202. The cause of the monster outbreak

 Along with Bunmi-san and the soldiers which have been formed for the devil-kin subjugation,

 I went toward the forest where the devil-kin's reaction are.

「It's up ahead.」

「Umu, Seiji-dono's ability is really convenient.

 Then, everyone form an encirclement sneakily so that we don't get noticed!」

 With Bunmi-san's signal, the soldiers formed an encirclement sneakily in order to not get noticed by the devil-kin.

 After confirming that the soldiers have taken up their position,

 Bunmi-san's gives the signal.

 The demonkind soldiers surrounded the devil-kin all at once.


 Shit, since when!?』

 The devil-kin fell into a panic when they suddenly got surrounded by the demonkind in all directions.

 Their number was about 10 and they seemed to be doing some kind of espionage activity.

 Then, it's my turn.

 Together with Bunmi-san, I also stepped out in front of the devil-kin.

『You can't escape anymore, surrender quietly.』

 Even if I said it's my turn, it's as an interpreter.

『Hornless!? How can you speak our language!?』

『Are you referring to humans when you said hornless?

 The demonkind and humans have decided to cooperate.

 Other than that, surrender quietly,

 I'll have you talk what you were doing here.』

『Foolish, do you plan to corner us with this?

 Everyone, escape!』

 Dangerous, they are going to use magic stones!

 I immediately sneaked around the back of the one who seemed to be the leader with【teleportation】and knocked him unconscious with【Electric shock】.

 However, it was impossible for me to stop all 10 of them―

 the 9 people besides the leader had escaped using【magic stone of return】.

 Wasn't the【magic stone of return】a precious magic stone!?

「Seiji-dono, did those guys by any chance

 use【magic stone of return】!?」

「It seems so.」

「Well, we've been able to prevent the espionage activity of some kind that they were doing,

 and since the one who seemed to be the leader have been captured,

 on the whole, it can be said that it's a mission success.」

 Although those nine had managed to escape, Bunmi-san was in quite a good mood.

 When I checked the man's body―

 (I'm not particularly doing it to touch him, okay!?)

 two magic stones came out.

 The first one, the【magic stone of return】.

 The second one was a【magic stone of monster outbreak】.


│【Magic stone of monster outbreak】

│A monster outbreak will have a tendency to occur in the surroundings

│The effect is enhanced when loaded with magic power

│Rarity: ★★★★


「Somehow or other, this magic stone seemed to be the cause of the monster outbreak.」


 Then, the large-scale outbreak of great rats......」

「Yes, it's probably the work of the devil-kin.」

「Those bastards! Devil-kin!!

 Always using a cowardly move!!」

 The devil-kin have always done such a thing, huh......


 After the leader-like man have been taken,

 we came over to the prison.

 It seems the woman who was captured earlier is also being held here.

「I'm now planning to torture those fellows.

 Seiji-dono, can I ask you to continue being the interpreter?」

「Yeah, I don't mind.」

 Demonkind torturing devil-kin, huh......

 I wonder what kind of thing it will become.


 From here, I'm interpreting the conversation of Bunmi-san and the devil-kin.

「Now then, I know that you guys have caused the monster outbreak and took advantage of it to intrude in the town.

 What were you scheming for intruding in the town?」

『Foolish, there's no way I will talk!』

 I thought for sure that the one who was going to be tortured was the woman but.....

 it seems to be the leader-like man.

 Bunmi-san says towards the leader, trying to take some information from him......


「You don't seem to understand if you don't go through a bitter experience.」



 toward the man who stubbornly refused to talk,

 with a『big wooden stick』......

 the man's butt......

 got mercilessly pummeled.





 It's meaningless......

「Shit, you're quite stubborn, huh!

 It can't be helped, let's torture that woman.」

 That's right, that's right!!

 It was then when I supported Bunmi-san's opinion from the bottom of my heart!

「Onii-chan, what are you doing in a place like this!?」

 Aya has been standing imposingly behind us,

 Elena, Hilda, Mai-san, and Cassandra-san are also there.

「W-, We weren't doing anything strange in particular~.」


 Aya looked at me with reproachful eyes......

 Don't look at me with eyes like that!!

「This guy is the perpetrator of this time's large-scale monster outbreak.」

「What, so it was like that.

 I thought you have such a hobby.」

 It seems the misunderstanding has been resolved somehow......

「I'm trying to know their scheme for intruding into the town but he stubbornly refused to spill the its contents.」

「I see.」

「Since there's no choice, toward the other one, the woman......」


 There's also a woman?」

「Yes, there is.」

「Are you going to also beat the woman with a stick like a little while ago?」

「Well it can't be helped, she's a bad person.」

「Such a thing, it's no good.」

「But, I have to make them spill the scheme,

 what should I do if I can't do that strange thing again?」

「B-, but......」

 Aya seems to be absolutely against torturing the woman.

「Then, I will torture that person!」

 An unexpected person volunteered to torture the woman.

「E-, Elena!?」

 It was Elena who volunteered for the role of torturing the devil-kin woman!

 Why Elena!?


 『Call me queen-sama!!』

 The image of Elena wearing high heels,

 and violently lashing a whip toward me

 ran through my mind......