Chapter One:

The Beginning

        In a time where time yet had meaning There was Light. This Light was a child of the void that was all empty but one other. At least the light gave it company while the other child,  Darkness, only had one goal at mind, to be all alone. Why would someone wish this illness of bareness on themselves, so that they can do what they please without interference of those who are higher than them. With the birth of Light, Darkness attacked the feeble and frail Void, destroying one of the only family they had. Void wailed to Light his dying wish, protect Darkness.

        Light was now more alone than they could have thought possible. Without their Creator and parent they will have to be independent to survive. Light was now sad and confused for not knowing what happened to Void, they could only see what will happen to him and will try to protect Darkness. Light soon found Darkness calling to them. All Light could hear from them was,” Come and play with me my Friend.” While Darkness talked Light could feel their self being lost into Darkness, so Light tried to escape from them but failed. How can I protect you when you try to get rid of me, Thought the exhausted Light. Smaller and smaller Light grew until Darkness was going to finish the young child. This is how it ends, oh the irony! Then Light used what insufficient amount of strong they had left to discover a flash.

This astonishing power frightens Darkness away giving back the worth of life to Light. Light then wanted to talk to the flash thanking it for saving Light’s life. The flash response,” your welcome.” “what is your name,” asked the curious Light. “My name is Electruthez.” “What a lovely na….” “ Yes your name is quite the lovely one indeed.” “what do you mean by t….” “What I trying to allow you to comprehend is that I am apart of you.” Electruthez was baffled by this intriguing realization. Now with the power of the flash Electruthez can survive not having to worry about Darkness nor his game. Electruthez starts to ponder on what they will do now with nothing to do but to survive.

Eletruthez’s mind grows with the more they start to understand their power. Electruthez now has the power to create anything they please, even a friend. This goal to have a friend will start progress on the first life, and has encouraged this poor child to begin the process of great things. The only problem They will encounter is Darkness. Eletruthez does very well with the first creation of “life” by making a whole solar system full of color, but is then devoured by Darkness before the first rotation is half way through. Electruthez then develops a crafty idea to protect the life they try to create. The plan is to blow it up in Darkness’s face by making a bang. This bang will be large enough to send Darkness far off away from any of the precious life that  they are trying to preserve. Electruthez, still a child, names their creation the “Big Bang” that will start the beginning of growth.

Electruthez kept working on their Big Bang, but with each attempt they used it Darkness was always able to get back swiftly enough to consume the worlds and stars that were just created. Darkness would then continue to insist on playing with them trying to bring Eletruthez in. Luckily the flashes were quickly mastered by Eletruthez so defending them self was efficient against the more aggravating Darkness at bay. Electruthez then found the exact way to resist the destruction of their creations. It would be the use of the Big Bang’s power to send away Darkness, and have a ring of light around the creation, halting Darkness from their destructive intentions.

So with their mission at mind they started work on the Big Bang to finish what was meant to be done… what Void would have wanted. Darkness observing from a distance was able to determine what Electruthez was doing. Darkness then started to develop enough energy to stop the bang and finish what they started. Now with both racing against one another it was only a matter of time to decide who shall finish their objective first. With times creation Electruthez felt the Bang will be ready shortly. Sadly not everyone are winners, so someone will finish before the other and the prize for the victor will be life and existence. That maning the loser will be annihilated leaving only one. This is what drives darkness to finish their escalation in energy before the innocent Electruthez can finish their “Big Bang.”

The attack begins with much of the light fading by each blow landed by Darkness immense strength. Electruthez still hoping to finish the Big Bang, tries to use the flashes with limited effect on Darkness. This is how it all ends, though the hopeless Electruthez. But at least my friends will live even if I never met them. Electruthez’s determination becomes strong enough to finish the Big Bang to stop and destroy Darkness. Protect Darkness goes through Electruthez’s head as they finished the Big Bang, and chooses to obey their Creators last wish.

Darkness comes in for the final strike on Electruthez, but then a flash comes from them. This though is not an ordinary flash, but their destruction from the Big Bang. I will not die alone, though Darkness and still tries for this ending attack. Then everything stopped. The flash kept spreading and growing, seeming never to end. The Universe is born.

Now all that can be seen is over this vast plain of existence full of new thing never seen before, with no way to destroy it. At least I finished the job. The end of the first day with peace throughout the Universe. This is only the beginning to a new game isn’t it…. “