What is Personality? The word personality is derived from a latin word meaning mask. Our personality therefore is the mask  you show the world . Its that part of ourself which we display to the world . The  first step to improve one’s personality is to ‘Know Thyself ‘.Knowing oneself means an effort to improve  on our shortcomings and weaknesses through self-study. No one can give us a new personality. We have to make it ourself. It’s a lifetime project. To build up our personality we should make leadership , joy, optimism, patience , relaxation ,willpower and self-reliance our target .Living a worthwhile life comes through improving one’s personality in developing the mind, heart and soul of man.

News of the week

28th Feb’13: Our school celebrated Science Day.The students gave speeches relating C.V. Raman and his experiments.  Experiments   were also performed by the students   of Class IX and  then saw a movie  relating many  aspects of Science.  

1st March 13 : Interhouse  extempore competition for grade 6 to 9 was organized in which different topics were given to them on the spot and they spoke for two minutes.

1st March 13: On the same day to encourage the students for art and painting the school organized an Art competition for students of grade 1 to 5 and they participated enthusiasticly.                 --- Bharti Rao