General Body Meeting


8:00PM, Huntsman Hall Room 240

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Executive Business
  1. Asian American Studies Minor Resolution
  1. Annual Budget Review
  2. Executive Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. CUD
  2. Upcoming
  1. SRFS, 2/22
  2. Penn Violence Prevention Student Group, 2/22
  1. Trustee Meetings
  1. Student Life
  2. Mr. Levy and Budget and Finance
  1. GBM Structure Review
  2. Harnwell Leadership Series
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Next UA Steering
  2. Next University Council
  3. No Apologies Initiative
  1. UA Report
  1. Membership Update
  2. Member of the Week
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report  
  1. Airport Shuttles  
  1. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. Leave of Absence Resources
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. CIS-001 Course
  1. Completion Reports
  1. XCAT Guide
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  2. Social Justice
  3. External Seats
  1. Trustee Committee on Budget and Finance
  2. Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Board (FSAB)
  3. Student Financial Services Advisory Board (SFSAB)
  1. Communications

Executive Business

Resolution about the Asian American Studies Department

Authored by: UA Exec and ASAM Undergraduate Advisory Board


In recent months Dr. Grace Kao, Professor of Sociology, Education, and Asian American Studies, accepted a position to teach at Yale. According to Dr. Kao, Penn did not make a competitive counter-offer. Penn has not yet attempted to hire anyone to replace her. If Penn does not hire another full-time Asian American Studies (ASAM) faculty member, current and prospective ASAM students will not be able to complete the minor. This will also inhibit Penn’s ability to offer sociology courses that focus on Asian Americans. This would not only affect students at the University of Pennsylvania, but also the students in the Tri-College Consortium that come to Penn to take classes.  ASAM also has a lack of space for the program’s administrators and faculty. No space has been formally dedicated to the program on campus other than two small rooms in McNeil. We encourage the university to provide ASAM with a reading room in one of the libraries or a seminar room so that the many resources and books the ASAM department possesses can be accessed easily by students and so that the ASAM program can better host events.


The Undergraduate Assembly resolves to

  1. Request that the University hires a standing senior Asian American sociology professor to replace Dr. Kao.
  2. Request more administrative support for the program seeing that Dr. Fariha Khan is the only faculty member currently handling administrative work.
  3. Request more physical space for the program in order to continue its growth.
  4. Affirm our continued support for our fellow undergraduates and their efforts to support not only the Asian American studies program but all ethnic and minority studies programs on campus.

Annual Budget Review

See the attached annual budget proposal authored by Michelle Xu, UA Treasurer.

See below procedural details authored by Riad Hamade, UA Speaker.

Executive Reports

President’s Report

  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Council of Undergraduate Deans
  1. CUD met last week. We selected the 2019-2020 calendar for presentation and approval for Provost Price, reviewed the faculty Wellness Ambassador student crisis 1-page guide, and were given updates on the timeline for different phases of NGSS implementation. We also discussed changes to next year’s New Student Orientation, the most significant being that all traditional new students will move in on the same day (Wednesday). In the past around one third of new students would move in on Thursday. Penn Reading Project is going to take place on Friday instead of over the weekend so that more faculty members are available to lead discussion sections. At next month’s CUD Shawn from SCUE and I will be presenting on leave of absence policies, half-credit course expansion, and pass/fail grading change proposals.
  1. Upcoming
  1. Student Registration and Financial Services, 2/22
  1. Cabinet is meeting with SCUE and top administrators from SRFS this week. The main issue on the agenda is Penn’s policy on outside scholarships.
  1. Penn Violence Prevention Student Advisory Group, 2/22
  1. Jay will represent the UA at the PVP student advisory group meeting this week.
  1. Trustee Meetings
  1. Student Life
  1. The Trustee Committee on Student Life met and discussed the first-generation low-income (FGLI) student experience and how the university is providing resources for these students. There was a student panel on pipeline programs, like KIPP and Questbridge, and another student panel on the general FGLI experience. As a result of this meeting CAPS is going to give students the ability to notify counselors that they are FGLI before meeting so that counselors can better take into account that specific set of experiences when providing care. Valerie De Cruz from Greenfield Intercultural Center also talked about the FGLI Student Center and its initiatives, including helping students with food and housing security over university breaks and a textbook donation program.
  1. Mr. Levy and Budget and Finance
  1. Eric and I met with Mr. Bob Levy, Chairman of the Trustee Committee on Budget and Finance, Craig Carnaroli, and Bonnie Gibson to discuss the effects of tuition prices on students and their families and to start long-term planning for the tuition “red line.” Mr. Levy was receptive to our ideas. My hope is that next year the tuition increase is less than 3.9%, although neither Mr. Levy nor the administration formally committed to that goal. Eric and I are going to set up a meeting this week so that anyone who is interested in helping determine next steps can give input. Time and place TBD.
  1. GBM Structure Review
  1. Over the past few weeks different UA members have submitted proposals for how to improve the way GBMs are structured. Next week I am going to write a brief discussion paper on the topic so we can collectively decide which approach works best. If you have any additional suggestions please let me know by the middle of the week so I can include them in the paper.
  1. Harnwell Leadership Series
  1. On Thursday Jay and I presented to a group of Harnwell residents as part of their house’s Leadership Roundtable programming. The discussion was well-received. One piece of input we were given is that the UA can better market some of our services, particularly Penn Book Bazaar.  

Vice-President’s Report

  1. Next UA Steering
  1. This Tuesday, UA Steering will be meeting with the Dean of Admissions, Eric Furda, and Josh Chilcote from the Admissions Office. The guests will give an overview about the Office and will be discussing Quaker Days along with other initiatives and projects relating to Admissions. If you have any questions you would like me to ask, please email them to
  1. Next University Council
  1. This Wednesday (February 23rd) at 4pm, the University Council will meet at Bodek Lounge in Houston Hall. There will be an approval of the meeting minutes, follow up questions from status reports, and discussion of the online learning initiative. This meeting is also Open Forum. Anyone who wishes to speak must inform the Office of the University Secretary ( indicating briefly the subject of their remarks. Those who have not so informed the Office of the University Secretary will be permitted to speak only at the discretion of the Moderator of University Council and in the event that time remains after the scheduled speakers. I will be holding a pre-UC meeting on Tuesday night at 10pm with the Undergraduate Delegation.
  1. No Apologies Initiative
  1. This past Wednesday, the “No Apologies” initiative was introduced by the Student Body President at Brown University, Viet Nguyen. The release of this initiative included a letter written by Viet along with signatures of support from myself and other student government leaders and groups for first-generation or low-income students from across Ivy League institutions and Northwestern University, Stanford University, and the University of Chicago. The letter can be found here. The “No Apologies” initiative calls for all Ivy League universities to automatically waive the application fee for applicants who are low-income or the first in their families to attend college. On Friday, I met with executive board members from PennFIRST to discuss ways to bring this initiative forward at Penn along with other ideas to make Penn more accessible for FGLI students applying for college. PennFIRST and I will be meeting with Dean Furda on Tuesday to discuss this project.

UA Report

  1. Membership Update: Aren Raisinghani, Engineering Rep, has resigned from the UA effective February 17th, 2017. Aren was less than one absence away from being removed in both committee and GBM attendance.
  2. Member of the Week. This week’s member of the week is...

Treasurer’s Report

Secretary’s Report

  1. Airport Shuttles
  1. Maria Curry will be joining the airport shuttles committee. We will be meeting sometime this week to discuss shuttles during Spring Break. One of the things that we will be talking about is whether we should continue with putting up posters. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. 

Student Life

Project Updates

Leave of Absence Resources

Authored by: Samantha Shea and Kat McKay

This past week Kat, Kathryn Dewitt, a representative from Active Minds, and I met with Rob Nelson and Jen Canose from the Provost's Office. We discussed making an aggregate website regarding leave of absences resources. We want to model it after the bereavement website for the time being. In addition to resources we will have an FAQ section, i.e. What happens if I am on PSIP? When is the last day my Penncard will work? In the future, we hope to make it a more comprehensive website providing resources and answers for students considering, on, and coming back from leave.

Academic Initiatives

Discussion Papers

CIS-001 Course

Authored by: Taylor Becker

Many introductory courses at Penn are used as “weed-out” courses for the major. As it stands, many people are hesitant to take an introductory course in a new field. Reasons for this hesitation include: concern about getting a bad grade because of harsh curves, worry about the effect on your GPA due to learning a hard and perhaps unintuitive subject, disproportionately time-intensive homework and projects, and more.

This is also true in the Penn Computer and Information Science (CIS) department. CIS 110 was the traditional introductory course in CIS, but for a variety of reasons, certain members of UA have felt that it does not adequately meet all Penn students’ needs. For this reason, Kat has asked me to explore the possibility of introducing of “CIS 001” course for basic introduction to computer science. The goals are similar to our initiatives for half-credit courses. Specifically, we are hoping to find ways to make it more collaborative and less intimidating, such as more group projects and less time-intensive assignments. The Econ 001 course, often taken by non-majors, is a good model for “CIS 001”.

I have reached out to CIS professors to schedule meetings, but wanted to get input from the body first. In my first interaction, Dr. Stephanie Weirich seemed open to the idea, but mentioned that the CIS department is already developing a new introductory course, CIS 105, targeted to non-majors. The first class offering was last fall. The idea is that after taking CIS 105, students will be prepared to take CIS 110. The CIS 105 syllabus can be found here:

Here are some of the CIS 105 details:


This course is an introduction to programming through data science. Big Data, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Data Scientist - these terms have become huge buzzwords. Any modern day analysis of data requires thoughtful programming. It is the goal of this This course is targeted towards freshmen. It has no prerequisites 

All programming will be in Python.

The course does not count towards engineering credit. Students will be well positioned to take CIS110 after they do this course.

For comparison, an introductory computer science course at NYU says that it “is designed to be an introduction to the fundamentals of computer programming, which is the foundation of Computer Science. Students will design, write and debug computer programs. No knowledge of programming is assumed.”

More information about the NYU course:

Discussion questions:

Completion Reports


Authored by: Taylor Becker

The XCAT Guide has been completed. Thank you to Michael Krone for designing it! Associate Director and Assistant Dean Gary Purpura has received the guide and confirmed he will be giving it to his colleague, Dr. Niel McDowell, who coordinates the advising of transfer students into the College as well as to Dr. Molly McGlone, who coordinates study abroad advising for College students. He will ask them to include the guide with the orientation/on-boarding material they provide to students. Dr. Purpura has indicated this is the best way to ensure that students transferring into the College as well as those going abroad get the guide.

As for ensuring that departments are making timely XCAT decisions, Dr. Purpura has indicated the best way to handle this may be for him to speak to the group of department coordinators, who are often the people that coordinate XCAT actions for the departments. He said he will remind them to make timely decisions and also remind them of when they should expect the bulk of transfer credit requests, for instance, to help them better manage work flow. Dr. Purpura explained that typically, delays at the department level are due to volume. The low volume departments typically act very quickly on the relatively few requests they receive.

I will also be passing this along to transfer student groups and study abroad groups for them to distribute as they see fit.

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Social Justice

External Seats

Trustee Committee on Budget and Finance

Authored by: Eric Tepper

At last week’s Trustee Committee on Budget and Finance meeting, the Trustees voted to approve the 2017-2018 tuition and fees for undergraduate students. For the ninth consecutive year total costs have increased by 3.9%. Before the Trustees cast their vote I gave the following statement on behalf of students:

My name is Eric Tepper and I am the undergraduate student liaison on this committee this semester. Thank you to Mr. Levy for giving me time to make some comments before today’s vote.

I ask that the trustees continue to weigh the implications of continued increases in tuition for students of all backgrounds. Right now an individual student’s tuition covers around 70% of the cost of a Penn education. The roughly 4% annual growth in tuition reflects the rising costs of a premier higher education. At this rate, though, in 11 years total tuition and fees will reach over $100,000 annually. In 30 years, around when my children will hopefully be attending college, tuition will be over $200,000. Penn needs to start thinking seriously about how we are going to shift the burden of costs away from students and their families towards other sources of revenue so that a Penn education is can be even more affordable.

I ask on behalf of all students at Penn that before you cast your vote on next year’s tuition, you weigh the impact the increase in costs will have this year. Also consider the statement this makes for continued increases in the future. Please think about the positive and negatives of how it will affect students and begin to ask yourself and the others in this room, where will the red line be? When will we say that tuition has reached its upper limit?

How can we, students, administrators and Trustees, work together to continue to increase affordability at Penn and shift the burden of educating a Penn student away from tuition dollars so that tuition never hits $100,000 or even $75,000 per year?

This is a challenging question, but working together we can come up with sustainable solutions. The students are happy to be a part of this conversation and we look forward to continuing to work with you all to ensure that the greatness of Penn is affordable for future generations. Thank you.

Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Board

Authored by: Samantha Shea

This past week, we met and discussed three main topics: Diversity Training, Scholarships, and Fees.

Student Financial Services Advisory Board (SFSAB)

Authored by: Samantha Shea

This past Friday I met with the SFSAB where there was a presentation from the Director of ISSS. We were made aware of many challenges facing the international student community and particularly financial aid issues. One point that the board is looking into is that Penn is "Need Aware" for international students while Penn is "Need Blind" for domestic students. Another point is that if an international student does not apply for financial aid for their first year, they cannot apply for aid in subsequent years. If you have any particular questions or suggestions regarding financial aid please email me and I can bring them up in our next meeting.

  1. Roll Call

Members of the Public

  1. Christian
  2. Lindsey -presenting
  3. Darren
  4. Trin
  5. Luke
  1. Jacob- 2018 Finance Chair
  2. Carolyn -ASAM  
  3. Ed-SAC
  4. Sam-MERT
  5. Adam - Penn Labs
  6.  Tiffany- Penn Labs
  7. Spencer-SPEC
  8. Carolyn- SPEC
  9. Alex - SPEC
  10. Jack -NEC
  11. David- NEC
  12. Kasey- NEC
  13. Shawn - SCUE
  14. Haley-  SCUE
  15. Mira-  SCUE
  16. Karim- Class 2020 President
  17. Ewan- ASAM
  18. Eric- CEO of UA
  1. Open Forum
  1. Julianna- Event on Wednesday
  1. Wednesday at 7 pm in Perry World House, we will have an event that will be called Beyond the Ban. This will be a great chance to discuss the issues. We are trying to get a refugee to speak for the opening
  1. Gabbi-Quaker Career Closet
  1. Thank you for helping sort clothes! Anyone that wants to help with the actual event I will be free from 10-3. I will be sending out information over email and facebook. I also have a poster that I will be sending out.
  1. Eric- What if students are embarrassed to use this?
  1. There is that possibility. In the end, the work-study students there are students too.
  2. Eric- Is there a way so that there are no students
  1. They want to really promote it. Most of their staff is work study
  1. Michelle- Town hall task force
  1. It’s happening this thursday. VPUL made some cover pictures so please change that
  1. Natasha- I AM Penn
  1. Our project which is the video series is currently taking place, and we are expanding to next week as well.
  1. Executive Business
  1. Asian American Studies Minor Resolution
  1. Michelle- We reached out to the ASAM UAB regarding the situation with the ASAM program.
  2. UAB- (Christian)- Just to give you a little back of background. We are celebrating 20 year anniversary. Since the future is in uncertainty- this taints it. Dr. Kao had reached out to the head of the college to negotiate a counter-offer but she never got a response from her. We contacted them several times now and it was only until the last time when they responded. Dr. Kao ended up taking an offer from yale. She teaches one of the core classes in the curriculum. We are asking for formal support from the UA. We have a meeting with the Deans coming up on Wed. we are going to be negotiating how we are going to finding a replacement. We don't really know what to expect from this meeting. There has been a recurring pattern where the university tries to consolidate ethnic
  3. Lindsey- The Asian American community has been fighting for a seat on UC. We want to see continued support.
  1. Brian - Can you elaborate on physical space?
  1. Christian-The only space currently we have is a space that is smaller than a Huntsman bathroom. We are just looking for one room where we can hold our one event.
  2. Lindsey-The library can't be access when Dr. Khan is not here
  1. Naomi- Is there a major?
  1. There is currently no major. It is one of the two ASAM minors in the Ivies
  2. Naomi- physical space?
  1. Do they not have ability to reserve for classroom?
  1. We are ability to book space through the PAACH center
  1. Taylor- Do you think this resolution might be better if it is after?
  1. We wanted to go into the meeting showing that we have support from the student body.
  2. Michelle- Also they didn't just respond until just now
  3. Christian- we also released a petition. It has about 1200 signatures so far. We also have endorsements from major organizations. We just need the student body
  1. Samara- If the university were not to hire the professor would you be able to save the program?
  1. Christian-Its very important that we do have a professor that can teach those courses. There is a possibility that the new courses that would be taught might not be from ASAM. it consists of 3 core classes. There are around 6 courses in all. You need to complete at least 2 core classes to complete the minor
  1. Dante- how long has it existed?
  1. Christin- The program has been here for 20 years. Dr. Kao was one of the first that was hired to start the program
  1. Calvary- You have issues with the administration. What are you looking to do so that this doesn't happen again?
  1. We do have the Asian Coalition. And we do have support within the minority community. We are looking to gain support outside the student body. We are starting to put pressure on the administration
  1. Naomi- Are there things like graduate students that can teach?
  1. Christian-One of things that had come up was tyring to have like a rotational, but that was shut down
  2. Lindsey- a lot of the professors are not under the ASAM, and they are doing it on their own time and they are from other departments.
  1. Kevin- How large is the ASAM program compared to the others?
  1. Lindsey-The classes are always full. There are also students from the tri consortium. Though there are only 10 minors.

PRO/CON for ASAM Resolution

  1. Tunmise
  1. As someone who was in this situation 2 years ago, this means a lot. It's important to make sure they don't walk over you. The way you have been answering question is really important. So great job! Make sure you keep the momentum.
  1. Sam- It's a shame that the university keeps doing this.

The Resolution Passes by a vote of 29-0-0

  1. Annual Budget Review

AMENDMENT-  Increase Freshmen Class Board Funding

Authored by Karim El-Sewedy, Class Board 2020 President and Kanishka Rao, UA Engineering Rep                                                   

This amendment moves $2,260 from the SAC Contingency line item, to Freshmen Events fund line item, which would bump it up to $9,000, as originally requested by Class Board 2020.

Karim- This year class year 2020 has raised the standards for the Class Board . We have garnered more exposure for class board. We have made an unprecedented move. Naturally we have run out of money. We are without the resources to continue. We should be the example for others to follow. We have shown the ability of the freshman class board to do stuff and we hope the 2021 class will keep up and this is why we need more funding.

There was a motion to limit debate thus the amendment is discarded from the table.

AMENDMENT- Decrease SOTS Funding

Authored by: Naomi Kadish, UA College Representative

This amendment moves $650 from State of the School line item from the NEC to the SPEC-TRUM budget.


A motion to Limit Debate passes and thus the amendment is discarded from the table.

  1. Executive Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. CUD
  1. We talked about the NSO schedule. ⅔ of the freshman class moved in on thursday and ⅓ on wednesday. This made people feel like they were missing out. They are going to do all move in on one day. There is going to be penn reading project on friday.
  1. Jay- How will they figure out the parking and the staff?  
  1. I don't have enough information
  1. Samara- Are they going to be adding more carts?
  1. Yes
  1. Gabbi- I am not really in favor of a move- in for one day so I would stick to the two days.

  1. Upcoming
  1. SRFS, 2/22
  1. Cabinet is meeting with them on Wednesday and one of the things that will come up is outside scholarships
  1. Penn Violence Prevention Student Group, 2/22
  1. Jay will be going to that
  2. Jordan- i think I will be going there too as external seat.  
  1. Trustee Meetings
  1. Student Life
  1. There was a student panel from different backgrounds. There was another panel from FGLI and they talked about their experiences. They talked about how they felt on campus. One student mentioned about the survey. CAPS will also ensure that counselors know about whether students are FGLI so they can accommodate.
  1. Mr. Levy and Budget and Finance
  1. Kat-We talked about the 3.9% increase every year. He is a very nice guy but there has not been any student dialogue in the past. Anyone who wants to come can come. We will be having it Wednesday March 1. We are not going to make an  ad-hoc committee. Let me know if you have any ideas. We want to make sure that this does not get dropped off.
  1. Tunmise- What exactly is student involvement right now?
  1. We don't engage in the issue in a substantive way.
  1. GBM Structure Review
  1. We tried out 3 formats. So we will look into which one members prefer. One was Brian’s which was changing the order. The other one was Nile and Taylor's which was having the committee directors give updates. The final was the original, like how it's now.  
  1. Harnwell Leadership Series
  1. Jay and I went and the attendance was not the best.
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Next UA Steering
  1. Dean Furda and Josh Chilco from the Admissions office will be there. They will be talking about Quaker Days. Please send me questions.
  1. Next University Council
  1. There were 2 topics last time. There is usually time for open forum so please let me know if you have anything.
  1. Julianne- The NEC still has not given us an answer as to whether we can replace the College Republican’s seat.
  1. No Apologies Initiative
  1. Sola- I met the student body president of Brown whom I met on the Columbia trip.  This is calling for universities to waive the fees for FGLI students. This has support from a lot of schools and FGLI groups from the schools. I met with Penn First about this. I found out that there is a qualification box on the common app where you can check off whether you are first generation.. I have a meeting set for Dean Furda with Penn First.
  2. Samara- Kat, did you sign the letter?
  1. Kat- I don't like to sign things in which I don’t have editorial power. And I got it at the very last minute. I had not context of it. I knew Sola had talked to him and I have faith in her to carry this out.  
  1. Tunmise- Do you need any administrative support?
  1. Sola-It was a narrative about his college experience From what the Penn first group was saying.
  1. Tummise- No like do you need more involvement from the UA?
  1. Sola-No because I signed it
  1. Sam S- Why is it called No Apologies Initiatives?
  1. Sola- He said that he had to keep saying sorry for not being able to pay. That should not be the case.
  1. Elena- What is the purpose of this if they are giving them waivers?
  1. It's about the transparency within the schools.
  1. UA Report
  1. Membership Update
  1. Aren resigned and was less than 1 attendance away from being removed. Dan has almost quit.
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Kevin
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report  
  1. Airport Shuttles  
  1. Maria will be joining airport shuttles! The airport shuttles committee will be meeting this week. We will be discussing spring shuttles and whether we should continue with postering.
  1. Sam S- I think that posters are not effective and are a waste of people’s time
  2. Elena- Everyone I talked to said that they found out from changing their cover pictures
  3. Jordan- Would we be able to use the money for anything else?
  1. It would have to be for the Marketing line item
  1. Simon- We could do Facebook sponsored posts. That is marketing
  1. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. Leave of Absence Resources
  1. Sam S- We’ve been speaking about leave of absence policies. We met with Rob Nelson and Jen and looking at creating a comprehensive website regarding leave of absence. Right now we are planning on creating a working website under the Provost domain, but are looking to expand it and have a better website in the future.
  2. Sam I- There was an event on this topic last semester. It is great that this is progressing. Kathryn Dewitt has an unbelievable story, there was a NYT story about it.
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. CIS-001 Course
  1. Taylor- I am doing this project to talk about the possibility about CIS 001 course. The point of the discussion paper is to see what we would want. I have meetings set up but I would like to get feedback first. What would we want to see out of CIS 001 that is currently not in CIS 105? (refers to discussion questions in report)  
  1. Max- I am in CIS 110 and it is really hard. A couple of the questions I have. Why is this in python? I think it should be 2-3 hours. It should be an easy course
  1. Kanishka- I think that it is better if it is python. In an intro class, you basically want to teach logic and how a machine thinks about it. It is important to look at what students are looking for.
  1. Jordan- Do we know how many people took it? If a lot of people took it, then we could look into preceptorials
  1. Taylor- I would be curious in talking to students who took the course and how they felt about it
  1. Kat- The learning curve is so steep that it is not welcoming to new students. It is very time consuming. I can not take an elective that requires 40 hours a week. I think that 4.5 hours a week is too much. Problem sets are very hard and there is a lot of weight on it. I think C++ might be better to be a website.
  2. Naomi- How much time would you invest in it? I took a course at NYU and I thought it was beneficial. There are problem sets that need to be completed. There is no way around that.
  3. Jay- Personally, I would rather spend more time on major courses than on electives. It would be better if we could complete the work in class though i don't know how that would work. But I echo Kat’s point.
  4. Julianne- STAT 111 would be a better model. There is a college-version for it.
  5. Sam S- I would recommend designing after the WAB seminars for Wharton
  6. Aimee- I think that is the gap you are trying to fill. People want practical application but that is something that can’t be taught by a student.
  7. Taylor - I agree that is what we want but but I don’t know if they would be willing to sponsor this
  1. Riad- ESE 111, BE 100, and BE 101. These are classes that freshman take and don't count toward your major. It goes over like one topic that you will go over in a full class.
  1. Samara- I take elective and I don't mind putting in as much time for them. I really wanted to take CIS 110 and was intimidated by it. I think that if the class was marketed more that would be good, whatever the courses are. .
  1. Taylor- To what extent are we trying to create classes that people are not putting effort into?
  1. Kanishka- One of the advantages of CIS is that you can apply the skills to a variety of fields. LIke you can automate processes, think logically. You can not get around programming something. Almost all my classes are more work than that. I don't know how much flavor you want to give other people.
  2. Kat- I just wanted to mention the gender ratio. AP computer science in high school is probably not 50-50. I would look to this class to address that
  3. Samara- I don't think that we should focus on work.
  4. Riad- I don't think the gender ratio is skewed. I think that we should not focus on work. If they don't compete with engineers that would be better.
  5. Kanishka- to say that you don't want a course that's hard is not right. You will have courses that are harder.
  1. Taylor- I will keep in keep in touch after my meetings
  1. Elena- I took a course and it showed me a lot. It showed me my strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Calvary- I think that we need to target audience. Do people want to go on to do CIS or do people just want general knowledge?
  1. Completion Reports
  1. XCAT Guide
  1. Thanks Michael! Its finished and its complete. Dr. Purpura will also ask them to include it in their pre-orientation material. Dr. Purpura said that we will help better inform departments so they can manage better. I will pass this along to transfer student groups.
  2. Gabbi- Reach out to freshman because I did not know that this existed.
  1. Taylor- Sure
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  2. Social Justice
  3. External Seats
  1. Trustee Committee on Budget and Finance
  1. Eric-I became the liaison for this committee. The minutes were public. The minutes are going to be approved next meeting. I gave a speech about how trustees should think more about students feel. They said I did a good job
  1. Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Board (FSAB)
  1. Sam S-They have created a diversity chair and we hope that it spreads to the IFC. I reached out to APSC. I also brought up Max and Samara’s project about the scholarships and they are looking into that. We are also looking into making the fees public
  2. Calvary- What is the relationship between DIB and the position?
  1. I am not sure. All I know is that they created this position that hopefully will trickle down
  1. Tunmise- were they trying to include IGC?
  1. They are trying to increase diversity within on campus. IFC has not taken it on yet
  1. Student Financial Services Advisory Board (SFSAB)
  1. If you are do not apply for financial aid, then you can't get aid unless you become American citizen.
  2. Riad- we are focusing on a need blind school like our peers. Like Harvard Yale Princeton and MIT are need blind for internationals and this can impact applicants
  3. Sola- the presidents of student government of schools are talking about this?
  1. Sam S- I would be interested in reaching out to them.
  1. Communications