Mrs. De La Pasqua’s Educational Path

Elementary School:

I had a teacher in second grade that gave me a second chance to win the spelling bee even though I spelled “banana” the wrong way the first time. She helped me understand the value of second chances to prove yourself and demonstrate an understanding of your knowledge.  

Middle/Intermediate School:

My science teacher in middle school was very tough and had extremely high expectations. Students didn’t like her because she was “the hard teacher.” She was very challenging and she pushed me to reach my  potential. She may have been one of the hardest teachers I ever had, but she was also one of the best. She taught me the value of helping people work towards  their potential.

High School:

In high school, many teachers demonstrated the importance of empathy and understanding for all students. I hope that I look at each child as an individual and try to understand what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Post Secondary Path:

I went  to Cardinal Stritch College to be an educator so I could make a life long impression on children as some of my my teachers had done for me.  I taught for a couple of years and went back to college to get my masters from National Louis University. I continue to take classes to fulfill my love of learning.

I always strive to be a leader in education, so I left teaching elementary school and began teaching at Cardinal Stritch University full-time. By teaching future educators, I felt  that I could have a bigger impact on more children as I teach their teachers to be great educators. After five years, I missed working with small children and found my way back to Glendale where I had started my career in 1994.  

A Message From Mrs. De La Pasqua

The love of learning begins early in life. Parkway  is where I foster and nurture children’s curiosity for learning. My passion is to awaken a love for learning that is in all of us. In K4 at Parkway School, this is where joyful learning begins.