Tachyean description:

        The Tachyean is a reptilian like creature with wings and a tail. It stands on its hind legs and it stands at the height from three to six meters. They have a head of a serpent shape with horns about a tenth of a meter on top. The Tachyeans vary in colours of green, orange, pink and violet transparency with darker versions of that colour with the areas of  their Tachyium interior ( Lords of Tachyon can be the color blue or red). Their wingspan can range from two to seven meters, and their tail is on average about a meter, and a half. Their eye colour can differ from that of their crystal like skin color being any of the above colours with other ones like blue, red, or yellow. The Tachyium generated by the Tachyeans are the colour of orange or red with the exception of Lords of Tachyon being the colour of Blue.

To compete, you must draw three versions of this description, then message this post that you finished it. After that you will send me your contacts at the contact page. Whoever has the best drawings overall wins.

Thank you for checking this out and good luck.