Our mission at Saint James Catholic School

is to live our Catholic faith,

achieve academic excellence,

and provide service to God’s people.



St. James

Catholic School


May events for 5th grade:

A great way to help the school receive money is to participate in the Shoparoo program. Visit  www.shoparoo.com for more info. It’s easy!

*Special Note: You can find Art class information by visiting the 4th grade class page in a special corner towards the bottom. The general practice is that students receive the lesson/assignment on one Friday and the project is due the following Friday unless otherwise specified by Mrs, Shafer.  The students have 7 full days to complete art assignments, so there is no real excuse for turning them in on time; in other words, they should not be waiting until Thursday night.

Hello Parents and Students,

 It is important that together as partners in your child’s education, we all work hard in these last few weeks of school towards all students achieving success. We will be very busy in the last two weeks of school taking both end of trimester tests as well as cumulative end of year assessments. I know we ALL get “antsy” for the end of the year to come, but it important that we stay focused on completing necessary tasks. I look forward to working with you and I appreciate your help in this area.

May is the month for mothers, and especially for our mother Mary.  Traditionally the students bring flowers for the Mary statue during this month.  This year 5th grade has been assigned May 18-22 (3rd week of May).  Please help out if you can.

Grade 5 has also been assigned to supply volunteers for the BINGO kitchen for the month of May.  Please let the office know which Tuesday you plan on volunteering.  Remember, BINGO service is a mandatory part of your service hour obligation.  

State Project assignments went home two weeks.. Students have already chosen their individual states.  Please encourage your child along during this process as it would not be a good idea to wait until the last minute.  The major portion of the project will be turned in on Tuesday June 2 at 8:00 A.M.  The students will also be working on a powerpoint presentation in class to be presented to the whole class as a final portion of the project.

Please be sure to check with students about ongoing art projects.  Several students are not completing assignments and grades reflect this.  Art projects generally are due on weekly basis on Fridays.

You can contact me at laura.javier@stjamescs.com, and I am available most days after dismissal. I am also generally in the classroom after school until 4:00pm for tutoring or homework help, unless I have a commitment with my own children.

                                                                                Mrs. Javier

Upcoming Events:

Every Tues/Thur:

PE (arrive in PE uniform)

Every Wednesday:

Mass 8:00am (liturgy uniform)

Every Full Day Friday:        

Pizza lunch ($1.50 per slice/$1 Water)

Every Half Day Friday:

Bake Sale, Jeans for Jesus with any St. James shirt

Mon 5/18-Fri 5/22:

Flowers for Mary- 5th grade

Friday May 22:

Mother-Son Movie Night

Monday May 25:

No School - Memorial Day

Friday May 29:

Talent Show



Listed below are tests for the present week. For each ELA Unit, which generally takes 5 weeks to complete on regular schedule, the assessments follow this pattern: biweekly assessment after 2nd unit lesson, biweekly assessment after 4th unit lesson, and a theme assessment after the 5th unit lesson (which is review of the 1st-4th lessons).   Each unit focuses on spelling patterns, reading selection vocabulary, several comprehension focus skills and strategies, grammar usage, and writing forms.  Vocabulary and comprehension focus skills and strategies can be reinforced by visiting the Think Central website and Grammar skills can be reinforced using the IXL website, both of which can be accessed in the student resources dropdown of the school website.  Login information was sent home in a family newsletter envelope during September.  In addition, math skills can also be reinforced using the IXL website.

** don’t forget to use Think Central, IXL, and Sadlier Religion websites to reinforce concepts learned in class and study for tests (access through student resources pull down menu from school website)

Testing 5/18 - 5/22:

Tues 5/19:

Science Ch4-L3 Cloze Test & Vocab Quiz

Tues 5/19:

Social Studies Ch6-L3 Quiz

Wed 5/20:

Math Test Chapter 8

Thur 5/21:

English Test Unit 7: Adverbs & Prepositional Phrases


*Jump start on next week (incomplete list-subject to change):

Spelling Words:

  **There will be no spelling units with our novel unit of study.  We will be concentrating on a large list of vocabulary words.

Reading Vocabulary:  Esperanza Rising

Student Binders:

Student binders have been set up with 8 divider tabs. They should be labeled as follows:

1) Math                        2) Reading                3) Spelling/Vocab        4) English

5) Social Studies                6) Science                7) Religion                8) MISC.

Students are instructed on a daily basis where to file papers in their binders. Papers should remain in binders until I instruct them to take out. Please feel free to look at their work in their binders, but please do not remove anything. We will often refer back to previous work. If they are unable to locate work when asked for, they will receive infractions for not having supplies/being unprepared. It is their responsibility to keep organized and prepared for work. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! Thank you for helping your child succeed.

For MLA reference citing:


Science Fair


Cold weather clothing:  Please note that as we are heading into colder weather, students must still adhere to uniform guidelines. Only approved school outerwear is permitted. Girls may wear white tights under their uniform (no leggings). On P.E. days, students can wear school sweatshirts and navy blue sweatpants (no leggings) over their regular P.E. uniforms.  If they do not wear regular P.E. uniforms under the sweats, they will be graded as having improper uniform in the gradebook.

Philosophy Statement

We, the Saint James Catholic School Community, founded by the Sisters of Mercy, recognize the sacredness of each person and are dedicated to providing a Christ-centered environment for the formation and growth of the whole child. As educators, we partner with the parents, the primary educators, to enrich students academically and spiritually in fulfilling the mission of the Church. United in spirit, we create a community in which students appreciate and celebrate a diverse cultural population. We provide an educational environment that promotes academic excellence through a quality-focused curriculum. Students will become Faith-Filled Catholics, Life-Long Learners, Responsible Citizens and Creative and Expressive Individuals who have positive self-esteem, can think critically, and are ready to face the challenges of the world we live in.

Student Learning Expectations (4th-8th Grades)

A. Faith Filled Catholic Who:

  1. Makes good choices based on Church Teachings and Gospel Values
  2. Has developed a strong, personal, relationship with God
  3. Has compassion for others
  4. Respects and values life in all its forms and stages
  5. Actively participates in the liturgical life of the Church
  6. Honors and celebrates the diversity of God’s creation

B. Life Long Learner Who:

  1. Can adapt to new situations and life’s changes
  2. Is an active listener and effective communicator
  3. Organizes class work, materials, and homework
  4. Learns to make changes to improve work and assignments
  5. Keeps trying to reach and obtain their goals
  6. Uses technology to enhance learning

C. Responsible Citizen Who:

  1. Knows right from wrong when making decisions
  2. Takes responsibility for one’s actions
  3. Understands that there are consequences based on their choices
  4. Makes healthy moral choices by respecting each person’s value and exercising self-control

5.    Works to improve local and global communities

D. Creative and Expressive Individual Who:

1.  Understands that we are all different and have special talents

2.  Is self-confident, optimistic, and can adapt to new situations

3.  Can share their ideas with others in written, oral, and artistic form

4.  Is a knowledgeable and independent thinker.