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How To: A Guide to Download Your Shows

Announcements and Bulletins Link: https://goo.gl/CUA2So.          Download Link (Click Here): www.thebridgeoflightradio.com/fpo-box.html.

  1. Click this link. (Note: Link redirects to a page on the TBLR site: www.thebridgeoflightradio.com). 
  1. You can also go to the bottom of any page on TBLR website, look for “For Personalities Only”, and select the sub-menu: FPO Box.
  1. Once on the FPO Box page, Scroll Down to see the available shows.
  2. Right click on the show you want to open.  Select “Open in New Tab”.
  3. Go to the newly opened tab, and click the “Download” arrow. This arrow is on the right, and is pointing downwards ().
  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for as many shows as you want to download.
  5. The denotation of this sign (*) means that your download date has been rescheduled. Call/Text 713-701-9157 for assistance.

Shows hosted on scheduled day only, and removed @ 8pm CST. Ensure you download as specified; April shows will not be available again.






  • Under Construction
  • The Bridge Think Tank


  • All About You
  • Cocktails and Convos...


  • The Dew
  • The Church of Ephesus


  • *The Crossing
  • *What Do The People…
  • *24/7 Compass


  • Early Download Requests


  • Hispanic Window
  • Perspectives
  • The MOLA Show
  • *24/7 Compass


  • The Business Doctors
  • The Sports Court


  • Hart2Hart
  • Tell Your Story
  • *What Do The People…
  • *The Crossing

Request appointments by texting: 713-701-9157. (Appointments available for 2 hours only unless rescheduled by station.)

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