B.B.A. Creative Management

B.B.A.+MBA (Dual Specialisation)

B.B.A., L.L.B. (Integrated)


B.Sc. (General)

B.Sc. (Hons) Biochemistry

B.Sc. (Hons) Biotechnology

B.Sc. (Hons) Microbiology

B.Sc. (Hons.) + MBA

B.Sc. + MBA

B.Sc. Aviation Technology

B.Sc. Botany

B.Sc. Chemistry

B.Sc. Computer Science

B.Sc. Computer Science-Animation

B.Sc. Electronics

B.Sc. Geography

B.Sc. Geology

B.Sc. Health Education

B.Sc. Home Science

B.Sc. Hons. (General)

B.Sc. Information Technology

B.Sc. IT-Infrastructure Management Services

B.Sc. Journalism & Mass Communication

B.Sc. Mathematics

B.Sc. Physical Education

B.Sc. Physics

B.Sc. Psychology

B.Sc. Sports Education

B.Sc. Statistics

B.Sc. Zoology

B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering

B.Tech. Agricultural Engineering

B.Tech. Agricultural Engineering + MBA

B.Tech. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation

B.Tech. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation + MBA

B.Tech. Automobile Engineering

B.Tech. Automobile Engineering + MBA

B.Tech. Biotechnology

B.Tech. Biotechnology + MBA

B.Tech. Chemical Engineering

B.Tech. Chemical Engineering + MBA

B.Tech. Civil Engineering

B.Tech. Civil Engineering + MBA

B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering

B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering + MBA

B.Tech. Electrical Engineering

B.Tech. Electrical Engineering + MBA

B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering

B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering + MBA

B.Tech. Energy & Power Engineering

B.Tech. Information Technology

B.Tech. Information Technology + MBA

B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering + MBA

B.Tech. Nuclear Engineering

B.Tech. Petroleum Engineering


Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Anthropology

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Applied Statistics

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Drawing & Planning

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Economics

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) English Literature

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Geography

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Hindi Literature

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) History

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Home Science

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Indian Music

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Persian

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Political Science

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Psychology

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Public Administration

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Sanskrit

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Sindhi

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Sociology

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Statistics

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) Urdu

Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons) + MBA

Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons) Fashion Design Technology

Bachelor of Arts (BA) + MBA

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Anthropology

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Applied Statistics

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Drawing & Planning

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Economics

Bachelor of Arts (BA) English Literature

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Geography

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Health Education

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Hindi Literature

Bachelor of Arts (BA) History

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Home Science

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Indian Music

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Persian

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Physical Education

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Political Science

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Psychology

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Public Administration

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Sanskrit

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Sindhi

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Sociology

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Sports Education

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Statistics

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Urdu

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) + MBA

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.)

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) + MBA

Bachelor of Financial Market Management

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Food Technology

Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering

Bachelor of Library & Information Science

Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT)

Bachelor of Optometry

Bachelor of Performing Arts

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.)

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) + MBA (Bachelor of Pharmacy. Tech.)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

Bachelor of Rural Studies (BRS)

Bachelor of Science in Blood Transfusion Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology

Bachelor of Science in Operation Theatre Technology

Bachelor of Science in Radiation & Imaging Technology

Bachelor of Social work (BSW)

Bachelor of Theatre, Film & Television Technology

Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management

Bachelor of Visual Arts


Certificate in Communication Design

Certificate in Computer

Certificate in Computer Networking

Certificate in Counselling & Guidance

Certificate in Entrepreneurship Development

Certificate in Health Care Waste Management

Certificate in International Business

Certificate in Jewellery Designing

Certificate in Photography

Certificate in Professional Accounting

Certificate in Tax Procedure & Tax Planning

Certificate in Tourism & Airline Management

Certificate in TV Journalism

Certificate in Web Design Technology

Dental Operating Room Assistant Course

Diploma in Air Hostess & Cabin Crew

Diploma in Blood Transfusion Technique

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Communication Design

Diploma in Computer Application

Diploma in Computer Engineering

Diploma in Computer Networking

Diploma in Counselling & Guidance

Diploma in Crop & Animal Waste Management

Diploma in ECG Technician

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Diploma in Electronics Engineering

Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development

Diploma in Fashion Design Technology

Diploma in Food Technology

Diploma in Functional Accountancy

Diploma in Herbal Science

Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Instrumental Music

Diploma in International Business

Diploma in Jewellery Designing

Diploma in Landscape Management

Diploma in Library & Information Science

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

Diploma in Music (Vocal)

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician

Diploma in Ophthalmic Technician

Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm.)

Diploma in Photography

Diploma in Professional Accounting

Diploma in Radiation Technology

Diploma in Tax Procedure & Tax Planning

Diploma in Theatre, Film & Television Technology

Diploma in Tourism & Airline Management

Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management

Diploma in TV Journalism

Diploma in Web Design Technology

Diploma in X-Ray Technician

G. N. M. (General Nursing)

M. Phil. Library Science


M.C.A. (Integrated)

M.Phil. Anthropology

M.Phil. Biochemistry

M.Phil. Bioinformatics

M.Phil. Biotechnology

M.Phil. Botany

M.Phil. Chemistry

M.Phil. Commerce

M.Phil. Economics

M.Phil. Education

M.Phil. English

M.Phil. Environmental Science

M.Phil. Fine Arts

M.Phil. Genetics

M.Phil. Geography (Arts)

M.Phil. Geography (Science)

M.Phil. Geology

M.Phil. Hindi

M.Phil. History

M.Phil. Home Science

M.Phil. Management

M.Phil. Mass Communication

M.Phil. Mathematics

M.Phil. Microbiology

M.Phil. Performing Arts

M.Phil. Philosophy

M.Phil. Physical Education

M.Phil. Physics

M.Phil. Political Science

M.Phil. Psychology (Arts)

M.Phil. Psychology (Science)

M.Phil. Public Administration

M.Phil. Rural Studies

M.Phil. Sanskrit

M.Phil. Social Works

M.Phil. Sociology

M.Phil. Statistics

M.Phil. Visual Arts

M.Phil. Zoology

M.Sc. (Medical) Anatomy

M.Sc. (Medical) Biochemistry

M.Sc. (Medical) Microbiology

M.Sc. (Medical) Pharmacology

M.Sc. (Medical) Physiology

M.Sc. (Nursing) C.H.N.

M.Sc. (Nursing) Medical Surgical

M.Sc. (Nursing) O.B.G.

M.Sc. - Medical Lab Technology

M.Sc. Anthropology

M.Sc. Biochemistry

M.Sc. Bioinformatics

M.Sc. Biotechnology

M.Sc. Blood Transfusion Medicine

M.Sc. Botany

M.Sc. Chemistry

M.Sc. Computer Science

M.Sc. Computer Science-Animation

M.Sc. Electronics

M.Sc. Environmental Science

M.Sc. Genetics

M.Sc. Geography

M.Sc. Geology

M.Sc. Home Science

M.Sc. Information Technology

M.Sc. IT-Infrastructure Management Services

M.Sc. Journalism & Mass Communication

M.Sc. Mathematics

M.Sc. Microbiology

M.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology

M.Sc. Physical Education

M.Sc. Physics

M.Sc. Psychology

M.Sc. Radiation & Imaging Technology

M.Sc. Sports Coaching

M.Sc. Statistics

M.Sc. Zoology

M.Tech+Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering

M.Tech+Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering

M.Tech+Ph.D. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation

M.Tech+Ph.D. Automobile Engineering

M.Tech+Ph.D. Biotechnology

M.Tech+Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

M.Tech+Ph.D. Civil Engineering

M.Tech+Ph.D. Computer Science & Engineering

M.Tech+Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

M.Tech+Ph.D. Electronics & Communication Engineering

M.Tech+Ph.D. Energy & Power Engg.

M.Tech+Ph.D. Information Technology

M.Tech+Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

M.Tech+Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering

M.Tech. Aerospace Engineering

M.Tech. Agricultural Engineering

M.Tech. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation

M.Tech. Automobile Engineering

M.Tech. Biotechnology

M.Tech. Chemical Engineering

M.Tech. Civil Engineering

M.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering

M.Tech. Electrical Engineering

M.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering

M.Tech. Energy & Power Engineering

M.Tech. Information Technology

M.Tech. Integrated Aerospace Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Agricultural Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Applied Electronics & Instrumentation

M.Tech. Integrated Automobile Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Biotechnology

M.Tech. Integrated Chemical Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Civil Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Computer Science & Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Electrical Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Electronics & Communication Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Energy & Power Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Information Technology

M.Tech. Integrated Mechanical Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Nuclear Engineering

M.Tech. Integrated Petroleum Engineering

M.Tech. Mechanical Engineering

M.Tech. Nuclear Engineering

M.Tech. Petroleum Engineering

M.Tech.+Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering


Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) Pharm. Chemistry

Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) Pharm. Marketing

Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) Pharmaceutics

Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) Pharmacognosy

Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) Pharmacology

Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) Pharmacovigilance

Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) Quality Assurance

Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharma.) Pharmacy Practice

Master of Arts (MA) Anthropology

Master of Arts (MA) Apparel Merchandising

Master of Arts (MA) Economics

Master of Arts (MA) Education

Master of Arts (MA) English

Master of Arts (MA) Fashion Designing

Master of Arts (MA) Fashion Journalism & Others

Master of Arts (MA) Geography

Master of Arts (MA) Hindi

Master of Arts (MA) History

Master of Arts (MA) Home Science

Master of Arts (MA) Mathematics

Master of Arts (MA) Philosophy

Master of Arts (MA) Physical Education

Master of Arts (MA) Political Science

Master of Arts (MA) Psychology

Master of Arts (MA) Public Administration

Master of Arts (MA) Sanskrit

Master of Arts (MA) Sociology

Master of Arts (MA) Sports Coaching

Master of Arts (MA) Textile Designing

Master of Commerce (M.Com.)

Master of Financial Market Management

Master of Fine Arts

Master of Food Technology

Master of Hotel Management & Catering

Master of Library & Information Science

Master of Management Studies

Master of Occupational Therapy Cardio-Respiratory Conditions

Master of Occupational Therapy Developmental Disabilities

Master of Occupational Therapy Hand Conditions

Master of Occupational Therapy Mental Health

Master of Occupational Therapy Musculoskeletal

Master of Occupational Therapy Neurosciences

Master of Optometry

Master of Performing Arts

Master of Physiotherapy Cardio Pulmonary Science

Master of Physiotherapy Neurology

Master of Physiotherapy Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Master of Physiotherapy Orthopaedics

Master of Physiotherapy Paediatrics Physiotherapy

Master of Physiotherapy Sports Physiotherapy

Master of Rural Studies (MRS)

Master of Social work (MSW)

Master of Theatre, Film & Television Technology

Master of Tourism & Travel Management

Master of Visual Arts

MBA (Applied Management)

MBA (Banking Management)

MBA (Creative Management)

MBA (Electronic Business)

MBA (Electronic Commerce)

MBA (Event Management)

MBA (Finance)

MBA (Hospital & Health Management)

MBA (Human Resource Management)

MBA (Insurance)

MBA (International Business)

MBA (Investment & Mutual Fund)

MBA (IT & Systems Management)

MBA (Marketing Management)

MBA (Operation Management)

MBA (Pharmaceutical)

MBA (Production Management)

MBA (Project Management)

MBA (Retail Management)

MBA (Telecom Management)

MBA (Tourism Management)

MBA Dual Specialisation


MD Anaesthesiology

MD Anatomy

MD Biochemistry

MD Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy

MD Forensic Medicine/Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

MD General Medicine

MD Microbiology

MD Obstetrics & Gynaecology

MD Ophthalmology

MD Paediatrics

MD Pathology

MD Pharmacology

MD Physiology

MD Radio Diagnosis/Radiology

MD Social & Preventive Medicine/Community Medicine

MD Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases/Pulmonary Medicine

MDS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

MDS Oral Pathology & Microbiology

MDS Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics

MDS Periodontology

MDS Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge

MS Anatomy


MS General Surgery

MS Obstetrics & Gynaecology

MS Ophthalmology

MS Orthopaedics

Ph.D Law

Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering

Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering

Ph.D. Anatomy

Ph.D. Anthropology

Ph.D. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation

Ph.D. Automobile Engineering

Ph.D. Biochemistry

Ph.D. Bioinformatics

Ph.D. Biotechnology

Ph.D. Biotechnology (Science)

Ph.D. Blood Transfusion Medicine

Ph.D. Botany

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Ph.D. Chemistry (Science)

Ph.D. Civil Engineering

Ph.D. Commerce

Ph.D. Computer Science

Ph.D. Computer Science & Engineering

Ph.D. Economics

Ph.D. Education

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. Electronics

Ph.D. Electronics & Communication Engineering

Ph.D. Energy & Power Engineering

Ph.D. English

Ph.D. Environmental Science

Ph.D. Fashion Designing

Ph.D. Film & Broadcasting Technology

Ph.D. Fine Arts

Ph.D. Food Technology

Ph.D. Genetics

Ph.D. Geography (Arts)

Ph.D. Geography (Science)

Ph.D. Geology

Ph.D. Hindi

Ph.D. History

Ph.D. Home Science

Ph.D. Hotel Management & Catering

Ph.D. Information Technology

Ph.D. Library Science

Ph.D. Management

Ph.D. Mass Communication

Ph.D. Mathematics

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. Medical Biochemistry

Ph.D. Medical Lab Technology

Ph.D. Medical Microbiology

Ph.D. Medical Pharmacology

Ph.D. Medical Physiology

Ph.D. Microbiology

Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering

Ph.D. Nursing

Ph.D. Occupational Therapy

Ph.D. Operation Theatre Technology

Ph.D. Optometry

Ph.D. Performing Arts

Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering

Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Science

Ph.D. Philosophy

Ph.D. Physical Education

Ph.D. Physics

Ph.D. Physiotherapy

Ph.D. Political Science

Ph.D. Psychology (Arts)

Ph.D. Psychology (Science)

Ph.D. Public Administration

Ph.D. Radiation & Imaging Technology

Ph.D. Rural Studies

Ph.D. Sanskrit

Ph.D. Social Works

Ph.D. Sociology

Ph.D. Statistics

Ph.D. Textile Designing

Ph.D. Tourism & Travel Management

Ph.D. Visual Arts

Ph.D. Zoology

Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing

Post Gradate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Production Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Insurance

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

Post Graduate Diploma in Drug Regulatory Affairs

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design Technology

Post Graduate Diploma in Food Technology

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering

Post Graduate Diploma in International Business

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health

Post Graduate Diploma in Research Methodology

Post Graduate Diploma in Theatre, Film & Television Technology

Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management

Post-Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights