Advisement Checklist for M.S. in Educational Technology

Option: Educational Technology 

Program Coordinator: 405.744.8042

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Other Information

Apply for admission to OSU Graduate College online at 

Meet School of Educational Studies graduate admission criteria:

1) Grade point average >3.00 in a Bachelors degree from an accredited institution

2) Statement of Professional Goals (The admission committee looks for writing ability and a fit between your goals and the program)

3) Three letters of recommendation providing information related to past academic ability, potential for graduate study, and writing ability.

Other Admission Information:

Admission on a provisional basis may be possible. Students admitted on a provisional basis will be reviewed for full admission by Educational Technology faculty prior to enrollment in the second semester. Admission to a program is also dependent upon advisement availability.

Entering GPA:


Submit the Statement of Professional Goals and reference contact information within the online application process.

Obtain your OSU username and password at These will be used for accessing e-mail, logging onto the OSU network, accessing Digital Library Services (, and using the Online Classroom ( for online components of courses.

Committee Members:

Sign up for the Ed Tech @ OSU Listserv sign up and archives:

Join the Online Classroom Graduate Student Community by following the instructions found at

Join our Facebook Group: Ed Tech @ OSU

Join the Educational Media & Technology Student Association at 

Familiarize yourself with general information for current graduate students at 

Using the courses listed below and the “Courses” page at, complete a Plan of study form at, and enroll in courses at

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better with no grade of D or F or more than one C in a course.

Date Planned


Date Completed

Common Core 12 hours

EDTC 5203 Foundations of Educational Technology

EDTC 5103 Advanced Computer Applications in Education*

EDTC 5753 Introduction to Instructional Design

LBSC 5613 Library Networks and Databases

Research & Inquiry Requirement 3 hours

REMS 5013 Research Design & Methodology (If a substitution is approved for this course, you must complete RCR modules and send printed certificate to the COE Graduate Studies office.)

Option Area: Educational Technology 15 hours

EDTC 5153 Computer-Based Instructional Development*

EDTC 5403 Creativity & Innovation in Educational Technology

EDTC 5503 Facilitating Online Learning*

EDTC 5053 Learning in a Digital Age* (formerly EDTC 5720 before Fall 2016)

EDTC 5113 Digital Media Production

Electives or Thesis (EDTC 5000) 6 hours (suggestions below)

EDTC 5303 Digital Games & Simulations in the Classroom

CIED 5183 Media Literacy across the Curriculum

EPSY 5463 Psychology of Learning or EPSY 5473 Psychology of Adult Learning

REMS 5953 Elementary Statistical Methods (recommended if you plan to pursue a Ph.D. program)

*These four courses count toward the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching. It is necessary to apply separately for the certificate in addition to the M.S. in Ed Tech. See 

Complete the graduation checklist and diploma application at the beginning of the semester you plan to graduate.  (Details available at

Make arrangements with your advisor to defend your thesis or present your creative component (end of final semester).

Graduate Commencement information: 

Semester 1:

Semester 2:

Semester 3:

Semester 4:

Semester 5:

Semester 6:


Advisor Approval:  Signature _______________________________________________  Date _________________

I understand all degree requirements, and I agree to assume responsibility for meeting all degree and certification requirements throughout the process

Student Signature _______________________________________________________  Date _________________

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TECH Playground         Oklahoma Technology Association 

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