#157 - The Angry Chicken: “The One with Chakki”

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Interview with Chakki

Pro-player formerly of Team Dignitas. Recently took 1st place at DreamHack Austin. Keaton Gill

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DreamHack Summer 2016

Dreamhack Summer took place this past weekend, with RDU taking home $8,000 and 15 HCT points, beating Fr0zen in the finals. He is the only Hearthstone player to ever win two DreamHack events. The tournament included 191 players total


Mike Donais/Peter Whalen Interview - Designing Old Gods


Twitch Fights Back against Viewbotting

In response to the community’s outrage at the practice of viewbotting, Twitch has decided to take legal action against companies offering the service.


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Tourney Prep with Chakki

Our good buddy TheRationalPi made an interesting forum post on our subreddit. It’s about the tournament meta and how things change based on the predicted meta.

Questions for Chakki


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Aleksicoon (TAC Reddit)

With the arrival of Standard, I feel like the game is at a fairly balanced point, and the skill cap for reaching legend has risen. I usually roam around in the 8-14's, and I notice that I meet a decent amount of players with the Legend card back. Speaking to my friends, some of them went Legend back in 2014 or 2015, many of the with good old decks like Undertaker Hunter, Tunnel Shaman or Secret Uther. Yet they haven't made it since (of various reasons).

And while getting Legend is no easy feat (I have never been there myself) I think it is much cooler if the Legend cardback would change with the theme year of the year. This would incentivise more players to tryhard for Legend, and be a cool reward for those who have already been there, and can do it again.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a themed Legend card back each year, starting with a "Legendary Kraken", in addition to the normal Legend card back?


Hey guys and gal,

Since it was mentioned that Team 5 was considering Titans and Old gods but decided it was too much, what if the whole year of the Kraken was themed around Old Gods and Titans. First expansion is old gods, adventure would be a bridge between the two expansions introducing the Titans a little bit. Then the last expansion would be all Titans building on the first expansion and adventure for the year. This could be a regular cycle going forward for each year of the blank. The expansion at the beginning and ending of a year are related with the adventure between them as a bridge from one to the next!


Dearest TAC,

I love the show and I love hearthstone but this June season is wearing on me.

I started playing hearthstone about a year ago and have never been serious about making deep ladder runs but have always wanted to make it to at least rank 15. Big whoop right?

My main point is the majority of the opponents I've been encountering in ranks 15-18 have been stacked with legendaries this season. Specifically, everyone seems to have Sylvanas. This all adds up to my minimal legendary owning ass getting my butt kicked by legendaries I simply have no answers to.

A couple questions I have is...

Where have all the players like me with minimal legendaries gone?

Does everyone play try hard decks these days?

Is hearthstone losing the casual player to the rich who own every card?

I've never see ranks 15-18 being so loaded with golden heroes and legendary cards. Are you seeing the same? Is this good for hearthstone?

If anything, talk me off tilt!!!

Help my wise council of the TAC... You're my only hope.


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