

  1. We, as elders, parents and youth in the Rainbow family have been concerned that newer Rainbow family members, many of whom are traveling across SD, are not being initiated into our traditions and in fact contributing to the disintegration of our loving and peaceful movement, especially in the U.S. even to the degree of altering the safety levels for our younger family members. This policy of ignoring our youth while allowing a small clique of Rainbow brothers and sisters to control the banking and locations of our Rainbow Gatherings and simultaneously using a carefully organized campaign to disinform both Rainbows and locals alike has been condemned by our founding brothers and sisters who are even now preparing to council on how to return the Rainbow Family to its roots. We strongly wish to work WITH the new generation of Rainbows!

We are, as a group of people whose sacred purpose is to model peace and an alternative way of living in this war torn and ravaged planet, stand with the First Nation peoples as they work to preserve their way of life. We will strive to support Indigenous efforts to provide complete sovereignty over lands that belong to First Nations peoples and have been declared illegally seized and are lands with contested ownership whose claims have been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and recognized by the United Nations.

We stand with the Lakota people of South Dakota and agree that it is necessary for Rainbow family to relocate to another gathering and we call for a consensus, that we not return to the Black Hills until we have counseled with, face to face and have been invited by the elders and customary societies of traditional Lakota Oyate. And we stand in protest of any bureaucracy that wishes to manage, control and eliminate the Lakota people who have been given by birthright and court order to their sacred Black Hills.

We oppose our culture's addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations and we demand to “be the change we wish to see.”

Our solidarity will be based on respect for a political diversity within the struggle for social justice. As individuals and groups, we may choose to engage in a diversity of tactics and plans of action but are committed to treating each other with respect.

We realize that debates and honest criticisms are necessary for political clarification and growth in our movements. But we also realize that our detractors will work to divide by inflaming and magnifying our tactical, strategic, personal, and political disagreements. For the purposes of political clarity, and mutual respect we will speak to our own political motivations and tactical choices and allow other groups and individuals to speak on their own behalf. We reject all forms of red-baiting, violence-baiting, and fear-mongering; and efforts to foster unnecessary divisions among our movements.


We call on all like minded Rainbow family members to boycott the Annual National Rainbow Gathering of the self-empowered Rainbow scouts and come home to Michigan or Shawnee. We ask that you treat all people online and off with respect and stop all censoring, blocks and threats and slanderous accusations. The ONLY way to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, the mining, the persecution of an entire Nation is to work in one accord to empower the activists fighting those atrocities. Please stand with those who are battling for Sovereignty.

We love all of our Family dearly, as well as all First Nations peoples and we ask that you act accordingly with a peaceful, ethically motivated, self-evacuation of the site in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Please join the great majority of Family already gathering elsewhere.