November 2018

04. CANZ’s 83rd Birthday

08. Rev Capt Richard Dyer’s 65th Birthday

09. ND at ‘DECLARE’ Conference

09. CANZ Board Meeting

11. Kaye Dyer preaching

11. Centenary of Armistice

15.-16th CKC taking the Bus to Christchurch November Fiesta

15.-21. ND at Ying Kai - T4T Conference in Sydney  

18. Kaye Dyer preach in Spring Creek

25. Louise Weller’s 11th Commissioning Anniversary


10. Richard Dyer’s 44th Commissioning Anniversary

13. Len Taylor’s 40th  Commissioning Anniversary

16. Lorraine Lloyd’s 50th(!) Commissioning Anniversary

17. Wendy Edwards’ 39th Commissioning anniversary

19. Richard and Kaye Dyer’s Wedding anniversary

20. Peter Lloyd’s 75th (!)  Birthday