General Plan for Castlebay on Friday 9/19/2014

  1. They will need a light sensor attached on to their robots somehow so help them figure out a way to attach it so that the lightbulb part is facing down. It would be helpful if the sensor was in the middle.
  2. There will be white posterboards with black electrical tape on them (or just regular black tape) and they will need to learn how to calibrate the sensor. (Pointing at black gives what number and pointing at white gives what number) and have them write the numbers. They might not have the program on their brick to do it, if they don't then don't bother.
  3. Using the projector will show them some of the basics of the Mindstorms programming. "It reads left to right just like we do. Difference between motor/move block. Looping stuff/repeating." They will need a usb cable from their boxes to download things they made on to their robot.
  4. Teach them about switch blocks (their version of if/then statements), lightsensor meaning.(this stuff will be on the projector and I will explain most of it but they will probably get lost and ask for help at some point). They will write a program to follow a black line on a poster board.
  5. Picture of FLL field mat will be on the wall/projector shwoing places with black lines.
  6. If there is still time left then begin helping them with attaching a touch sensor on to their robot on the side.
  1. Basically "Big gears that turn small gears are fast" but "Small gears that turn big gears are strong and can push heavy things". They shouldn't learn about like torque or ratios because they barely learning multiplication. When one gear turns another one do they head the same direction?
  2. Help them figure out a way to add the gears to the motors that way they can see the difference first hand.
  3. Start the Sumobot challenge! Have them choose the gears combination of their choice (ex: they have a small gear on their motor turning a big gear attached to a wheel). Build giant front "bumpers" (although they are more like walls) to push other team's robots. They will be able to program this using the basic program software on the actual nxt brick. Make the robot go forward for infinity.

Explanation of sumobots: Two robots will be inside a circular ring and face each other. 1,2,3, GO! The children click the run button and the robots drive towards each other, pushing each other. If one of the robots tires/wheels is out of the ring, then they are declared out and the other robot is the winner.


If they were able to finish in time the groups will compete. We should also have a discussion with the groups as to why certain groups won. What is different about that robot when looking at the other robot?