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Updated 10/29/2019


Spring 2020 Registration is on-going


► Congrats to Ashley Sherry for successfully defending her PhD Dissertation  

Congrats to Drew best for being awarded a Wenner-Gren to continue his research on human sweating!

Congrats to Danielle Raad for successfully presenting and passing her PhD Prospectus and Comprehensive Exam

To report your Great News, email Beverly.



Departmental meetings take place M,W,F 12:30-2pm unless otherwise noted.

Fri. 11/15

Anthro TEA Time

3-4pm Machmer E24


AAA Meetings


Thanksgiving Recess


Mon. 12/2

Executive Committee Mtg

12:30-2pm Machmer E26A

Wed. 12/9

Graduate Study Committee

12:30-2pm; Machmer E24

Fri. 12/6

Department Meeting w/Lunch
Anthro TEA Time

12:30-2pm Machmer E24
  3-4pm Machmer E24

Wed. 12/11

701: Smr Pre-diss Award presentations

12:30-2pm E24



Thu. Jan. 2

Final Grades Due

In SPIRE before midnight


Department Forms, Lists, and More

Click on each link to access it.

Travel Card / ProCard Use Request Form

Expense Reimbursement Form

Map of Machmer Hall

Phone/Office List for Anthro Faculty & Staff

Click here if you missed the Fall 2016 MEGA MEMO.

Department Faculty Service Roles

The complete list of Faculty Service Roles for the Academic Year 2019-2020 is below.

Personnel Committee

Chair: Julie Hemment

Members: Brigitte Holt, Lynnette Arnold

SBS Pers. Com. Representative Nominee:

Whitney Battle-Baptiste

Graduate Studies Program

Chair/Director: Tom Leatherman

Members: Amanda Walker Johnson, Jason Kamilar, Shelley Silva, Todd Disotell Spring 2020

Curriculum Committee

Chair: Jackie Urla

Members: Krista Harper, Ventura Perez, Shelley Silva, Boone Shear

Academic Schedule Administrator: Urla/Silva

European Program Director:

Betsy Krause

701 Colloquium Coordinator(s):

Felicity Aulino

Undergraduate Program

Director: Krista Harper

Chief Undergrad. Advisor, Internship/Experiential Ed. Coordinator: Boone Shear

Ad Hoc Undergraduate Advising (registration period): Lynnette Sievert

Honors Coordinator: Ventura Perez

Collections Management & Repatriation Advisory:

Sonya Atalay, Haeden Stewart

CERP MA Program:

Jen Sandler Fall, Boone Shear Spring

Graduate Student Info:

Welcome to the incoming Fall 2019 Grad students:

 Eunice Caetano e Silva
 Lucila Carballo
 Claire Gold
 Catherine Kitrinos
 Terrell James
  Kay Matten


Graduate Students

Deadlines for February 1, 2020 Degree:  December 13, 2019 is the final day to submit all paperwork, uploads and Eligibility Forms to the Graduate School.

Deadlines for May 2020 Degree:  April 8th, 2020 is the final day to submit all paperwork, uploads and Eligibility Forms to the Graduate School for May 10 degree.

Deadlines for September 1, 2020 Degree: August 31, 2020 is the final day to submit all paperwork, uploads, and Eligibility Forms to the Graduate School for the Sept. 1 degree.

Deadlines Applications/GSR etc:
Graduate Study Review: Due Sept. 27, 2019
Graduate Travel Award:  Fall: Sept. 25, 2019  | Spring: Due TBA
Sylvia Forman Graduate Scholarship:  TBA
Dept. Pre-Dissertation Research Awards 2019:  October 28, 2019
Richard B. Woodbury Award: TBA

TA Applications Fall 19-Spring 20: Tues. February 19, 2019 @ 12pm
Lab Coordinators: Tues. Feb. 19 @ 12pm
CPE Applications Summer 2020: Due: November 22, 2019 @ 12pm
RAP Teaching Applications : TBA
Armelagos-Swedlund Graduate Research Award: TBA
Dissertation Writing Fellowship: TBA
MA Assessments meetings scheduled for Wednesday, TBA

 Notices, & Other Miscellany

For our travelers, remember to submit your pre-travel authorization online prior to the date of your travel to ensure the controller’s office will approve your travel reimbursements.  If you need assistance, be sure to ask Grace or Beverly. 

Alum Newsletters Are Here!

The alumni newsletter has become our new annual publication, featuring all of our great events for each year in review and tons of fantastic photos, to keep our alums and friends updated on the amazing things we’re doing.

2018-2019 Newsletter  Click here to open the pdf

The 2017-2018 Issue is here! Click here to open the PDF

2016-2017 Issue.  Click here to open the PDF



Do you know an undergrad considering Anthropology as a major?
Or, do you know someone who wants to learn more about our undergraduate program?  A new brochure is available for anyone interested.  Click here to view, download, and share the new brochure.


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