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28 June 2018

The 2018 Mid Sussex AGM was reasonably well attended and also harmonious.

Five rule proposals had been submitted - all were adopted, two with a slight amendment.

Committee personnel remain the same, with Richard Wooton filling the position vacated mid-season by Bob Hall; Derek Taylor takes over the Interleague 'A' captaincy.

League entry fee is increased from £35 to £40, competition entries are increased from £1.50 pppc to £2 pppc.     - Clive T

25 June 2018

Just a reminder that the AGM is this Wednesday, 27th June at The Hassocks with an 8.30pm start.

All apologies for non-attendance to me please.                     Thanks,                Jan Smith, League Secretary


24 June 2018

When most of us are relishing the prospect of a long hot bar billiards-free summer, Bob Hall showed that his appetite for the game has not diminished in any way when he represented Worthing in the 4 x 4 4-Pin Team Knockout (staged by Hastings BBL  at the Jenny Lind, Hastings)  yesterday.  Top spot was decided in the last game of the night and it was Bob facing Clive Minihane (Seven Sisters)….. With only 0.5 points in it, either team could take the trophy. Bob was behind for most of the game but just managed a late comeback to win on the last ball to leave Worthing tied with Ashburnham Arms on 15pts and Worthing taking the title on count back.                  

Placings: 1. Worthing 15pts; 2. Ashburnham Arms, Hastings 15pts; 3.Nags Head, Hastings 14.5pts; 4. Seven Sisters, Eastbourne 14.5pts; 5. Jenny Lind B 11.5pts; 6. White Horse, Sudbury 10pts; 7. Jenny Lind A 5.5pts.                – Colin Southouse, organiser

18 June 2018

Five Mid Sussex regulars took part The 25th Sussex Open played yesterday at Roffey Social and Sports Club.

Of these, Richard Wooton (HHUSC A) was sole victor in the first round –he actually beat World Champion Mark Trafford 17110-9460 !  However a disappointing next round defeat at the hands of Worthing’s Ric Cunningham by 5020-14300 followed.

Here is how the others fared, with Paul Jobbins (HHUSC B) and Lorraine Hall (Hassocks A) having good runs in the Plate Competition.

Ros Appleby lost to Bob Chapple (Guernsey) 2930-18770; Plate Rd 2 lost to John Slee (Billingshurst) 0-8060

Bob Hall lost to Paul Sainsbury (Kent) 1810-17420; Plate Rd 2 bt Kieron Lloyd (Brighton) 4450-500; Rd 3 lost to Paul Jobbins 2460-4470

Paul Jobbins lost toTony Jenner (Worthing) 4110-13090; Plate Rd 2bt Michelle Baden (Brighton) 3560-3340; Rd 3 bt Bob Hall (Mid Sussex) 4470-2460; Qr Final lost to Dick Cable (Horsham) 6840-8800

Lorraine Hall lost to Damian Coates (Northants) 7630-8140; Plate Rd 2 bt Colin Southouse (Hastings) 6410-4730;Rd 3 bt Steve Beach (Littlehampton) 2600-1500; Qr Final lost to Jack Baden 7380-17500

Kevin Tunstall (Worthing) retained the title he won last year, beating Steven Sheard in the Main final.                          – Clive T

14 June 2018

The Sussex Masters 2018 was played on Saturday 9th June and two Mid Sussex league players featured in the line-up of 24.

With only the 8 group winners going through, despite having managed a surprise win over Ian Lelliott 8170-7470, 18th Seed Ros Appleby (BHCC) missed out on a quarter-final place by losing to eventual winner Mike Daw of Hastings by a massive 950-27460 over the two legs..

So on to the Plate Competition, and here Ros had another good win, edging past All-England champion Jean Brackenridge by 9830-9200,  The quarter-final proved to be the end of the road however as she was beaten by another Hastings player Dave White by 5210-6410.

17th Seed Bob Hall (Hassocks A) showed excellent form in winning Group B comfortably, beating Jack Baden  18310-680 and 13420-4200 and Chris Tupper 5580-7700 and 14550-210

That was an amazing 50k scored by Bob,  and his form continued into the Quarter-final when he knocked out top seed Nigel Senior 12110-11180  But there was disappointment in the Semi-Final as he lost to runner-up Hastings’ Phil Osborne 7080-11260.                               – Clive T

08 Jun 2018

Awards won on Finals Night, Wed 6th June at the Hassocks Hotel

Team Cup:

BHCC  3, HHUSC A    2

Team Plate:

Cock United  1, Hassocks A  4

Open Doubles:

Richard Jeffrey/Darren Newnham 1 , Gary Ridley/Nick Brown    2.

Mixed Doubles:

Clive & Margo Thompson   2, Lorraine Hall & Rob Hall  .0

1st Div Singles:

Dave Tiffin   2, Adey White (Watermill) 0

Senior Singles (played in advance of Finals Night):

Neil Higgins   3, Chase Newman  1

Ladies Singles:

Lorraine Hall  2, Jan Bithell 1.

Men's Singles:

Rob Hall 2, Richard Wooton  0.

Masters Final:

Clive Thompson  0, Neil Higgins  2.

 I would like to say thanks to the Mid Sussex organising committee, especially the hard working Lorraine, for another great Finals Night.

Thanks to Chris Lambe of The Hassocks for providing the Function room and the Buffet. Thanks also to those who were generous enough to sponsor a Finals Night table (Bob Hall (x2) and Graham Sparksman).  And well done to Jan Smith and Liz Lancaster for their efforts with the Raffle. Master of Ceremonies Derek Taylor called for the four members we had sadly lost this season (Rod Storr, John Turner, Kim Stenning and Darrell Skinner) to be remembered with a half-minute’s round of applause.          - Clive T


A great Finals Night. Firstly thanks go to Lorraine for all her hard work in organising everything, and to Graham Sparksman in setting up 4 very good tables, Thanks to Chris & The Hassocks for hosting us. Congratulations to all the winners & runners up.        

The sum of £1172.93 was collected during the course of the Roy Wells Handicap Charity Competition and a presentation of the cheque was made to a representative of the St Peters and St James Hospice.          - Ian Giffen


A full report on the night – including pictures - can be found here:

02 Jun 2018

A reminder that this year’s Finals night is next Wednesday 6th June 7.30 at the Hassocks.

Would players please arrive in time especially for Team Cup & Team Plate. Please remember to bring along a raffle prize. If you’re not playing please come along and support your team mates and other players.

And just to add that we still need to get sponsors for the tables including the extra table hired for the Masters: This can be individual or a group of players.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a table please contact  Lorraine Hall, Jan Smith or myself.

I look forward to seeing you there.                       - Ian Giffen, Fixtures & Results Secretary 

01 Jun 2018   “Thunderstorm Higgins wins the Senior Singles”

The following report received from Bob Hall :-

Game 1.  (On the BHCC):  Neil to break:  after playing the break soft and only getting one down, he recovers and starts the 3 down/ 1 up/ split routine and opens with 7280 in 11.5 minutes. Neither player wanted the break back till 16 minutes and it was Neil who initiated a lead in this Best-of-5 match. 9720 v 650.  1-0

Game 2. Chase Newman to break and he is off to a flyer playing solid bar billiards and opens up with 5480 in 9 minutes. Neil misses at the back and Chase pegs, leaving one in the middle but Neil gets the balls back and the chase is on but Neil breaks down on 3k and Chase gets the balls back.  3160 – 7930. 1-1

On to the Plough …….

Game 3 Chase to break: He broke down on 1200 and Neil replied with 3570 but it stayed like that till the last 30 seconds and Chase didn’t have enough 3930 v 3030 and 2-1 to Neil.

Game 4 Neil to break and he hits 7180 opening break in 11 minutes leaving Chase a nigh impossible task but he gets the balls back and scores 980 before breaking down. 7710 v 3180.

So Neil Higgins wins 3-1 and is this year's Senior Singles Champion.                – Bob Hall