Volunteer Handbook

[Formerly Family Guide]

St. Mary's School

713 S. Travis, Sherman, Texas 75092

(903) 893-2127  http://stmarys-sch.org

Dear Volunteers,

“I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do.”                                                         John 13:15

May this letter serve as a sign of my gratitude for your willingness to share your time and talent with the faith community of St. Mary's School.  

The faculty and staff look forward to working with you to promote the value of service as you join in the teaching ministry of the Church.  I encourage you to ask for help, direction, or advice as you participate in the numerous opportunities to volunteer.

The volunteer application forms are enclosed in this book or you can obtain an application online through the school website: http://stmarys-sch.org.   Please complete the forms (print them out if accessed online) and return them to the school office.

Together let us pray that God, who began this good work in us, may carry it through to completion.

I thank you for your priceless gift of gratuitous service.

In gratitude,

Phillip Scheibmeir


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Volunteer Handbook Mission Statement

Diocesan Schools Vision Statement

Mission Statement of St. Mary's School



Safe Environment Screening Process

School Hours

School Office Hours

Procedure



Volunteer Dress


Inclement Weather

Right to Amend


Guidelines for the Supervision of Minors


Code of Conduct for Church Personnel for the Diocese of Dallas




Programs Descriptions


Fundraisers and Activities Requiring Mandatory Involvement of SMS Families

Recording Volunteer Hours

HASA Standing Committees

Volunteer Athletic Coaches


General Rules

Coach-Player Interaction

Coach-Parent Interaction

Coach-Official Interaction

Coach-Coach Interaction

Behavior of Coaches


Social Media Policy Signature Page



Volunteer Handbook Mission Statement

“For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve…” (Mark 10:45)

Research indicates that parent volunteerism in schools enhances student self-esteem, increases academic achievement and improves student behavior and attendance.  We appreciate the priceless service that you provide us and we have created this Volunteer Handbook to assist you.  We want to make sure that you are well informed on all aspects of volunteering at St. Mary's.

Diocesan Schools Vision Statement

Catholic schools educate diverse student bodies to form Catholic, person-centered learning communities; provide academic excellence through educational programs infused with Catholic doctrine and social teachings; serve and support society in the parish, civic, and global communities; graduate students who are critical thinkers, productive moral citizens, and spiritual leaders; and recognize and appreciate parents as the primary educators of their children.

Mission Statement of St. Mary's School

At St. Mary’s Catholic School our mission is to be a community of faith in which we nourish each student’s spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional growth


We, the faculty and staff of St. Mary's Catholic School, believe that the Catholic school provides a unique form of education to the students it serves. We believe that we can only achieve these goals with the full cooperation of the parents. We encourage our students to put forth his/her best efforts at all times. In order that each student may work to his or her fullest potential, we provide a comfortable and safe environment. St. Mary's School provides an academic environment in which students can develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary for a productive Catholic Christian life.


Safe Environment Screening Process

All volunteers must be screened (background check) under the Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program. The online forms can be completed within the Diocese of Dallas website (https://www.cathdal.org/pages/a-safe-environment). The information you provide on these forms will be held in the strictest confidence. If you completed the screening process under another ministry or parish of the diocese, please have the parish/ministry include St. Mary’s School as a location.

Volunteer Application

Volunteers not associated with any student at St. Mary’s can notify the principal of their intention to volunteer via email at pscheibmeir@stmarys-sch.org. All volunteers must complete the application on the Safe Environment website (http://dallas.setanet.org/index.php) and sign the required signatures at the end of this handbook.  

School Hours

Grades Pre-K through 8 are in class from 8:15 AM – 3:30 PM.  The School doors are opened for students at 7:30 AM.  

School Office Hours

The school office is open on all school days from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Summer hours are 10-2pm, M-Th.

Procedure

School visitors (volunteers, parents, etc.) must come to the main office.  For safety and security reasons, each person is required to sign in at the office when he/she enters the building for any reason.  All visitors and/or volunteers are required to wear a designated badge or sticker that may be picked up in the office.  Visitors and/or volunteers are to return the badge and sign out at the time of departure.


The school relies on your support.  We ask that you follow through on tasks by attending to scheduled times and please give notice of absence whenever possible.


A volunteer operates in a position of trust.  Personal information pertaining to students must be kept confidential.  Children’s actions, responses, progress or problems at school are not for sharing in the community.  Conversations between parents, teachers and students in the school are confidential.  Volunteers should not discuss these conversations outside of school.  Refer any concerns to the Administration.  All volunteers will be required to sign the Volunteer Pledge.

Volunteer Dress

St Mary's School has very detailed expectations for student dress.  Although volunteers do not have a dress code requirement, it is expected that volunteers reflect the image of St. Mary's School and wear modest clothing while working in the school or during school activities.  This includes a moderate length for skirts and shorts, conservative blouses and tops, no workout apparel, and no jeans in the front office.


The Administration of St. Mary's School is accountable for facilitating, monitoring, evaluating and providing continuity for the success of the volunteer program.  The staff is committed to welcoming volunteers, informing them about their tasks, encouraging their initiatives and celebrating their efforts.  Volunteers are expected to adhere to school rules and procedures, perform assigned tasks to the best of their ability, work cooperatively with all staff and seek clarification when necessary.

Inclement Weather

If it should be necessary to close the school because of weather conditions, the notification will be posted on the website http://stmarys-sch.org. The PARENT ALERT notification system will be initiated to contact all school families.

Right to Amend

St. Mary's School reserves the right to amend this Handbook.  Notice of amendments will be sent to volunteers.

*The following sections (Child Safety & Legal Issues) derived from the United

States Conference of Catholic Bishops guidelines regarding the Protection Of All God’s Children encompasses both school and church.


Guidelines for the Supervision of Minors

Guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Do not prop open a door.  This sends a poor message that safety and security are not important matters.
  2. Church personnel are responsible for releasing minors in their care at the close of activities only to parents, legal guardians or other persons designated by parents or legal guardians in writing.
  3. Programs for minors should not be administered by only one adult without additional adult supervision.
  4. Church personnel should report uncontrollable or unusual behavior of minors to parents as soon as possible.
  5. Facilities should be monitored during church services, and all school and other activities.
  6. Parents should be encouraged to be part of all services and programs in which their children and young people are involved.
  7. Parental permission should be obtained, including a signed medical treatment authorization form before taking minors on trips.  Have minors use a “buddy system” whenever they go on trips away from church property.
  8. Always obtain parental approval before permitting any minor to participate in athletic or other activities that involve potential risk.



Diocese of Dallas


By virtue of our baptism, each of us is called by name to participate in the ministry of Christ who is priest, prophet, and king.  In accord with that ministry, we are called as priest to share the presence of God with those around us, as prophet we speak the truth even in difficult times and call each other to fidelity to God’s ways, and as king we exemplify the servant leader who generously and conscientiously looks after the welfare of those entrusted to us.  


Because all human life is a precious gift from God, we must assure that all persons, especially the young and the vulnerable, are to be treated with dignity, respect, and offered an environment, which promotes safety.  A safe environment is one that provides for the protection of the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well being of each person.  More than simply offering protection from danger, a safe environment within our context also reflects the reality that the Church sees itself as a sanctuary, that is, a “sacred space” where one finds protection, security, support, guidance, and the presence of God. Thus the entire church community must live in a way that is consistent with that covenant by fostering environments that not only are safe, but also are healthy.  


The Safe Environment Program of the Diocese of Dallas strives to empower parishes, schools, families, and individuals to create and foster safe and healthy environments for children and youth in all aspects of their lives.  We strive to achieve this through preventive measures, as well as educational strategies.  Prevention of abuse and neglect of our children and youth is foundational to the Safe Environment Program and constitutes its initial focus.  As the program develops, safe and healthy environment training also will include but not be limited to such strategies as education and training in effective parenting, conflict resolution, internet and computer safety, the prevention of harassment, bullying, or violence in any form, healthy and best practices for injury prevention, and attention to safety in the event of emergency or disaster.


Training, support, and resources will be directed to:



All Persons, who out of generosity and care, seek to better their own local environments for the safety and health of children and youth. Everything we do as church must reflect our commitment to respect life in all situations by providing a secure sacred space that safeguards and promotes human dignity, by fostering the development of each individual, and by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all who come to us seeking an experience of the holy presence of God.

Code of Conduct for Church Personnel for the Diocese of Dallas


By virtue of our baptism, all Catholics share in the mission of the Church to continue the work of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is Lord and we must seek the Kingdom as He did. We must preach the Good News that there is a God who loves us beyond our imagining. We must give our love and the provisions of life to those who have them in small measure. By our actions we must share our conviction that it is in serving our brothers and sisters that we are reconciled to the Father and that all that passes between us is a function of our relationship with God.


Our call to discipleship is an abundant grace.  It is also an awesome responsibility.  Church personnel, who publicly represent the Church, whether by office, employment, or appointment, have a special obligation because they have chosen to assume positions of trust.  Our brothers and sisters, young and old, invite us into their lives, open their hearts, and share their joys and hopes, their grief and anxieties with us. They are confident that we will listen compassionately and act honorably in their best interest. Because of this trust our behavior, both public and private, has the potential to inspire them to faith and hope and motivate them toward greater generosity and participation. Sadly, it may also scandalize them, weaken or destroy their faith or increase their sense of isolation.


It is essential therefore; that anyone who undertakes a position of leadership or ministry in the Church be constantly mindful of the trust they have been given. To faithfully discharge the responsibilities that accompany our work requires constant prayerful reflection since we must be sustained and supported by God’s grace. Our obligations also require each of us to periodically undertake a personal inventory.  It is hoped this Code of Conduct will assist us in this task.


These statements do not presume to provide answers to all ethical questions. They present a set of general ethical standards to help guide our day-to-day actions and form a framework for developing policies and discussing ethical questions.  It is anticipated, however, that Church personnel in the Diocese of Dallas do agree to abide by these principles and understand that disregarding them may lead to remedial action.



Church personnel of the Diocese of Dallas shall:



Programs Descriptions

Some of these opportunities will also be found on the school website - www.stmarys-sch.org/volunteers. The school uses Signup as a service to coordinate scheduling and communication of needed help. If you are interested in helping with a particular program that already has a designated chairperson, please contact the school. If you see any item without a chairperson, please consider being that person and contact Principal Scheibmeir.  

8th Grade Retreat Team:        Chair: St. Mary’s Parish Minister of Youth

Coordinates a spiritual retreat for our 8th grade students as they prepare for high school and the larger world outside.

After School Program Director: Chair: Phillip Scheibmeir - pscheibmeir@stmarys-sch.org

The After School Care Program is open to any student enrolled full day in the school and runs from 3:45p - 5:30p. Parents/Guardians must complete and After School Care Agreement prior to participation. There is no drop-in after school care.

Alumni:        Chair: Saint Needed

Coordinates and maintains an alumni directory. Our Alumni have scattered and grown over the history of SMS.  To date, the alumni have not planned any formal event.  The goal is to establish a reunion for all former students.

Annual Fund:        Saint Needed        

Creates a letter or brochure requesting financial assistance from the many generous patrons of SMS. The initial mail out starts in October and continues throughout the year.

Archery:        Coach: Nathan Wieck - wieck@cableone.net

The archery program includes weekly practice for grades 3-8, tournament competitions and the St. Mary’s Archery Red River Shootout.

Birthday Book Program:        Chair: Pat Brady – pbrady@stmarys-sch.org 

This program is a way to commemorate a birthday and help the SMS Library grow. Whether it is your child’s, a friend’s, a parent or a teacher’s birthday -- the Birthday Book Program is a way for your family to donate a book in their honor. Your contribution provides the library with a permanent gift for the students of today and tomorrow. What better way to inspire a child to read and share!

New Book Review:        Chair: Pat Brady - pbrady@stmarys-sch.org

The New Book Review committee reads and reviews books supplied by publishers. They are rated on quality and acceptability for the SMS library. The school keeps any books found appropriate.

Book Fair:          Chair: Saint Needed

Coordinates the Annual Scholastic Book Fair and a week of corresponding activities (Muffins for Mom, Donuts for Dad, Goodies for Grandparents). This event is held in conjunction with our Turkey Dinner. The Scholastic Book Fair is a great way to build classroom & school libraries, raise funds, and connect more kids with more books!

1/2 Price Book Fair:        Chair: Saint Needed

Coordinates the Scholastic Book Fair in conjunction with Catholic Schools Week in late January.

Cafeteria: Anyone & Everyone!

Signup - Click Here to Signup Online

All cafeteria helpers need a volunteer food-handlers license. Visit www.texasfoodcard.com/Food-Handlers  to obtain one online. The online process takes less than thirty minutes and costs $8-10. The children look forward to seeing their parents/guardians in the lunchroom. It is a great way to get acquainted with other parents and children.

Christmas Parade:        Chair: Stephanie & Tim Foley

Facilitates the theme and decoration of the Christmas Parade Float. Only students of St. Mary’s School may ride on the float during the parade. Seating is limited, therefore priority is given to students whose parents worked to decorate the float. Students must turn in a permission slip to ride on the float.

Chess Club: Coach: Arnie Ruiz

Coordinates after school practices, providing instruction to students on chess rules and strategies.

Easter Egg Hunt: Saint Needed 

Middle school students hide the eggs while HASA sends out announcements. Each student brings 12 eggs filled with wrapped candy, stickers, or other non-candy items and their Easter basket.

End of Year Food Drive: Chair: Peg Kelley

The entire student body participates in a food drive to help the local food bank and give back to our community.

Facebook: Chair:  Stephanie Foley

Update and maintain the St. Mary Catholic School Facebook page

Field Day: Chair: Zoe May

Organizes a 1-2 hour event filled with physical activities involving mixed grades.  Field day occurs the last day of school. Coordinator will work with PE teacher to organize appropriate activities.  Past Field Day activities have included relay races, jump rope, face painting, etc.  

Free Fundraising:        Chair: Kathleen Gionfriddo - gionfriddo@ti.com

The school is currently enrolled in many FREE ways to fundraise for the benefit of our school. We participate in Box Tops for Education, Albertson’s Community Card Program, Sunny-D, Campbell’s Soup Labels for Education, Drink Brigade with Terracycle.com, www.myCokerewards.com, Food Service Rewards, Community Coffee “Cash for School” Program, and the Target “Red” Card. Please help spread the word and lend a hand with sorting and organizing.

Grant Writing:        Chair: Saint Needed

Numerous foundations provide funds to non-profit organizations based on select criteria. St. Mary’s Catholic School often qualifies for eligibility with these foundations. The biggest obstacle involves time and attention to detail that prevent the school from churning out grant after grant.

Grounds:        Chair: Saint Needed

Help needed to organize a crew of volunteers to beautify our school grounds for a Fall and Spring Clean-Up. Coordinator would consult with groundskeeper of St. Mary’s Catholic Parish for ideas/suggestions.

Marquee:        Chair: Saint Needed

Weekly changing of the marquee board with current, principal approved, messages.

Newsletter:        Chair:Saint Needed

A seasonal newsletter is emailed to all parents, alumni and friends of SMS.  The newsletter provides updates on Alumni, school events, many photographs and a feature article on the success of a former student(s).  

Painting with a Purpose:        Chair:  Stephanie Foley - sfoley@stmarys-sch.org

Painting with a Purpose is not a serious art class, but a way for you to relax, have fun with friends, and create your own personal masterpiece.  A portion of the proceeds go to SMS.

NTIL & PSIA Coordinator: Chair: Amelia Anitillon - aantillon@stmarys-sch.org 

North Texas Interscholastic League (NTIL) & Private School Interscholastic Association (PSIA) are academic competitions. Both hold grade level competitions ranging from Storytelling to Music Memory to Number Sense. PSIA requires parent volunteers to judge academic competitions. Further information about PSIA may be found at www.psiaacademics.org .

Public Relations:         Chair: Kimberly Hudgins - kimberlyhudgins@gmail.com

                        Stephanie Foley - sfoley@stmarys-sch.org

Communicates news and events of SMS to the local media.  For example, when our sports teams compete in a game, the results are sent to the Herald Democrat.  Also, this position includes all other forms of media relations including, but not limited to, signage, Facebook announcements, and print media.

Safe Environment Coordinator:         Chair: Chris DeMond - cdemond@stmarys-sch.org

All volunteers must have a background check and complete proper training in order to volunteer at our school. The coordinator ensures each applicant has completed all necessary steps and communicates any concerns or sensitive issues to the principal. Confidentiality is a must for this position.

Scrip:                Chair: Saint Needed

The Gift Card (SCRIP) Program is a term that means “substitute money”. This is a basically “shopping cart fundraising” because families don’t have to sell anything. When you purchase gift cards, you’re purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used for everyday items like food, clothing, gasoline and other essentials.  We make these purchases anyway, so why not earn revenue for our school while doing it.

Spirit Wear Designer:        Chair: Andrea Restrepo

Students are privileged to wear spirit shirts every Friday and “hoodies” during colder weather days (except mass). Students, family members and alumni are encouraged to wear school apparel (spirit shirts, hoodies/sweatshirts, hats, etc.) to promote SMS throughout the community. Every year a new design is created, requiring a mind for fashion and quality. The designer coordinates order forms and delivery dates with the school office.

Substitute Teacher: Chair: School Office

Occasionally teachers will be absent and need someone for the classroom.  If you are interested in being a volunteer substitute teacher, please email kmartin@stmarys-sch.org. Please indicate days and/or times you are available.  Please specify age or grade level restrictions, if any.

Supper with Santa: Chair: Saint Needed

Organizes the Supper with Santa. This event offers a dinner, children’s games and activities, and of course a picture with Santa. The evening follows with the City of Sherman Christmas Parade.

Technology:        Chair: Nathan Wieck - wieck@cableone.net

Maintains the school’s network server, computer updates, wiring, etc.

Used Uniforms: Shannon Henson – shannon.henson@yahoo.com

Coordinates used uniform sales during the school year. Permits parents/guardians to donate and purchase gently used school uniforms. This committee also coordinates storage of items between sales and may sell items to students as they arrive throughout the school year.

Website Team Updates: Chair: Becky Goldsmith

So much information to share!  Members of the website team would update the school’s various sites with pictures, notifications, upcoming events, etc. all of which would be approved from the principal.  Members would be given user access accounts to authorized websites.  The technical skills are no more difficult than word processing or PowerPoint presentations.

Yearbook Committee: Chair: Tiffany Adami - tadami@stmarys-sch.org 

Organizes and formats the pictures taken and collected throughout the school year to be placed in the yearbook program. Yearbooks are offered to be purchased at the end of the school year.


Please consider being on one of these standing committees.


Fundraising Committee: In an effort to keep tuition costs down, our school holds extensive fundraising.  The organization and coordination of the many fundraising events requires communication.  The purpose of the committee is to help the chairpersons of each individual fundraiser. This committee also considers ideas for new and different fundraisers.  Each year the target fundraising goal is determined and mapped by the committee.

Members: Chairpersons of Individual Fundraisers, Stephanie Foley, Andrea Restrepo, Kathleen Gionfiddo, Christina Deffibaugh.

Crisis Management:  Student safety is a top priority of St. Mary’s Catholic School. Under the advisement of the diocese, a committee consisting of parents and staff should meet quarterly.  The purpose of this committee is to review and discuss risk management, safety and emergency procedures.  If you would like to serve on this committee, please contact the principal.  The current focus of the committee is gathering quotes for safety and security equipment (i.e. security cameras, doors, special locks)

Members: Members Needed

Marketing: No silver bullet exists for marketing Catholic education.  The best marketing tool is a happy parent, therefore all school families should consider sharing the wonderful experiences at St. Mary’s Catholic School. Beyond this important tool are other methods including one-sheet advertisements, speaking at the masses of surrounding Catholic Churches (when invited by the pastor) or at other Christian church services, sponsoring a table at community events, placing a decal sticker on your vehicle, etc.  If you would like to serve on this committee, please contact the principal.

Members: Andrea Restrepo, Members Needed

Grant Writing: Financially, the greatest need of our school would be Grant Writing. Having a grant writing committee would lift our school to an unheard of height. One wonders how millions of earmarked dollars float through an economy waiting to be applied towards a non-profit organization. This seems to be the reality. St. Mary's Catholic School would benefit from the smallest of grants. A technical skill for grant writing overwhelms the best or writers.  The diocese has contacts that can provide tips and/or suggestions for those interested.

Members: Members Needed 

Planned Giving: When St. Mary’s Catholic Parish decided to build a new church, little did the pastor and parishioners know that three angels (quiet old ladies) would surface to provide millions of dollars for the construction of St. Anne’s Catholic Church.  These and other benefactors exist in our financial world.  Sometimes they are waiting to be asked by you to contribute.  The school has one Trust Fund with the Catholic Foundation and one Scholarship Fund in Memory of Sister Alice Hunter.  Many non-profit organizations have numerous funds, trusts, and endowments supporting their mission.  

Members: Members Needed

Fundraisers and Activities Requiring Mandatory Involvement of SMS Families

One of the major strengths of St. Mary’s Catholic School is our community, which sustains the school financially, spiritually and socially. Therefore, returning families are expected to contribute thirty volunteer hours towards community service, fundraisers and social gatherings. New families are only expected to contribute fifteen hours.  A portion of these hours involve fundraisers. The other portion can come in other ways to support the school - field trip chaperone, lunchroom help, home room representatives or chairing an event, to name a few examples.

Fall Fest:        Co-Chairs: Anne & James Dering - anne.dering@stmarys-sch.org

Coordinates the children’s games, prizes, and volunteers who oversee the games for the Annual Fall Fest. The Fall Fest is an entire Sunday afternoon filled with children’s games, entertainment, auction, bingo, drinks, good food, great community, and much, much more. Each family is expected to work a minimum of two hours. Anticipated date is end of September.

Concert (if necessary):                Chair: Peg Kelley – (940) 736-7676

In the past St. Mary’s has held “An Evening of Blues Music” with “Guitar Center’s 2009 King of the Blues,” Kirby Kelley along with other various concerts.

Run Run Rudolph 5K & Fun Run:        Chair: Melissa Sandoval & Donnette Diehl – donnettediehl@yahoo.com

A healthy competition for runners while raising funds for our school. Anyone interested or knowledgeable about this type of fundraiser is welcome to join our chairperson. Each family is expected to work a minimum of two hours. Preparations begin in Fall semester.

SMS Casino Night        Chair: Committee group

This is one of the largest fundraisers for the school. The themed evening is filled with music, food, silent and live auctions, casino games, and fun! Volunteers obtain donated items and services from sponsors within the community. Every grade creates a project for both the silent and live auctions. Each family is expected to work a minimum of five hours and sell at least $100 in raffle tickets. Actual event is March, preparations and planning are year-round.

Turkey Dinner:        Chair: Briana & Dennis Adams

Coordinates the Annual Turkey Dinner. The Turkey Dinner is one of the main fundraisers for our school. Our volunteers serve over 1,000 dinners! In addition to the dinner, there are several raffles, including themed baskets provided by the families for each grade level of the school. Each family is expected to work a minimum of five hours and provide two cans of green beans and one dessert.  This event is held annually on the 2nd Sunday of November.

Recording Volunteer Hours

School families should complete a “Blue Sheet” available in the main lobby or email volunteer@stmarys-sch.org after each event so that the school may acknowledge those who have fulfilled their volunteer expectation.

HASA Officer - Traditional Standing Committees

Back-to-School Splash:

This family event is filled with lots of fun, food, and fellowship as we kick off the school year with a Splash!

Meet & Greet/HASA Fall General Meeting:

SMS Parents visit and enjoy refreshments before getting the up-to-date information on SMS, our school committees, and Safe Environment Training.

SMS Tiger Time:

To avoid membership fees, HASA supplants the budget with restaurant fundraisers. On these nights, one can take their family out to eat and a portion of the proceeds go to SMS. Look for the list of dates and participating restaurants on our school calendar.

Staff Christmas Luncheon:

HASA coordinates a Christmas Luncheon to wish the SMS Staff the blessings of Christmas.

Catholic Schools Week:

Catholic Schools Week is a national celebration of the important role that Catholic schools across the country play in providing an education that emphasizes not only academics, but spiritual, moral, and social values as well.  SMS kicks off Catholic Schools Week with a Book Fair and the week is filled with fun days for the students, treats for the teachers, and Tiger Treats for our SMS families.  

HASA Spring General Meeting/Family Night:

Get up-to-date information about SMS, the upcoming spring events, officer election voting, and enjoy some family time.

Administrative Assistant's Day:

HASA provides lunch and gifts to say “thank you” to our SMS office and support staff for all their hard work.

Teacher Appreciation Week:        

During Teacher Appreciation Week, HASA provides special treats, including a luncheon and gifts, to say “thank you” to our SMS teachers for all their hard work.

HASA Extension

Every year we need new families to operate these traditional events for our students.

Grandparent’s Day: Stephanie Sylvester

A day to honor grandparents and grandfriends.  Guests are invited to attend Mass with the students, enjoy a patriotic music program, lunch, and visit the classrooms.

Jr. High Formal Snowflake Dance:

HASA Middle School Representative helps coordinate the dance with the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade homeroom representatives, teachers, and parents.  The Jr. High Dance is held in the McCullough Center.

Red Ribbon Day:

Red Ribbon Day serves as a medium through which communities and individuals can take a stand for our children to be drug-free.  Red Ribbon Day events include drug prevention activities and education.

Advent Wreath Blessing:

Begin the Advent Season with a wreath blessing as we await the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Family Night:

What better way to end Catholic Schools Week than to wind down with a no-fuss evening of family fun and fellowship?  Family event to be decided.


Policies and Guidelines for Volunteer Coaches


St. Mary’s School appreciates the athletic volunteers who devote so much time and energy to the students.  Without the dedication of this special group of people, St. Mary’s would not be able to have such a fine athletic program.  Hopefully, the following policies and guidelines will help to align the objectives, goals, and behavior of all who help with the various sports that are included in this program.  

General Rules

1. Coaches are appointed by the Principal of St. Mary’s School.

2. All expenditures must have the prior approval of the Athletic Director and the Principal.

3. No adult other than an appointed coach and his/her assistant(s) should be working with the students at any time.  This includes practices and games.  Assistants must be approved by the Athletic Director and/or the Principal before being assigned coaching duties.  Parents are welcome to attend practices as well as games but should remain in the areas reserved for spectators.  They are not to stand on the sidelines with the coaching staff or interfere with practices or games.

4. Diocesan guidelines require all volunteer coaches to help create and maintain a “safe environment” for children by submitting to a background check and attending the Play Like A Champion training once every three years.  

5. When students need to be transported, the guidelines set forth in the SMS Family Handbook must be followed.

6. Before a communication is sent to the parents, it must be shared with the Athletic Director or the Principal.

7. Coaches are to develop the skills of all of the players on a team.  It is not appropriate to focus only on those who show a greater amount of skill or potential at a particular time because this does not allow for the growth and development of all of the children.

8. Coaches need to make an effort to avoid “running up” the score.  Putting in team members who usually receive little playing time and pulling the strong players is one strategy that can be used to try to even up the game.

9. Coaches are responsible for the students until they are picked up by an adult.  This applies to practices as well as games.  


Coach-Player Interaction

1. The coach’s job is to teach the skills of the sport, team play, and sportsmanship.  Winning is good but not the primary mission.  Coaches should strive to make practices and games fun for all players.

2. Use positive words with all players and avoid negative comments, open criticism, or offensive language.

3. Be aware of age-appropriate skill levels and only expect the students to master skills that they are capable of mastering.

4. Only address or refer to the players on the other team with acknowledgements of good play.

5. Require all players to be respectful of their opponents, their own teammates, and the referees.  Be mindful of any “trash talking” during the game or during the post-game handshake.  Each student should understand that this type of behavior will have an associated consequence.

6. Students are to be monitored in the locker rooms/changing rooms before and after all practices and games. Each student should understand that inappropriate behavior in the locker room will have an associated consequence.  If the students wear their practice or game uniforms home, they must remember to take their uniform clothing with them as well.  There should be a consequence for students who leave items in the dressing rooms that should not be there.


Coach-Parent Interaction

 1. Remember to treat all parents with respect and recognize that they want to be involved in the activities of their children.

2. Have a practice schedule as well as a game schedule.  Adhere to the times on the schedule so that parents know exactly when an activity starts and when it stops.  Keep changes to a minimum. If a change must be made, be sure that the information is communicated to all of the parents involved.  Make sure that the Athletic Director and Principal know of all changes as well.

3. Let the parents know what your expectations are as a coach and how you select teams.  This would include sharing the criteria you have set for choosing the “A” team and the “B” team, if applicable. You should also include what they can expect their children to accomplish during the athletic season.


Coach-Official Interaction

1. Treat the officials with respect at all times.  Remember that they are human and will make mistakes.  This does not give the coaches or players a reason to be rude or disrespectful to them.

2. Introduce yourself to the officials at the beginning of the game and shake their hands at the end of the game.

3. If there is an issue with a call or the performance of an official, talk to that person discretely in a normal voice that is not angry.  Shouting at an official during the game is never appropriate.  Serious issues should be reported to the Athletic Director or the Principal for further investigation.


Coach-Coach Interaction

1. Introduce yourself to or greet the other coaches before the beginning of the game.

2. Work together with the other coaches to make sure the game or event runs smoothly.

3. Deal calmly and directly with the other coaches.

4. If there were issues during a game that you feel weren’t resolved properly, report those issues to the Principal or Athletic Director for further investigation.  Do not confront the opposing coach after the game to try to resolve an issue.

5. Any post game emails or communications should be positive in nature.  Controversial issues should not be discussed.


Behavior of Coaches

1. As representatives of a Christian school all coaches must demonstrate Christian values at all times.

2. Regardless of the outcome of a game, the coach should recognize the efforts of all players.

3. Serious discipline issues should be referred to the Athletic Director or Principal for resolution.

4. As representatives of St. Mary’s School, coaches will need to dress conservatively and appropriately.        

5. After reading the guidelines stated above, each coach and his/her assistant(s) must sign the form on the next page and return it to the Athletic Director or Principal.



Acknowledgement of Understanding

I have read and agree to comply with the terms of this policy governing the use of computer assets. I understand that violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, including possible termination and civil and criminal penalties.

___________________________________                    ____________

Signature                                                                                Date


Printed name



____________________  ___________________  __________

Last                                             First                           Middle Initial

Job Title:  Pastoral Center/Parish/School

Verification Statement

As with other Diocese policies, violations of this policy may be considered in performance evaluations and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

The Diocese of Dallas/Parish/School reserves the right to suspend, modify or withdraw this policy at any time and shall not be liable, under any circumstances, for any errors, omissions, loss or damages claimed or incurred due to any of your online activities.

I verify that I have read and understand this policy. I agree to abide by this policy and also understand that the Diocese of Dallas/Parish/School may amend or change the policy at its discretion without notice.

_______________________                ______________

Employee/Volunteer Signature                Date


I pledge to volunteer my time and talents in service

to the children of St. Mary's School.

I will uphold the expectations to the role of volunteer by observing guidelines outlined in the Volunteer Handbook and by being committed to my duties.

I promise to respect the confidentiality of the students, faculty and staff.

I have read and understand St. Mary's mission statement and will follow the rules, policies and procedures outlined in the Volunteer Handbook to the best of my ability.


Volunteer Signature                                Date