1) Where was Harriet Tubman born?

A. Plantation in Maryland

B. Auburn, New York

C. Pennsylvania

2) What was Harriet Tubman's real name?

A. Hat

B. Moses

C. Araminta

3) Why did Harriet Tubman have strange sleeping spells?

A. She worked in the fields for long hours.

B. She was whipped by Miss Susan.

C. She was hit on the head by a heavy metal weight.

4) What was Harriet Tubman's favorite thing to do?

A. Take care of babies

B. Work outdoors

C. Work in the big house


5) Who was Harriet Tubman's master?

A. Old Rit

B. Edward Brodess

C. Ben

6) When did Harriet Tubman run away from the plantation?

A. 1849

B. 1814

C. 1865

7) What was the Underground Railroad?

A. An underground tunnel that slaves traveled through.

B. A train that ran underground.

C. A secret system of roads and houses that led slaves north to freedom.

8) What was the Drinking Gourd?

A. A Song

B. The North Star

C. A Constellation

9) What was Harriet Tubman’s job on the Underground Railroad?

A. Conductor

B. Nurse

C. Station Master

10) When did Harriet Tubman die?

A. 1844

B. 1820

C. 1913

11) True or False? Harriet was hired as a nursemaid when she was five or six years old.

A: True

B: False

12) Who did Harriet marry in 1844?

A: John Tubman

B: Harry Tubman

C: Ben Ross

13) Harriet used this to escape from slavery.

A: spies

B: Underground Railroad

C: telephone

14) What was the Underground Railroad?

A: a railroad system that hid slaves from their owners

B: a railroad system that was entirely underground

C: network of white abolitionists and freed blacks who helped runaway slaves

15) Harriet Tubman was sometimes known by this nickname as she helped slaves become free.

A: Moses

B: Almighty

C: Sweet Harriet

16) When this war occurred, Harriet Tubman worked for the Union Army as a cook and a nurse.

A: American Civil War

B: Revolutionary War

C: World War I

17) True or False? Harriet Tubman was NOT able to get her brothers and her parents free before the war.

A: True

B: False

18 How old was Harriet Tubman when she died?

A: 45

B: 79

C: 93

19) What is the answer to this question?


20) What is the answer to this question?