Operation Manual - Electronic Shift Monitor ESM9000

A. Description of Front Panel.

1. The Status Array of LEDs

(Light Emitting Diodes) indicate at a glance the status of alertness of the security guard during the night .

  1. Red Indicates Absent or Not alert
  2. Green Indicates Present or Alert

The time at which the status led indicates is printed near the LED’s.

2. Today’s Status

This Switch has to be pressed to Indicate the Status of alertness of the Night just elapsed.  As soon as it is pressed The LED Array display comes on and Indicates the Status.

3. Day old status

This Switch has to be pressed to Indicate the Status of alertness of 9 Days earlier to the Night just elapsed. Hence any day’s Status Remains in memory for 9 days and is replaced on “first in first out” FIFO basis.

As soon as the switch is pressed the Day displays just above the switch indicates “0” meaning the status of LED array is that of the Night just elapsed.

Now pressing the switch again indicates “1” on the DAY display Meaning that the status is of the previous Night.


Status LED Array is of

Example if Day old Status is pressed on 14th morning.


The Night just passed.

PM is 13th & AM is 14th


Previous Night

PM is 12th & AM is 13th


Night before Two nights passed

PM is 11th & AM is 12th


Night before Three nights passed

PM is 10th & AM is 11th


Night before Four nights passed

PM is 09th & AM is 10th


Night before Five nights passed

PM is 08th & AM is 09th


Night before Six nights passed

PM is 07th & AM is 08th


Night before Seven nights passed

PM is 06th & AM is 07th


Night before Eight nights passed

PM is 05th & AM is 06th


Night before Nine nights passed

PM is 04th & AM is 05th

Operating Date minus “DAY INDICATION” is the date of the AM part of STATUS Array LEDs.

4. Power Supply

This LED Lamp is on when Mains Power is available and mains chord is connected properly. This Lamp goes off on Mains Power Shutdown.

If POWER Lamp is off it means the Unit is running on battery Check if Mains Plug is connected to the 3 PIN socket Properly. The Unit has Battery BACKUP for 48 hrs Maximum  And mains supply is required to charge Battery.

5. Clock Indicator

This LED is always flashing to Indicate the unit is working. and real time clock is active.

6. Switch Stuck

This LED is Always On if the Switch on the TERMINAL unit is STUCK Artificially indicating the security guard is misusing the unit.

7. Battery Low

If this comes on it means mains supply has been absent for a long time and battery has to be charged immediately. If Battery LOW is Continuously on Contact the Service person at once.

B. Description of Back Panel.

Mains Switch and Fuse -  These will be Operated by the Service In-charge and Should not be Tampered with.  Circuits for this Product can be Studied here - Digital Circuits